Apollo Teslow is a former football player running back for the Gotham Goliaths.


Early life

Apollo Teslow was born and raised in Gotham alongside his older brother, Tim, in a very poor neighborhood; he greatly admired his big brother. At college, both he and his brother became football champions and afterward started to play as professionals for the Gotham Goliaths, where he played as the running back.

After his brother got ruined by competitiveness, sport business and steroids, getting brutal and killing a referee in front of the whole stadium, Apollo testified against him, prompting the authorities to send Tim to Arkham Asylum.[1]

Crippled by his brother

Apollo Teslow is stabbed and paralyzed by his brother.

Years later, Apollo began dating influencer Seul Corova and became one of the most popular and well-known running backs of the team. When his brother escaped from Arkham, Apollo was attacked by him during his training and, despite Batwoman's attempt to stop him, the latter managed to defeat her, crippling Apollo by stabbing his spine with a machete.[1]



Season 1


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