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"It started as like a home base security system and now it's turned into a DNA tracking surveillance system. Meet Archer."
Felicity Smoak to Alena Whitlock[src]

Archer is a DNA tracking program created by Felicity Smoak.


Felicity Smoak created the program in late 2018 after returning to Star City from Hope Springs. It was originally created as a home security system, but it soon turned into a program Felicity used to help Team Arrow.

Felicity later used Archer to track Dante, under the belief that Emiko Adachi was being used by the Ninth Circle. When Emiko's true loyalties were revealed, she sabotaged Archer, forcing Felicity to start from scratch.

Just as Felicity and Alena Whitlock managed to reboot Archer, Virgil and the Ninth Circle broke into Smoak Technologies and stole the tablet with access to Archer, using it to find General Roy Stewart and other military assets in Star City to gain access to Cygnus X-1. Felicity managed to gain remote access to the Archer tablet and was forced to wipe Archer. Alena later told Felicity that she managed to save Archer's base code and proposed rebuilding Archer again. Felicity refused for fear of her creation being abused again, but Alena still held onto the thumb drive.

Erased future

At some point before 2040, the program was stolen by Eden Corps and corrupted.

In 2040, Zoe Ramirez and later Dinah Drake tried to persuade her father, Rene, current mayor of the Glades, for the Archer access codes but both were rebuffed, forcing Dinah to force the codes out of Rene, allowing the Canaries access to Archer.




  • Felicity likely named the program after Oliver's alter ego, Green Arrow, who is an archer vigilante.