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The Arias house is the former home of the Arias family. It is located in National City.


When Samantha went to bed after the Supergirl statue unveiling, she woke up from a nightmare.[1]

A week later, Samantha and Ruby woke up and ate breakfast. They came home early after Ruby got into trouble at school. Over lunch, Ruby and her mother had an argument and Ruby went to her room. Later, Samantha ordered pizza for dinner, but realized Ruby was gone and left to go find her. That night as Ruby was asleep, Samantha looked for a lightbulb in the garage and unsuccessfully tried to bend a crowbar.[2]

One night, Samantha prepared for a bath before bed and had a hallucination of a sinister woman.[3]

Samantha temporarily sheltered Lena at her house when the latter was falsely accused of being responsible for children falling ill with lead poisoning. Later, Samantha, Kara and Lena had a mini celebration at the house after the former two helped clear Lena's name. That night after tucking Ruby into bed, Samantha found a bullet lodged in her jacket and realized her skin was bulletproof.[4]

Samantha prepared dinner and noticed her hand could withstand boiling water. She sent Ruby to a friend's house and left to visit her adoptive mother. The next day, she arranged for Mrs. Queller to stay with Ruby before leaving to find answers.[5]

The next morning, Samantha woke up in her bedroom with no memory of the day before, much to Ruby's confusion. On Christmas day, Ruby rushed downstairs to find her mother in front of a window.[6]

Two days later, Samantha and Ruby had a nerf gun battle in the house.[7]

After Samantha's Worldkiller side was seemingly destroyed, she and Ruby watched Singin' in the Rain.[8] The next day, Samantha fell ill and was napping on the couch. She and Ruby left to seek help from Alex and Lena.[9]

With Samantha and Ruby having moved to Metropolis,[10] it is unknown who currently owns the house.

Known residents

Former residents