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"Well, what about Arkham Asylum, that house of horrors that you fund with your tax dollars, or Blackgate Prison, too violent for Jacob Kane, loving father of lunatic at large Alice of Wonderland?"
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Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane,[1] also known as Arkham Asylum or simply Arkham, is a mental asylum located in Gotham City.


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In 2018, Nora Fries escaped from Arkham during a breakout.[2]

When Alice was arrested, Sophie Moore kept her locked in their headquarters waiting for her to be transferred and imprisoned in Arkham. However, she eventually managed to flee.[3]

After Batwoman took her down, Crows Security brought Natalia Knight to be admitted to Arkham.[4]

Duela Dent was sent there after being arrested by GCPD.[5]

Margot was deemed insane and imprisoned in Arkham.[6]

Jonathan Cartwright was sent back to Arkham after attacking two nurses who worked there. After this, Alice became imprisoned in the asylum as well following an attempt to break him out alongside her sister Kate, who betrayed her and had her locked up. Soon afterward, Alice began plotting her revenge with Mouse.[7]

In one week, Alice managed to completely take over the asylum after having the warden M. Butler killed and replaced by Jonathan. She decided to remain in Arkham and rule as the "King and Queen of Arkham" while plotting her nefarious plans and wait until Gotham has completely forgotten about her, only then she would make her return and make sure no one would ever forget her or Mouse.[6]

During Alice's escape from Arkham, she released all the inmates as a distraction, and in the process, they have spread across Gotham to cause chaos and havoc, while Arkham was left on fire.[8] Circe Sionis dies in the fire, as she is trampled by the stampeding inmates.[9] Blinded by his hatred and anger, Jacob Kane holds Batwoman responsible for the mass escape and, especially, for the escape of Alice, his wife's murderer.[10]

In 2020, Roger Hayden was a prisoner of Arkham; Team Flash researched about him for information on the Psycho Pirate mask.[11]

After losing his fight with the new Batwoman, Tommy Elliot was taken back to Arkham.[12]

At some point, Jervis Tetch was believed to have died in Arkham.[13]

Roman Sionis told "his daughter" that she wore a mask because her face was burned in the fire of Arkham.[14]

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  • In the DC comics, Arkham Asylum is where those of Batman's foes considered to be legally insane are incarcerated.