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"Armageddon, Part 2" is the second episode of the eighth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifty-third episode overall. It aired on November 23, 2021. The episode is the second part of the five-part crossover, Armageddon.



Picking up from Part 1, The Flash reveals his identity to Despero to prove he's truthful and has honor. Despero proceeds to body slam Barry and talks about killing Barry when the time comes and how his madness caused Armageddon. Despero then tells Flash he "doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow" as it's the beginning of the event that the Flash causes in 2031, before scanning his mind again.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Alex Danvers allows Team Flash to have access to the Tower's alien database on Despero, however confirms there wasn't any information was found on him. The team then talks about if Flash would actually destroy the world, but Frost mentions how "a massive boost speed affected him before" and Chester adds that the Artificial Speed Force caused him to turn on the people he loved. Allegra says that Flash isn't a threat to the team whereas Despero is, also noting that his story doesn't add up. Caitlin pulls up about what they know about Despero, revealing he has strength and durability that rivals Kryptonians. Barry says he will have to prove him wrong and make it the next 24 hours without his mind "breaking". Barry also mentions that tomorrow that if anything happens, the team needs to be ready to stop it as protecting the city is their "top priority". In Chester's lab, Frost and Chester go over Despero's biometric scans that Caitlin read, asking Chester to build a weapon to hurt Despero. Chester tries to back down on the offer saying he hasn't build a weapon to kill someone before, but Frost rephrases it as a weapon that will save Barry's life.

The next day at Barry and Iris' loft, Barry mentions that something's bad supposed to happen and he can't stop thinking about Iris. Iris promises she will be fine, and that she's going to watch over Jenna since Cecile is covering a big case after some work she has to do. Iris notes how many times in different timelines they've found each other and how it's their destiny to be together. Barry gets a CCPD dispatch and goes to the crime scene.

At the crime scene, Officer Korber mentions how the witnesses reported the guard had a mental breakdown and started "babbling nonsense", firing his weapon in the air causing everyone to run out. The vault was empty by the time officers showed up at the scene and she mentions it took four officers to restrain the guard. As Barry proceeds to check the scene inside the bank, Captain Kramer stops him and orders him to stand down and orders Barry to turn in his badge mentioning he's been suspended. Barry being confused, Kramer mentions that she just came back from the mayor's office and that he's under investigation for federal crimes and is suspended, effective immediately.

Back in the speed lab, Despero reads through everyone's minds and quickly moves around, watching and staring Barry down until he suddenly disappears. Barry asks Kramer what he's done to which she mentions that two years ago, Joseph Carver had a mole manipulating evidence in CCPD. Barry says that they caught Sunshine however the DA was reviewing the case and found new evidence that Carver had a right-hand man, who was Barry. Kramer proceeds to tell him to leave, with Barry trying to persuade Kramer to let him do his job but Kramer insists he has to leave.

Angered, at Cecile Horton's Meta-Human Attorney office, Cecile mentions that Barry's CCPD record is amazing. Barry asks Cecile if she can find any evidence they have against him; Cecile mentions that she's going to slap CCPD with "the biggest wrongful termination lawsuit the city has ever seen". Barry asks Cecile if she's feeling alright and she mentions how it's been hard lately but picks up readings from another presence in the room. Barry then sees Despero and questions why he's here to which Despero confirms he's appearing only to Barry and Cecile asks if he's talking to Despero. Despero mentions how his mind hasn't broken yet and then he fades away. Cecile and Barry then have a talk about whether Despero is the one who drives Barry insane and how that's connected to what happens in the future.

Barry goes to the hospital room where the guard was being treated at. The guard seems awake but acts unconscious, only repeating the word 'Xotar' Barry then gets a call from Caitlin and informs him that the city is shutting STAR Labs down, instructing him to get there fast.

The CCDBS has detected radiation levels within the facility and apparently the lab is a day away from a meltdown. Allegra mentions they would've noticed something that bad however, Chester confirms the safety logs and the radiation logs haven't updated in a week. Barry instructs the team to grab everything, conceal what they can't take and get out as fast as they can. In the Time Vault, Barry asks Gideon to issue the holographic emitter controls and setting them to manual, hiding the Cortex and Speed Lab. Gideon says that the only way to make sure Barry's identity isn't revealed is to erase all data, which Barry agrees to. Gideon erases the data and shuts down. The team then assembles and gets ready to leave.

Meanwhile at the Loft, the team deals with the setbacks and how Despero was or wasn't right about the future. Caitlin mentions how she wishes there was another explanation for all of this and mentions how the bank robbery may somehow connect to Despero.

At Central City Citizen Media, Iris tells her team that Xotar is their priority and may have leads that Xotar is connected to Despero. Iris and Barry has another talk about how everyone Barry loves will die and how he destroys the world. Iris mentions when Barry's speed thinking during the ASF was filled with no emotions and how it triggered him. Iris also gets a lead on how Xotar is a meta who controls minds and by catching her is a way to prevent Barry from going rogue.

At a diamond heist, Xotar meets The Flash however, as Barry begins to take Xotar to Iron Heights, she mind controls him causing Barry to hit a wall in his loft. Caitlin raises her gun and Allegra starts to use her powers. Barry tells them he didn't do it and that he didn't remember doing it. Caitlin then proceeds to run a brain scan on Barry to make sure he didn't go rogue. Barry then runs to look for Xotar, but runns into Despero; Despero mentions about his homeworld and how he got banished here and he watched The Flash destroy his home world on earth.

At Chester's house, Allegra senses somethings wrong with Chester. Chester tells Allegra that Frost built a weapon to hurt Despero, and recalls when he was 10 and he made a ray gun from a cartoon and he tested on his friend; instead killing his family in the house and making a vowel to not make anymore weapons. As Chester tries to alert Flash about CCPD's lead on Xotar, the comms cuts out.

During a confrontation with CCPD officers and Xotar, Xotar then proceeds to mind control everyone so she can steal a frame from the Central City Museum. The Flash shows up and saves everyone from Xotar's mind control while Xotar begans to use her telekinesis on The Flash and beginning to crush his bones. Flash, screaming for help begins to talk with his team about how to stop Xotar by generating enough lightning; needing friction, Chester mentions Barry can't throw lightning. As Barry uses his lightning to generate lightning by vibrating his cells on a microscopic level and letting the lightning build up inside his body allowing Barry's lightning to affect Xotar and the glass around her; Barry then meta-cuffs her.

As the team settles their excitement from dealing with Xotar, Barry mentions that he can go talk with Joe and Iris to have some of Joe's famous jambalaya. As the team mentions how it wasn't funny of Barry to mention that, Barry proceeds and mentions that Joe can just grill the team some burgers. Caitlin mentions how Joe died six months ago and that Barry knows this. Barry shocked doesn't believe what Caitlin told him and Chester mentions that he just needs to calm down and Its going to be ok.

Shocked by the news, Barry runs to Joe's house to look for him however, comes across Iris and proceeds to ask her where is he. Iris shocked by Barry's asking looks at Joe's dedication memory frame and Iris mentions Barry gave an eulogy at his funeral and Barry denies what Iris told him and asking to investigate his murder. Cecile also mentions how Joe's dead and how Barry can't accept that he's gone. Cecile recalls how the past six months has been a living nightmare and how she can't do it with Barry and how shes trying to move on; Barry still denying hes dead, Iris gets an alert that The Flash is all over the news.

On the news, it mentions that Barry attacked the city by throwing lightning everywhere and the camerawoman was barely able to escape with her life. The reporter also mentions how dozen of citizens were injured and how the hero that saved their city have turned on them. Barry; confused and lost doesn't recall attacking the city and Despero appears to which Barry again denies and believes he was under the impression that Despero was showing this to him. Angered, Despero begins to blast Barry knocking him out. Cecile then uses her empath powers to get Despero out her house however, Despero then knocks Cecile off to sleep. Barry quickly getting up decides to turn himself in, Despero gladly finally able to kill Barry, he then proceeds to use his beam to kill Barry only for Chester's device stopping him in the process. Despero then lets the team know that he will end him before he brings about Armageddon before disappearing away.

Back at Chester's house, during the call with Alex Danvers, she gives information about Despero's planet and that he's a Kalanorian and the team is the first to meet one. She also mentions that Despero is on their file list and that Kara & Jon are off the world and she will call if she find anything to take him down. The team decides to try and find a way to get Barry back.

Barry runs to the Hall of Justice and Black Lightning appears recalling that Barry looks like death worn over on him. Barry mentions the protocol "Injustice" and Black Lightning shows a shocked face at Barry mentioning the protocol.



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  • When Barry arrived in the Hall of Justice, the leitmotif from when he unveiled the hall to the Crisis team in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five" can be heard.
  • Chester says that playing D&D with Allegra is his new favorite thing, referencing the action role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, which was also referenced by Gary Green in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Necromancing the Stone".
  • This episode features or confirms the deaths of two characters who have been in the show since Season 1: Gideon and Joe West.
  • When Barry mentions the protocol "Injustice", Injustice is a reference to the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, where Superman goes crazy from the grief of losing Lois and turns into a dictator to rule the world, to keep anyone from being threatened by senseless violence.