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"Armageddon, Part 3" is the third episode of the eighth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 30, 2021. The episode is the third part of the five-part crossover, Armageddon.



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  • Despite this episode being the third episode of Season 8, it was the first to be filmed during production.[1]
  • The place that Eobard and Iris are celebrating their partnership at is a nod to Eobard's younger brother in the comics, Robern Thawne, as well as his ability to tap into the Negative Still Force.
    • Eobard also erases Robern from existence, like he's doing with Barry's legacy here.
    • In the New 52 Flash run, Eobard originally had the ability to slow down time, instead of superspeed. The Still Force and its Negative counterpart function similar to this, which makes Eobard even closer to his comics counterpart.
  • When Jefferson tells Barry that music helps him to focus, this could refer to the background music that played during episodes of Black Lightning.
    • When Jefferson feels Barry is trying to impress him with the music he chose and Barry explains his upbringing through Joe, this references an idea that Salim Akil, the showrunner of Black Lightning, stated in an interview. The idea was for Barry and Iris to appear on Black Lightning properly, where they would travel to Freeland for dinner with the Pierce family. Barry would explain that he was raised by a black family and would play some deep soul music.[2]
  • The "Injustice Protocols" could be a reference to the DC video game franchise "Injustice", the first part in which Superman turns evil and through a combined effort of the Justice League becomes depowered in the end.
  • This is the only episode of Armageddon where Nora West-Allen is not mentioned or pictured.


  • When Barry begins playing music at the Hall of Justice, Thelonious Monk's name is misspelt as 'Thelonius' on the display.