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For the crossover event of the same name, see Armageddon.
For the virus, see Armageddon virus.

"Many times in the past, the pain you've suffered nearly crushed you. But soon, a new despair will befall you and it will create an unbroken chain of sorrow so great your mind will crack, and with it the world ends."
Despero to the Flash[src]

The Armageddon is an event in an erased future where Barry Allen destroys the Earth; in order to undo the alternate timeline that was created by Eobard Thawne.


Original timeline

Sometime in 2021, tragedy caused Barry Allen's mind to crack, causing him to go insane.[1] This madness eventually led him to destroy Earth in 2031.[2]

Current timeline

Despero's mission

Despero threatening the Flash.

After Despero witnessed this event, he decided to travel back to 2021 in order to kill the Flash and change the timeline. When Despero arrived in 2021, he interrupted the Central City Tech Convention leading up to him fighting the Flash and the Atom. After being teleported to a random location, Despero later teleported to S.T.A.R. Labs where he stood face to face with the Flash yet again. After being impressed by the latter, Despero gave the Flash 7 days to prove himself of not becoming the man Despero witnessed him to be in the future.[2]

Flash's descent into madness

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The next day, when Barry arrived at a crime scene at Central City Bank, he was stopped from entering by Captain Kristen Kramer. She suspended him from the Central City Police Department for being suspected of being a mole for Joseph Carver. During Barry's conversation with Kramer, Despero checked in on him in order to make sure this wouldn't cause him to go mad. When Barry was talking this event over with Cecile Horton, Despero confronted him again psychically, assessing his mental stability yet again. Despero claimed that his mind was suffering from his suspension, but that it wasn't broken, yet.

Later, Barry checked in on the victim of the bank robbery. He was interupted by Caitlin Snow who called him to tell him to get to S.T.A.R. Labs as they were shutting it down. When Barry arrived at S.T.A.R Labs he was informed of the dangerous levels of radiation they detected. Team Flash wasn't warned about this radiation as their detection array had been corroded for a while. They were then informed that S.T.A.R. Labs was going to be encased in a concrete and steel encasement in order to contain the radioactive material and demolished sometime after. This caused Team Flash to move their base of operations and Barry ended up destroying Gideon.

When the Flash confronted Xotar for the first time, she whammied him, causing him to temporarily go mad, run back to his apartment and almost kill Caitlin and Chester P. Runk. This caused Team Flash to start to lose trust in him. While Flash was looking for Xotar again, he was confronted by Despero who explained why Earth was so important to him. When Team Flash found Xotar, Flash confronted her again, this time being able to stop her by blasting her with electricity. However, for an unknown reason, after stopping Xotar, the Flash attacked Central City.

When debriefing with his Team, Barry told them he wanted to celebrate with Joe West and Cecile, only to be told that he wasn't being funny. Barry was baffled by this reaction and later informed that Joe had died 6 months ago. This caused Barry to run to the West house to look for him. Once there, he was confronted by both Iris West-Allen and Cecile who were shaken by the fact that Barry acted as if Joe hadn't died. During their argument, the Flash's attack was broadcasted on the news. Despero appeared at the West house, claiming that the Flash's madness was inevitable and attacking him, before being stopped by Chester, allowing the Flash to flee.

As the Flash believed that what was happening was injustice, he called Black Lightning for help at the Hall of Justice.[1]

Barry ask Black Lightning to take way his powers; due to the Injustice Protocal being set by the Hall of Justice after the Crisis.[3]

Discovering the true mastermind behind Armageddon

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Causing Armageddon and undoing Reverse-Flashpoint

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The Flash

Season 8


  • The events that were (supposedly) cause the Flash to go insane are;
  • Interestingly, Barry became aware of all of these events on the same day, as he didn't seem to remember Joe's death while Joe had been dead for 6 months and Barry, according to Iris West-Allen, gave the eulogy at Joe's funeral.[1]
  • It was revealed that Eobard Thawne was behind all the events that led up to "Armageddon"; so that he could usurp Barry's role as the Flash. But Barry causing Armageddon was the only way to undo the alternate timeline that was created by Eobard.[4]
  • Armageddon and Reverse-Flashpoint are closer to the DC comic's Flashpoint arc than the Flashpoint timeline is.
    • Eobard swaps costumes with Barry to taunt him.
    • The world is on the brink of destruction (partially); due to Barry's actions and Barry has to reset the timeline to save the world.
      • Whereas the Flashpoint timeline had no real stakes. Wally wasn't healing and Barry would lose his speed if the new timeline had set in, but that's minor and nowhere near world-ending.
    • Damien Darhk fills the role that Thomas Wayne plays in the DC comics.
      • Much like the elder Thomas; upon learning about the correct timeline; Damien doesn't hesistate to help Barry and selflessly sacrifices himself again to ensure his daughter, Nora Darhk lives.