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For the crossover event, see Armageddon.

"The world's population is unsustainable at current levels. The herd must be thinned."
Vandal Savage to Tor Degaton[src]

The Armageddon virus was a deadly bioweapon developed by the Kasnia Conglomerate to "thin out" the population of lands at the borders of the Conglomerate. It was used by Vandal Savage to decimate the world's population.


Savage announces his solution to 2147's population crisis

Vandal Savage announces the "solution to the population crisis beyond the Conglomerate's borders" at the board meeting of the Kasnia Conglomerate.

The virus was developed in the Kasnia Conglomerate and was a topic of discussion for the Conglomerate's ruling council, many of whom suggested that population control should be implemented outside of the Kasnia Conglomerate due to riotous conditions. One of the biggest proponents of creating a virus outbreak was Vandal Savage, an advisor of the Kasnian ruler Tor Degaton and the tutor of his son, Per Degaton. Tor Degaton reasoned that creating more chaos would not help solve the problems at hand, refusing to pass the motion. However, due to Savage's machinations, he was murdered by his own son, who has appointed Savage as a guardian to represent his interests in the Conglomerate. Using his newfound position, Vandal Savage has unleashed the Armageddon virus upon the unsuspecting world.[1]

The Armageddon virus destroyed many lives, making the conquest of the world quite easy for what was once the Kasnia Conglomerate, paving way for the rise of Per Degaton as a tyrannical ruler, and later Vandal Savage as his usurper. Among the victims of the virus outbreak was Cassandra Savage's mother.[2]


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