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"You shot an innocent, unarmed black man. The fight is in my DNA!"
Batwoman to Russell Tavaroff

"Armed and Dangerous" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. It aired on June 6, 2021.



EMTs take Luke from the location of the shooting to the emergency clinic. In the interim, Jacob and different Crows question Tavaroff about the shooting, and he declares that he saw a firearm in Luke's grasp. As he is raced into a medical procedure, Luke daydreams that he's inside Wayne Enterprises - and rejoined with his dad, Lucius Fox. Luke shouts to Lucius, however gets no reaction, and rather is met by Bruce Wayne. Bruce advises him to attempt to get through and endure the trance state. Luke asks Bruce for what reason he left so abruptly, and asks why he should try battling to remain alive, if the disparities of the world can't be fixed.

Mary refreshes Ryan on what occurred with Luke, and uncovers that he's in a state of insensibility. Mary recommends that they use some portion of Ryan's Desert Rose on Luke to save his life. Ryan utilizes the Batmobile to find the person who was at Luke's shooting, who uncovers to her that The Crows caused it. Expression of the shooting is disclosed and turns into a city-wide debate. Ryan sorts out that Tavaroff was the person who shot Luke, and promises to seek retribution. Batwoman targets Tavaroff in a back street, and he contends that Luke wasn't blameless, and has one of the Crows hit her with their vehicle.

Back in the Batcave, Ryan calls to Sophie for help in finding the bad Crows. In the interim, Mary attempts to get into Luke's medical clinic room, however the Crows block her from getting in. The Crows then, at that point discharge body camera film from the shooting - which is modified into showing him holding a weapon. Sophie discloses to Ryan how she can pull the metadata from the first video and demonstrate that Luke is blameless. Ryan then, at that point faults herself for Luke getting shot, since she'd got down on his advantage when they were in prison previously.

Sophie goes to Jacob and faces him about the Crows doctoring film, she then, at that point figures out how to pull the metadata, which requires Batwoman to sneak into their worker room. In the mean time, Mary occupies the Crows at the medical clinic while Wolf Spider sneaks close by the structure and regulates the Desert Rose to Luke. Jacob goes up against Tavaroff about the over the top utilization of power and endeavors to downgrade him. All things considered, Tavaroff gun whips Jacob, thumping him oblivious.

Batwoman finds the PC with Tavaroff's metadata, however, she can't find the right record. All of a sudden, Sophie sees film of Tavaroff and the Crows capturing Jacob, and Ryan hesitantly consents to go save him. Tavaroff proposes that they glut him with Snakebite, however, Batwoman intercedes and battles them, liberating Jacob. Batwoman reveals to Jacob how Tavaroff planned to outline Luke and informs him to accomplish something concerning it. Jacob gives a question and answer session conceding to the debasement, assumes liability for the way of life inside the Crows and disbands the association. Sophie meets with him as he leaves the Crows office once-and-for all.

The following day, Luke actually hasn't woken up from the extreme lethargies and Ryan faults herself for not being there to oversee the Desert Rose. Ryan and Mary converse with Luke to awaken him, and he before long does.

In the mean time, Alice goes through Enigma's documents and discovers records for Jacob, Kate and Mary - all as exploration for Sionis. She appears and makes arrangements to discard Enigma's body - and uncovers that Enigma was the Riddler's daughter. Alice asks why Sionis is so inspired by the Kane family, however, Ocean advises her to proceed onward from it and she chooses to proceed onward from him also. Alice advances toward Wayne Enterprises and meets with Mary, inquiring as to whether she's consistently met Circe.

Mary says she hasn't, yet Alice doesn't disclose to her that Circe is Kate - all things being equal, cautioning her about Circe and Sionis. Mary discloses to Alice that she merits the adoration she's getting from Ocean. Alice gets back to Ocean as he's getting ready to leave Gotham and she is sorry, yet he keeps on offering a final proposal of either himself or Kate. Alice concedes that she needs both and they kiss.

Afterward, Alice meets with Jacob as he's leaving the Crows office and requests his assistance. She discloses to him that Kate's alive and they will cooperate to save her.



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  • This episode was previously titled "Armed Suspect".[1]
  • The new episode title is a reference to how Luke was described after Russell Tavaroff shot him.
  • Sophie found it ironic that Luke was shot by a Crow, given that Lucius Fox was killed by one. The story of Lucius' death was revealed in "A Narrow Escape".
  • When going through Evelyn Rhyme's file on Jacob Kane, Alice states "Things I don't want to know for 1,000, Alex," referencing the show Jeopardy and its former host Alex Trebek.


  • Luke Fox is said to be 27 years old in 2021. However, he was previously said to have graduated high school in 2015, making him around the age of 21 that year and well above the standard age of high school graduate despite his genius intellect.
  • Ryan says that Russell disrupted her sting operation two weeks ago. "I'll Give You a Clue" took place, at most, three days ago (although that episode aired almost a month prior to this episode).