Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can participate in the discussion boards, discussion moderators have the ability to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having discussions.

Current discussion moderators

Discussion moderator name Date promoted Time zone Status
Reverb frost (talkcontribs) Unknown Unknown Fully active
Xandermcc (talkcontribs) Unknown Unknown Fully active
KeshavHI (talkcontribs) Unknown Unknown Excused


Status Description
Fully active These discussion moderators log on frequently to edit and/or browse the wiki. They are the best users to contact.
Partially active These discussion moderators do not log on all the time, though are still relatively frequent.
Away These discussion moderators are currently away (such as on vacation, etc.), but will return shortly. It's unlikely they will edit or respond to messages, except for rare occasions.
Excused For whatever reason, these discussion moderators aren't able to log on to the wiki for an extended period of time. Their inactivity has been excused due to unfortunate circumstances.
Retired Unfortunately, these discussion moderators have stepped back from their respective roles on the wiki. They will retain their respective privileges so long as they desire, and are welcome to resume involvement in the future if they so choose. We thank them for their service to our community.

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