The use of IRC on this wiki has been depreciated. Please view our discord for our server's chat rules.

Arrowverse Wiki users use an IRC channel to chat to each other.


  1. Please be polite to other users. Personal attacks towards others in will result in action being taken. If the personal attack is in personal message, a ban will be implemented if sufficient evidence can be proven that it relates to the wiki's channel.
  2. Annoying spam will not be tolerated and will result in action being taken. If you need to paste a large amount of text, use Pastebin or something similar.
  3. Impersonating other users is not acceptable. Doing so will result in action being taken. In order to prevent someome impersonating you, it's suggested that you register an IRC account.
  4. Free chat is welcome, however if an official meeting is going on then please take it to private message or another channel.
  5. Administrators and bureaucrats will have operator status (denoted with an @ symbol).
  6. Rollbacks and trusted users will have voice (denoted with a + symbol).
  7. Profanity is allowed but it cannot be excessive.

Should any rule be broken, the following system will be in place:

  1. If a user refuses to follow the guidelines, they will be given a warning.
  2. Should the user continue to break the rules, they'll be kicked.
  3. If the user continues to not follow the rules, they'll be kickbanned from the channel for a period of time.

Hierarchy denotation

  • Administrators are given operator status, which is usually marked with the "@" symbol.
  • Rollbacks are given voice, which allows them to talk if the channel is ever muted for whatever reason. They are marked with a "+" symbol.
  • Regular users are not given any particular status, they're simply unmarked in the channel.

How to join

For experienced users

SSL port: 6697

For less experienced users

If you're not sure how to use an IRC client, you can easily [ click this link] and fill out the form in order to join.

Via mobile

Visit your phone's app store and search IRC. There will be a variety of apps, all of them will work but it's best to download the app with the highest ratings. Once you open the app, be sure to join the Freenode server. A prompt should appear asking to set a nick. Once set, join the channel #ArrowverseWiki and you are good to go!

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