Arrowverse Wiki's users are expected to adhere to policies and follow guidelines, and with images these are no different.

Image quality

On most if not all pages, we prefer to use screenshots of the series whenever possible. When uploading those screenshots, it's preferred to use the full screen. Of course, if the character or whatever it may be only takes up a small, relatively unimportant part of the image, then it's smarter to simply crop it to focus on them.

When the full image is uploaded, also, it's expected that it be of decent quality, at least of 720p quality (this refers to its original resolution, not a stretched image). If possible, 1080p images are even better. However, only seasons released on DVD are those that are able to be seen at 1080p, so don't go taking high-quality images of later seasons from sites such as The exception to this rule is The Flash (CBS), as screenshots will be of a lesser quality due to the time; the best quality possible is asked of these types of screenshots. Please keep images in their original state (ie. do not edit them in an external program), as we prefer original quality content, not "fan edited" pieces.


As with pages, we like to keep our images nice and clean, with categories. For images of characters, use [[Category:Images of NAME]], replacing NAME with the character's name, for each of the appearing characters. For promotional images, use [[Category:Promotional images]] and for those that are only intended to be used on a user page, use [[Category:User images]]. Cast and crew members use [[Category:Images of cast and crew]].

Screenshots from episodes are also categorized, but not by adding a category tag. As they will use the Image-screenshot template, the episode title can be inserted into the template itself, automatically categorizing it. For example, {{Image-screenshot|City of Heroes}} will categorize the given image into "Images from City of Heroes".


When uploading images in the mainspace, we prefer those with the PNG extension. It allows for better quality images due to its lossless compression, therefore leading to a better quality of wiki altogether. Be aware that your image may be deleted and/or replaced with the same image, but in PNG format for this very reason. On userpages, however, it's really up to you as to what filetype you wish for, so long as it adheres to the section below. However, only GIFs are forbidden. If you wish to use one, upload it to Community Central and substitute it in that way.

Naming of images

Name images correctly and appropriately, just use common sense. You'd think this would be blindingly obvious, but so many people don't actually do it. We'd rather not have images with names like "DCM-92876.png" or "O-queen.png".

User images

User images, along with being categorized correctly, must be named "User-USERNAME-1" and the filetype, or if a second is uploaded "User-USERNAME-2" and as follows for a third, replacing USERNAME with your username. If an image is being used elsewhere in the wiki, such as in the mainspace or even another user's page, they may be placed on your page.

Blog posts

Most blog posts will use images relevant to mainspace, though should they use others, the images uploaded are to follow practically the same method as user images, with a minor change: the image should be titled "UserBlog-USERNAME-1" followed by the filetype, and so forth. It is still expected that these are added to the User images category. Due to the amount of blog posts that may be made, any amount of images like this can be uploaded, though this privilege is not to be abused.

  • This practice is also used for user images in blog comments. Comments will be deleted if they're not styled as such.

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