Despite wanting to detail as much as we can about the universes of Arrow and The Flash, there's only so much we can detail as a lot is menial and irrelevant, thus comes in to play the concept of notability. We could write a page on an extra in the background, but all he'd be to us would be "guy".

Cast and crew

Without any shadow of a doubt, if an actor has appeared in any capacity in an episode, he deserves a page purely due to his work towards the product of the show. This also goes similarly for crew members. They've worked effortlessly towards whichever show it may be, so if they've been credited then it's important and definitely notable.


As mentioned, characters may appear, but they're not all entirely notable or even important, even if the actor is somehow credited, so it's decided that there must be some way to note whether a page is worthy of creation or not.

  • All named characters get a page, regardless of their role in an episode. If they've been given something as big as a name, then surely they're important enough to warrant having an article created.
  • All significant characters get a page. If they've had a significant role to play in a scene or two, or even the entire episode, then a page is warranted.
  • All insignificant characters, or more importantly also extras, do not deserve a page. Their actor will have a page, but the character is not that important.


  • Named objects warrant a page, because they have a name designated to them.
  • Important/significant objects are defined as those that have helped to add to the plot. In this, we should detail them as they're central to an episode or arc's plot.
  • Unimportant/insignificant objects should not have pages made, as it's simply making too much room for things that don't need it.


  • Named/significant locations add something to the plot, so they deserve a page.
  • Insignificant locations do not add to the plot, so don't create something about nothing.

Other things

As a general rule, most things warrant a page being created about them if they add to the plot in some way. This isn't necessarily always the case, but for the most part it is. So if you're confused at all and can't find any good information from this policy, either ask an administrator or simply create the page (while still adding content - don't create it barebones just because you can).

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