Around Arrowverse Wiki we use different sorts of point of view for different situations.


An in-universe point of view is used on mainspace pages that aren't related to production of the shows. This includes pages such as characters, locations, objects etc. These pages are written as if you are in the multiverse yourself, as if you were side by side with Oliver Queen.


Tense can be varied in these articles, depending on what you're writing. Generally for character pages, specifically the biographies, they must be written in past tense as they're an event that's already occurred. The rest of the article really depends on the situation, but if for example you're writing a section about how Oliver can fight well hand-to-hand, it should be present tense, as he still currently fights hand-to-hand well. There is of course the exception that, if the character has died, then past tense is generally used unless present is ultimately necessary.


For production-related articles, such as episodes or seasons or actors, these articles must be written from a production stand point, a seemingly objective view.


As is the norm for anywhere, present tense must be used on actor/crew articles, unless they're deceased of course. As for season articles, episodes or television series, present tense is what should be used, unless of course you're referring to a past event such as its airing or production.

In-universe vs Out-of-universe
In-universe Oliver Jonas Queen (born 1985) is a former billionaire and former playboy turned vigilante archer. At various points he owned and operated the night club, Verdant, and was CEO of Queen Consolidated.
Out-of-universe Oliver Queen is the main protagonist in the TV series, Arrow. He is portrayed by Stephen Amell.


Opinions are not to be included anywhere on articles, including trivia or behind the scenes sections. It's subjective and unfair to exclude the opinions of others, even if they are in the minority. This includes critic opinions, as it's still subjective.

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