On Arrowverse Wiki, it's expected that when you send another user a message or you provide input to a discussion, you will sign your message with a signature, using four tildes (~~~~).


  1. Your signature must clearly display your username, or a clear indication to your username (such as initials or a similar nickname, if you're commonly known by that). It must likewise include a link to your user page at the very least, and your talk page if you wish. You may wish to link to other pages or user subpages.
  2. Promotion of other websites is generally unacceptable. Don't go about showing off your website or another, as it's shameful and irritating.
  3. A single image is allowed, so long as neither its width nor height is exceeding 20px.
  4. Don't make your signature too excessive. Quotes are fairly popular, as well as totally okay, but don't make your signature so long that it's longer than your intended message!
  5. No personal templates. A user may only add their signature through their preferences or a user sub page.

How to create a signature

If you're having difficulty creating a signature, see here for some help making it.

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