While editing Arrowverse Wiki, it's expected that a user correctly uses sourcing to cite future content.


  • You may find a source of casting, episode name, etc. It is vital that a user cites their sources as not everyone will know where you obtained said information.
  • No matter how obvious something may be, do not add content until given more proof. An episode could be titled "Cisco" but do not add to credit Carlos Valdes would be in that episode until there is a reputable source that says so.

Reputable sources

  • IMDb is not a reputable source for upcoming information. Even after an episode has aired, they can contain false information.
  • Any site under the KSiteTV banner are considered a reputable source, as Marc Guggenheim and the like frequently shares articles from them.
  • Sites such as, but not limited to, Deadline, Variety, and TVLine are reputable sources.

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