Being a wiki, we like to detail every aspect we can on the Arrowverse. Of course, generally any details related to plot or character are deemed as spoilers of the show.

General spoilers

We like to be able to provide fans with content as soon as it airs and be the most detailed wiki possible, so naturally the wiki is going to reveal bits from each episode. In saying that, once an episode airs, it is technically open to the public to watch. Therefore, due to the revealing nature of it, spoilers from aired episodes are always allowed on Arrowverse Wiki following its airing on The CW; this includes episode pages, character pages etc. Spoilers from aired episodes are allowed anywhere on the wiki and are free range.

Future spoilers

A lot of people like to simply watch the series week by week, finding out the spoilers as they watch along, but of course some actually do like to know beforehand. Therefore, future spoilers are allowed on the wiki, provided they stay on production pages (ie. episodes, seasons, cast, crew). However, screenshots from teasers may not be added on production pages. Any and all future spoilers must not be added to character articles or anything similar, as it will ruin the show for people, plain and simple. Also, on a side note, future spoilers must always be sourced, otherwise it's possible to simply be fan speculation, and therefore gives us credibility and reliability.

Simple information such as full character names may be added if appropriate citations are added and the character has at least one name given. However, in some cases, if a character is given a full name on a show, but given a different name through different sources, the full name on the show stands.

What isn't a future spoiler?

Credits for future, yet to air episodes are not considered spoilers. Of course, the writers of "The Man Under the Hood" also wrote "Pilot" for The Flash, but this didn't reveal much other than that they were a writing team. Actors' credits are also not considered to be spoilerish, and a good example of this could be considered Nora Allen, who had already been mentioned and talked about. Michelle Harrison portrays her in The Flash, though her character had already made somewhat of a presence, previously in Arrow.

Currently airing episodes

It is stressed that users should never add any information to articles during the airing of an episode. Partial information can be dubious at best, especially with the notion of time travel changing things, so only add information from the episode after its initial airing so that there is no misinformation floating around the wiki.

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