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The following policy is to formally describe the designation process we will be utilizing at the Arrowverse Wiki. As our multiverse is ever-growing, we have come across several times where a character or set of characters have appeared in which there has been no universe designation given in-universe. This is an attempt to formalize how we handle these situations. We will be giving unofficial designations, called Temporary Universe Designations (TUDs).

This idea came from the Marvel Database's Temporary Reality Number (TRN) system.


  • TUDs are unofficial and only utilized for the purpose of convenience within the Arrowverse Wiki.
  • TUD numbers are given based solely on the first in-universe, non-indirect mention of the universe (this includes a character from the universe appearing).
    • Therefore, if a user is to request one, they must go to the table below and identify the next available TUD. For example, if Earth-TUD34 is the latest TUD we've had to designate an Earth with, Earth-TUD35 is currently available for designation.
    • TUDs must be pre-approved by an administrator to identify if a TUD should be created or not. The admin will add the requested TUD to the table below.
  • TUD-specific pages are only created when a character mentions their universe ("my Earth", "my universe", etc.). This means that if Character X by default appears from Earth-TUD42 but does not mention their Earth at all, then the page "Earth-TUD42" does not need to be created.
    • The links of TUDs which don't need a page will be linked to this policy page.
  • TUDs are not to be used for unofficial Arrowverse content such as fan-fiction, fan art, etc.
  • Once a temporary designation has been officially designated, its page, if any, will be moved to the appropriate page name, with the temporary designation now acting as a redirect. This means that a TUD cannot be used more than once, hence, being retired.
  • If two TUDs are revealed to be the same exact universe, the TUD with the lower number will redirect to the one with the higher number, as to avoid confusion whenever a new TUD is needed.

Pre-existing TUDs

TUD name Notes Originating date Status
Hells Wells October 25, 2016 Active
Harrison Wells (Francophone) October 25, 2016 Active
Earth that almost destroyed Earth-19 January 31, 2017 Active
Volcanic Earth January 31, 2017 Active
Black Lightning (pre-Crisis) January 16, 2018 Active
Crucifer April 10, 2018 Active
Mar Novu, Xneen December 2, 2018 Active
Harrison Sherloque Wells' first ex-wife February 5, 2019 Active
Harrison Sherloque Wells' second ex-wife February 5, 2019 Active
Harrison Sherloque Wells' fourth ex-wife February 5, 2019 Active
Harrison Sherloque Wells' fifth ex-wife February 5, 2019 Active
Harrison Nash Wells October 22, 2019 Active
Barry Allen January 14, 2020 Active
Beth Kane January 19, 2020 Active
Brainiac 5 (Earth-TUD15) January 19, 2020 Active
Querl Dox (Earth-TUD16) January 19, 2020 Active
Bottled Earth January 19, 2020 Active
Brainiac 5 (Earth-TUD18) January 19, 2020 Active
Winn Schott January 19, 2020 Active
Harrison Wells (New York City)
Confirmed to be Earth-24
March 17, 2020 Retired
Earth that causes neural dissonance to visitors May 12, 2020 Active
John Henry Irons February 23, 2021 Active
Harrison Orson Wells March 2, 2021 Active
Inverse World/Bizarre
Confirmed to be an extra-dimensional plane
January 11, 2022 Retired
Superman & Lois June 28, 2022 Active