When uploading images or videos, it is important that they are short and to the point.

  • For videos, this will generally refer to a promo for an episode, however interviews with cast/crew members is fine to upload. Full episodes of either any Arrowverse television shows will not be allowed. Not only is this breaching copyright, it's morally wrong - they've put countless hours in to making it, so to place it on the wiki free of charge would be unfair to those involved.
  • For images, user images or general screenshots of episodes are also allowed, as long as they actually help to illustrate an article, not just random ones. If it's an image from one of the comics, a similar rule is in force: numerous people have put in hours of work, so to upload the whole comic to the wiki would be unfair to these people. Therefore, only upload images that have particular relevance to an article, and not just for public viewing. On another even more important note, any and all images must follow the image policy.
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