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The Artemis suit is the protective suit worn by Evelyn Sharp when patrolling as the vigilante Artemis.


The suit consists of a dark green shirt with a hood attached to it, black jacket, black fingerless gloves, black pants, and a black/dark green mask Evelyn wears to hide her identity. The black on the suit helps Evelyn blend in with her surroundings and ambush her opponents. It can be presumed that Evelyn designed the features herself, since the suit mainly consists of regular street clothing.


Sometime after Evelyn's first mission,[1] she became trained in archery and upgraded her suit to add a bow and quiver of arrows.[2]


Evelyn Sharp began using the suit when she officially became a member of Team Arrow and started participating in field missions.[1]


  • Identity concealment: Evelyn wore a black/dark green mask to conceal her identity.
  • Quiver: The suit has a dual-strap quiver for Evelyn to carry her arrows in.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with Kevlar to protect Evelyn from gunshot wounds and other injuries.
  • Scabbard: Behind her quiver, Evelyn has a scabbard used to hold her baton.
  • Knife holster: The suit has a knife holster on the back of Evelyn's waist, similar to the one worn by Arsenal.

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