Arthur Willis is a man who planned revenge against a firm by selling D.E.O.-based weapons.


Arthur Willis was once an employee of the law firm "Vang & Morales", but he had issues in it and the employers thought that he made the problems within the firm and they fired him; Arthur however believed that they gave him an unlawful termination, even trying to sue them. The firm suggested him that Arthur goes to consultation, but he refused and began to get a revenge on them; he also had a wife who abandoned him due to his difficulties with the job. Arthur bought a civil version of DEO weapon, Heel-14 from the weapon manufacturer owned by Mr. Preston, who claimed that it was bought legally. He appeared first to attack one police officer, but James Olsen as Guardian prevented this to happen. Arthur then went to the law firm where he once worked, in a cellar to make a surprise attack. Alex Danvers, J'onn J'onzz and FBI came to this firm to find him. Appearing in the cellar, J'onn came first to calm him, saying that his attack will not solve those problems, understanding and sympathizing with his tragedy. Arthur was finally convinced and tearfully put down a weapon, leading to his arrest.[1]



Season 3


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