"So we built a machine powerful enough to big-bang a new Speed Force into existence based solely on the teachings of history's most evil speedster. Are we sure we wanna hit this switch?"
Ralph Dibny[src]

A machine was built by Team Flash in an attempt to create an artificial Speed Force.


After the death of the Speed Force, Barry Allen decided to use his daughter's journal, which contained knowledge of the Negative Speed Force taught to her by Eobard Thawne, to create a new Speed Force.[1]

About to activate the Artificial Speed Force machine

Barry, Cisco, and Ralph about to activate the Artificial Speed Force machine

Using this knowledge, Cisco helped create the machine, which Barry was eager to test as his speed was running out. Cisco, Barry, and Ralph watched as the machine was activated, and while it seemed to be working at first, it ultimately stopped without doing anything important.[2]

While Barry continued to work on the machine, he talked with Allegra Garcia when Godspeed attacked them.[3]



  • Gravity distortion: Similar to how the particle accelerator (among other things) is able to alter the gravity around it, the machine was able to cause liquids to float upward when activated.[2]


The Flash

Season 6


  • Cisco asks "How did Thawne manage to build a Speed Force machine on his own?", implying Eobard created a similar machine and used it to give himself powers, as he explained in "The Reverse-Flash Returns" that he "duplicated the reaction" that gave Barry his powers.
  • While not stated (because the heroes of Earth-Prime think it's the only universe Post-Crisis), the success of this machine could presumably help restore the powers of every speedster in the multiverse.


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