"You don't think you need us anymore. Look Rip, this is our mess. You have to let us fix it."
"Using your team to fix anything is like doing brain surgery with a chainsaw."
Sara Lance and Rip Hunter

"Aruba-Con" is the first episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 10, 2017.


When the Legends realize that they broke the timeline, Rip Hunter arrives with his new organization - the Time Bureau - to relieve them of duty. The Legends are thrilled to get a chance to put the team back together but a new threat arises when Rory spots Julius Caesar in Aruba. Sara, Nate, and Ray devise a plan to steal the Waverider back from the Time Bureau in order to try and stop Julius Caesar from conquering the modern world.[src]



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The scene gets precisely the latest relevant point of interest: the Legends wind up in a city where dinosaurs are spinning out of control. A T-Rex is running towards the Legends when Rip Hunter shows up transports the dinosaur through an entry. He at that point advises them that he's made an association to supplant the Time Masters and soothes the Legends of their obligations securing time.

A half year have passed and Sara Lance is working at a major box store. She's drawn closer by her manager who's somewhat impolite.

Somewhere else, Ray Palmer is working for an evident startup called UpSwipes a knockoff of Tinder. He moves toward his manager who talks down to him, making a point that Ray gave his organization to a woman who let it fizzle.

Nate Heywood is thrashing some trouble makers and Wally West appears at assist him with dealing with them.

Mick Rory is unwinding on the sea shore when he's drawn closer by a defensively covered man on a pony — it's Julius Caesar. He at that point calls Sara while she's grinding away to clarify the circumstance. Her manager moves toward her about accepting an individual call at work and she leaves her place of employment.

Sara, Ray, and Nate get together at a café to discuss the circumstance Mick called about. They all acknowledge they despise their present lives and choose to go help Mick, ignoring Rip's earlier admonition.

The gathering heads to Star City where they're halted by Rip's time specialists.

Rip appears at converse with the Legends and the strained deadlock reaches a speedy conclusion. Sara illuminates Rip that Mick has weakened Julius Caesar in Aruba.

As they're strolling through Rip's place of business, two operators convey King Arthur by and Rip cleans his brain off so he has no recollections of what's happening once he returns to his ordinary time.

RIp at that point takes the trio — Sara, Ray, and Nate — to see the Waverider, which has since been changed over into a test system for learners.

Back in Aruba, Caesar persuades Mick that he has gold in the travel bag on his belt. As Mick draws near, Caesar headbutts him and a battle breaks out. Caesar get away and stalls out in a Spring Break-like frock party called ArubaCon, where the Time Agents have opened an entrance.

Rory loses the genuine Caesar and erroneously handles a look-a-like. The specialists return the two to their HQ, where the gathering thinks Mick wrecked and didn't see the genuine Caesar.

As the gathering is kicked out of the structure, Mick takes a stab at purchasing a soft drink with one of Caesar's bit of gold and Nate uncovers that it's a real coin from Caesar's period. The gathering chooses the denounce any and all authority and Aruba and discover Caesar themselves. They reboot Gideon who timejumps them out of the structure.

Gideon uncovers the team has just been time hopped three minutes into what's to come. Nate inquires as to whether they can make it to Central City since he knows a specialist there.

Jax is at Martin's home and reveals to him he's dropped out of school. Martin's girl Lilly appears and shows Jax that she's pregnant. The Waverider shows up and Jax and Martin board — the two consent to help Sara, Ray, and Nate.

The team makes it to Aruba and in a flash battles Caesar conversing with a gathering of school kids, attempting to get them to join his military. After Ray gets Gideon to divert the college kids encompassing Caesar, Sara can battle him and render him oblivious.

Back on the Waverider, Rip shows up in holographic structure and advises the gathering that they have to return Caesar to him so he can embed him back in the course of events with no repercussions. Sara advises Gideon to take them to the Time Bureau and Gideon says that fixes should be made before they do as such.

Jax gets the chance to deal with making the fixes as Martin looks on and the two offer a genuine about what they each need to achieve throughout everyday life.

Sara approaches Caesar — who's been detained in the Waverider's holding cell and two trade merriments. Jax appears and lets Sara realize the fixes have been made.

Sara plots a course to Rome, where they clear Caesar's cognizant with the goal that he doesn't recollect that anything. As they're leaving, it's demonstrated Caesar has taken Nate's 'Ascent of Rome' book.

Back on the Waverider, Gideon illuminates the gathering they can't return home since Caesar has assumed control over the world since he approached the book.

Rip and his Time Agents make a gateway to load up the Waverider and assume responsibility for the circumstance. Rip sends a group of operators to recover the book of Caesar's tent and the group is trapped with one of the specialists getting caught.

Rip consents to let the group help out, so land to battle Caesar's men and after an engagement, they salvage that caught operator — Special Agent Ava Sharpe.

The Legends start to take the Waverider through the timestream with Rip still on board. Specialist Sharpe advises Rip that their group has eradicated the recollections of Caesar and his men, they say goodbye to the Legends.

Mick reveals to Sara that he's taken one of the Time Agents' entrance gadgets.

Martin educates Jax that he's chosen to remain with the group.

Beam strolls in Nate taking a gander at an image of Amaya — who has left the group and headed out back to 1942.

We see Amaya drew nearer by a gathering of poachers who take steps to shoot her and she utilizes her forces to take them out.


  • The title is a pun that both references the beach party that is held at Aruba during the episode and refers to "A Rubicon" that Julius Caesar tells Sara to pass later in the episode, referencing his decision to go against the orders of the Roman Senate.
    • The title of this episode also references that the episode continues from the previous episode in which the "Con" in "Aruba-Con" is short for "Continued".
  • After Sara throws a knife into a board, Val scolds that she isn't auditioning for America Ninja Warrior, a show in which the participants must work through increasingly difficult obstacle courses.
  • Stein exclaims "Great Caesar's ghost!," a phrase popularly used by DC character Perry White.
  • Ray and Nate parody a phrase popularly attributed to Caesar, "I came, I saw, I conquered" (or in its original Latin form, "Veni, vidi, vici"), replacing the last section with "we kicked Caesar's ass."
    • ”We came, we saw, we kicked its ass” is a similar quote from the 1984 film Ghostbusters.
  • As of this episode, both Sara and Ray have revealed to the world (2017) that they are still alive.
  • Nate and Jax agree that they're "pretty good at taking down legions," in reference to Caesar's legion of Romans. This is a nod to the Legion of Doom, the previous season's main antagonists.
  • While fighting the Roman empire as Firestorm, Jax shouts: "Surrender your prisoner in the name of Ares, the god of war!". Coincidentally, this is a nod to Wonder Woman villain, Ares.
    • Stein then corrected Jax that Mars is the Roman god of war; Ares is actually the name of the Greek god of war.
  • Parts of Amaya's biography viewed by Nate near the end of the episode seem to have been copied from her article in the Arrowverse Wiki.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Wally West outside of The Flash.
  • This is the first DC's Legends of Tomorrow season premiere not to feature Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
  • Amy Pemberton, who voices Gideon, makes a pseudo-appearance in the form of a photograph she uses to create a fake Upswipz profile.
  • Caesar makes mention of the Fates, who would go on to be the main antagonists of Season 5.
  • The Time Bureau agents' Time couriers resemble the watches Time Agents wear in Doctor Who, which allow them to time hop. This is likely an intentional reference since the Arrowverse and Legends of Tomorrow in particular have many references to Doctor Who.
  • When Caesar introduces himself to Mick, the pronunciation is how a Latin speaker would pronounce it: GAI-oos YOO-lee-oos KAI-sar - which is linguistically correct.
  • When the Legends steal the Waverider, Sarah says to Gideon, "Engines to power... turbines to speed!" which is a paraphrase of what Adam West as Batman used to say each time he and Robin started up the Batmobile in the 1960s Batman TV series.
  • The creation of the Time Bureau and their mission to correct anachronisms helped erase one of the major criticisms of the previous season; the Bureau's efforts would have likely eliminated all of the major alternations and plot holes in the timeline that were left undone in several episodes, such as a missing crew member aboard Apollo 13[1] and the curing of J.R.R. Tolkien's trench fever (the disease actually saved his life by sending him home before his battalion was wiped out).[2]
  • The Time Bureau's training exercises consist of past missions the Legends carried out deliberately and requires them to complete them more efficiently than the team did. Some missions mission references the events from "Moonshot" and "Out of Time".


  • Stein explains Caesar's ability to understand and fluently speak English after ending up in present-day Aruba as being a side effect of temporal displacement. When the Legends return him to his proper point in the timeline (49 B.C.), Sara wipes Caesar's memory, and Nate checks a book on the rise of the Roman empire to confirm that history's back on track. Unnoticed by the group as they're leaving, Caesar steals Nate's book and subsequently uses it as a tool to conquer the known world, and then the unknown world. However, because Caesar's mind was wiped after they took him back to 49 B.C., he shouldn't have been able to read Nate's book, which was printed in English.
  • When the Legends are stealing the Waverider, Ray claims Gideon has been in sleep mode for five years. However, as the previous episode, "Aruba", was set six months ago and the Legends arrived along with the Waverider in that episode, so Gideon should have only be in sleep mode for six months.



Preparation ran from July 7 until July 17, 2017. Shooting began on July 18 and ran until July 28, 2017.[3]


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