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For the DC's Legends of Tomorrowepisode of the same name, see "Aruba"​.

Aruba is a tropical island locale and a popular vacation spot, particularly favored by Felicity Smoak and Mick Rory. It was the site of an anachronism in 2017.


After the Legends were disbanded by Rip Hunter and his new Time Bureau. Mick Rory decided to hang out in Aruba, having had voiced his desire to go months beforehand. Along the way, he committed a string of petty thefts.

Six months later while sunbathing on a beach, Mick discovered Julius Caesar had shown up due to an anachronism. Mick promptly tied him up, kept him in a beach shack, and called Sara about the anachronism. Caesar then escaped Mick's custody and ran into a convenient Ancient Rome-themed fraternity party called Aruba-Con 2017. Time Bureau agents arrived and abducted Mick and a random frat boy dressed as Caesar. Later, Sara, Nate, and Ray stole the Waverider from the Time Bureau's headquarters, recruited Jax and Martin, and headed back to Aruba to apprehend the real Caesar. Caesar attempted to recruit the toga-clad college frat boys to his Roman army, thinking them to be legitimate Romans. Ray distracted the frat boys with alerts of an attractive woman matching their Upswipz profiles while Sara defeated Caesar in combat. The Legends then left Aruba with Caesar captive.[1]

In 2018, after the Legends successfully vanquished Mallus, they celebrated by returning to Aruba for a vacation. While they relaxed on the beach, Gary Green and John Constantine approached them to tell the Legends that their actions during the conflict with Mallus had released other magical creatures into the world, and dumped a dragon head onto the sand as proof.[2]

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