"Ascension" is the fourth chapter of the comic book series Arrow: Season 2.5, the fourth chapter in the Blood arc, and contains the second chapter in the Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq arc. It was released digitally on October 13, 2014.


Witness the stunning origin of the new Brother Blood![1]


As Clinton Hogue asked about an artist, Abel promised that she was working on a piece. He wished to see something as soon as possible.

Two months earlier, Sebastian Blood asked Clinton to wait in the car, to which he complied, reaching the elevator before he was attacked by John Diggle. Diggle began hitting him and Clinton hit back, before pulling out a gun. Dig hit the gun away as it fired and knocked him down to the ground. Sometime later Clinton was strapped to a chair, surrounded by Diggle and Felicity Smoak. Though not initially scared by Felicity, once she threatened to waste his and his parent's large amounts of money he agreed to tell her the truth. Not long after, Clinton met Sebastian again. He apologised, though Sebastian considered the safety of Clinton's parents considerably inferior to what would soon happen to the city. He explained what he'd told the unknown assailants, that Slade Wilson was to storm the city with a group of men that night. As Clinton left, Sebastian expressed his displeasure at him. In another room, Clinton prayed to his god, fearing that Sebastian was too weak, so he would await his god's holy guidance. He returned to Sebastian, who explained how he'd misjudged Slade, how they had differing ideas, Slade with one that Sebastian saw as terrible, and so he'd given the Mirakuru cure to The Arrow. Clinton warned that Slade would kill him once he found out, and Sebastian reassured him that he was his insurance policy and so Clinton was made to wait in an adjoining room while Sebastian warned that Mirakuru soldiers could only be killed with headshots. Isabel Rochev entered the room, claiming that Sebastian had betrayed Slade. He gave Slade a call, who quickly refused to talk. Sebastian was promptly killed with swords by Isabel. When she left, Clinton re-entered the room, picking up Sebastian's Brother Blood mask, having apparently received a sign from his god.

Back in the present day, the artist was brought to Brother Blood. She claimed to have drawn portraits of people just as he had specified, portraits none other than of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.

Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq

In Shiruta, the capital of Kahndaq, an extremist sect known as "Onslaught" executed a group of people with bags over their head. Back in Washington, D.C., Amanda Waller discussed the problem of Onslaught with the president. He claimed partial responsibility for it all, though admitted that he'd never publicly say anything of the sort. The president asked for Amanda to put a stop to them, to prevent any wars, and she claimed to have the perfect team. In the Republic of Kasnia, the Suicide Squad were killing numerous members of Onslaught.



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