Ashkiri temple, also called Ashkiri tomb is a temple built by Ashkiri people and located in Hindu Kush mountains. It houses a Lazarus Pit.[1] It also housed hearts of Ashkiri snow leopard gods.[2]

Legend of Snow Leopard Gods

The Ashkiri people believed a god of darkness and a goddess of light lived in a snow leopard form, keeping the world in balance. Once, the goddess was killed by a hunter and darkness started to spread through the world. But miraculously, a new snow leopard was born, returning the world to balance.[3] The hearts of the gods were buried in the Ashkiri temple.[2]


In 1985, a small group of The Hidden lead by Ibadan was trying to locate and protect the temple from members of League of Assassins.[3] They successfully located its entrance,[4] but Ra's al Ghul was able to access the temple anyway, and possibly retrieved the buried hearts of Ashkiri gods.[2]



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