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"Run, Hunter, run!"
—Ashley Zolomon's last words to her son, Hunter[src]

Ashley Zolomon was the wife of the late James Zolomon and the mother of the late Hunter Zolomon.


During the night Ashley's husband, James, returned from the War of the Americas, she had attempted to supposedly walk out on him for unknown reasons. After calling him a monster when he declared himself a hero for the sacrifices he had to perform for his country and for her, James became violent. Their son, Hunter, walked in on them and Ashley shouted for him to run. James, angry with his wife, threw her to the ground. He gave Hunter his kettle helmet and forced their son to watch as he murdered Ashley with a shotgun.[1]


The Flash[]

Season 2[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics, the equivalent character's name is unknown. Her backstory is she had a troubled relationship with her husband, a serial killer, who murdered her on the day their son was to leave for college.
    • On the other hand, Ashley Zolomon is the wife of Hunter Zolomon/Zoom and had a supporting role in the comics.