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For the late Kryptonian, see Astra.

"So I grew up in Hell, had minions do my bidding, and rose to power 'til I practically ran the place."
—Astra Logue[src]

Astra Logue (born c. 2005[1]) is the daughter of Alex Logue and the late Natalie Logue, and the girlfriend of Behrad Tarazi. She was accidentally damned to Hell after a botched attempt at exorcism by John Constantine.

During the chaos of Neron taking control of Hell from the Triumvirate, Astra stole eighteen evils souls and released them, allowing them to resurrect on the new Earth-Prime. She secretly plotted against the Triumvirate to become the new queen of Hell and take her revenge on Constantine.

Upon learning how the Fates were manipulating her, Astra decided to choose her own destiny and leave Hell, joining the Legends on the Waverider. However, after drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus and becoming immortal for 24 hours, Astra was coerced by Lachesis to stay loyal to the Fates by stealing the Waverider upon seeing the pain and suffering she would endure as a human. She was ultimately convinced by Gary Green to rejoin the Legends and redeem herself, only to be killed by Atropos for her betrayal. Astra was brought back to life by Charlie using the Loom of Fate and began living in John Constantine's house.

Astra formed a friendship with Esperanza Cruz and helped the Legends capture aliens scattered in time. After defeating Bishop and the Zagurons, Astra and the Legends were heading back to the Waverider when another Waverider appeared and destroyed the ship, stranding them in the 1920s.

Astra made Gideon human and treated her like her daughter. After saving the Legends, Astra and the others messed up with the timeline multiple times, provoking "evil Gideon" to hunt them with her team of robot Legends. Astra began to feel attracted to Behrad Tarazi and the two began an relationship. The Legends split up, but came back together to save Gwyn Davies and Alun Thomas. Astra, Spooner, and Gideon defeated "evil Gideon" and returned to the others, but were arrested by the Time Police.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

"It's strange, the memories you hold on to when someone is gone."
—Astra Logue[src]
Young Astra Logue

While at Newcastle, John Constantine accidentally damned Astra's soul to Hell trying to extort the demon Nergal into fighting another demon for him.

Astra was born in 2005 to Alex and Natalie Logue, a witch.[1] When Astra was a child, Natalie took her to a strawberry farm and the two of them ate there together all day.[2] In 2014, Astra's mother, Natalie, was killed by a drunk driver and her old friend, John Constantine attempted to resurrect her,[3] with the help of Anne Marie Flynn, Gary Lester, Ritchie Simpson and Chas Chandler. While she was successfully resurrected, the ritual was botched, and a demon possessed Astra, John then summoned another demon, Nergal, intending to compel him to drag the lesser demon back to Hell and save Astra. However, John's plan failed, as Nergal then violently dragged Astra to Hell for eternity in front of everyone.[1] Astra's mother, devastated for feeling indirectly responsible for her daughter's damnation, committed suicide out of guilt.[3]

Soon after arriving into Hell, Astra was found by Lachesis, who becomes her adoptive mother and motivates her hate for John, manipulating her for her own ends.[4] Five years later, John traveled to Hell to save the soul of Ray Palmer.[5] Upon arriving, Satan offered John a chance to save Astra's instead. John chose to save her, but Astra, now a grown woman, revealed to John that she didn't want to leave Hell, preventing John from saving both her and Ray.[6]

Astra in Hell

Astra in Hell.

Later in Hell, Astra helps John and Nora Darhk break into the Soul Exchange to get Ray's soul token. While the two of them look for his, Astra negotiated with a bank employee and obtained sixteen evil souls (including Caligula, Charles Manson, Genghis Khan, Grigori Rasputin, John Wayne Gacy, Joseph Stalin, Lizzie Borden, Mary Tudor, Marie Antoinette, Benjamin Siegel, Kathy Meyers and Damien Darhk). She later goes to the front desk of the Soul Exchange and releases the sixteen souls from Hell, offering them a second chance.[7]

New multiverse[]

Queen of Hell[]

Astra, the owner of a club in Hell called Brimstone, begins secretly her reign, sending Encores against John Constantine and the Legends.

Astra talks to John

Astra talks to John.

Constantine meets with Astra, facing her about the Encores she discharged. She declines in light of the fact that those spirits are giving her with new souls. She is likewise tormenting a companion of his and on the off chance that he needs to stop him, she needs to slaughter her, which would be trivial. Later, Constantine hauls the encore Benjamin Siegel to hell with him to stand up to Astra with one projectile left in the Hell gun yet he discloses to her that he's never abandoning her. So, he utilizes the last shot to obliterate Ben rather.[8]

Later, Astra plays poker in Hell, her game hindered by Lachesis who is worried about their misfortunes so far. She chooses to "play mischievous" and tears an accessory from her neck containing Constantine's soul token. Astra attempts to get Constantine's life expectancy abbreviated and does as such, in return for some help.[3]

John talks to Astra in Purgatory

Astra meets John in his personal purgatory.

In Purgatory, Constantine finds that it is Astra and attempts to persuade her that whatever she's done to get this going is a snare. He likewise discloses to her that he can change her mom's destiny and fix things, yet Astra won't play and won't give him additional time. A time later, John finally persuaded Astra that he can really spare her mom and she fixes a mind-blowing shortening, sending him back to follow through on his promise.[9]

In Hell, Lachesis sees that John Constantine is alive again and weights Astra into attempting to discover what his arrangement is so they can spare her mother without her, and let John decay. John enchants to and a "government operative" (which is actually Astra) back to Hell, and thumps Astra oblivious in Hell and out of the physical plane.[10]

On the Waverider, Ava Sharpe takes Mick Rory and Gary Green to accompany her to Hell so she can drive Astra to support them. The three show up in Hell and approach an demon for bearings to discover Astra; he reveals to them she's at her club. Astra brings Ava and Gary into her office with the goal that she can demonstrate that she didn't send the Encores after John. She understands that Lachesis had taken her entire existence coins by imitating her and getting her collaborator to open her vault. Constantine's spirit coin has additionally been taken off her neck and supplanted with Vandal Savage's. Astra stands up to Lachesis and Atropos. Lachesis reveals to her that the spirit coins were turning into an interruption, and that she took the coins to drive her to think greater. She uncovers what their identity is, and welcomes her to go along with them as the third Fate, supplanting Charlie.

Astra on the Waverider

Astra on the Waverider.

Astra is as yet stressed over her mom's destiny, yet the Fates reveal to her that she's reasoning excessively little and that as a destiny she can administer over something other than Hell. Astra says she will go along with them, yet that she needs Constantine's coin, as he is hers to play with. Astra discharges the Legends and advises them to support John. At the point when she uncovers that she's working with the Fates, Ava persuades her to assume responsibility for her life and accompany them to spare her mom without anyone else. He recovers it similarly as Ava and Nate Heywood show up, at that point they all arrival to the Waverider, where John discovers that Astra is there to administer development of the Loom.[4]

Choosing a side[]

Joining the Legends[]
"I am still in Hell, aren't I?"
—Astra about working with the Legends[src]
The Legends stare down Gary Jr.

The Legends stare down Gary Jr..

With the three rings of the Loom of Fate found, Astra and John Constantine decide that it is time for him to keep his promise and revive her mother; however, when the Legends have a meeting as to who should be resurrected first, Clotho chooses Behrad Tarazi. The attempt is a failure though and results in damaging the Waverider. Astra thinks that she can help since she was groomed to be a Fate, but she is denied access to the Loom. Later, when the Loom disappears, she is blamed and imprisoned, but video footage obtained by Zari Tarazi reveals that the hellhound Marchosias caused it to be flushed into the sanitary system. After tricking the Legends into releasing her, Astra tells Constantine the hellhound's real name, allowing him to cast a banishing spell. Zari offers Astra a tour of the ship as a sign of friendship, but Astra quickly rejects it.[11]

Glowing Legends

Glowing Legends.

Astra becomes a founding member of Delta Chi Sigma; she recruited Silvia Hines, who personally thanked her for being a friend and sorority sister, causing Astra to slowly soften. She is later approached by Lachesis who wants a favor after Astra drank from the Chalice of Dionysus and gained temporary godhood.[12]


After joining the Fates to repay her debt, Astra is forced to steal the Waverider as Lachesis and Atropos board it and reclaim their rings. While onboard Astra clashes with Atropos over feelings and loyalty. Atropos suggests killing Astra after she mentions that in return for her loyalty to the Fates, Astra wants her mother brought back to life. However, Lachesis stops Atropos from attempting to kill her ex-protege, Astra. While Atropos is conjuring zombies to stop the Legends in 2020 Britain, Lachesis manipulates Astra by showing her a vision of her mother dying in front of her again. After witnessing this, Astra decides to spare herself the trouble and reluctantly joins the sisters as the third Fate.

Astra is stabbed

Astra is stabbed and killed by Atropos.

After Atropos discovers that someone stole the three rings to their Loom of Fate, Astra quickly finds out it’s Gary Green after seeing the carrots from his bunny. After the trio capture Gary, Lachesis and Atropos have Astra torture Gary for information on where he hid the rings, since he used his magic to teleport them somewhere. Whilst torturing him, Gary forces Astra to open up on her good memories with her mom when they were picking strawberries. After she shared that memory, Gary finally convinced Astra to betray the Fates. As Astra was about to free him and they were about to fix the Time courier to escape, Atropos entered the room. Atropos told her she is just as weak as any other human and her immortality is up. After that, Atropos throws her dagger at Astra, striking her in the heart, killing her, much to Gary’s horror.[2]

The Legends fight the encores

The Legends fight the Encores.

Charlie resurrects Astra but removes her memories and makes her a part of the television show Highcastle Abbey so that she and the Legends will not be killed by the Fates for inciting free will in the otherwise docile masses of their remade world. To pacify Astra, Charlie made Natalie a character as well with Constantine as their manservant. Eventually, Astra regains her memories, and ultimately chooses to leave the fantasy when she discovers that Natalie is fictional.[13] Astra accompanies the other Legends in their attempt to destroy the Loom; Constantine tells her that if she focuses her magical powers, she is very potent. Constantine has her focus on her mother to focus the magic, but during her spell casting, she is distracted with memories of Lachesis. She later confides in Constantine that she does not know where her loyalties lie, between her biological mother or her adopted one. Astra confronts Lachesis and learns that Lachesis was more concerned about replacing Clotho than actually raising her. Lachesis soon sends Encores to kill her so Astra and the Legends fight for her life. After the battle, Astra says farewell to Zari Tomaz. At the farewell party, she tells Constantine that she will live in his house; to pay the rent, she hands him his soul token.[14]

Abduction of Sara[]

Astra, Ava and Zari

Astra, Ava and Zari in 1977.

Astra went to a poker game and had a good time as she continued to win; she knew enough about bluffing and reading people to make the game easy. Ava and Mick entered and told her that Sara was missing, so Astra helped to collect the other Legends. While getting Nate, Astra and the others learned that David Bowie had a video recording of Sara's abduction.

At John Constantine's house, Astra and Zari watched as Constantine tried to use a spell and his connection to Sara to find the captain, but he was failing and was upset about it. Zari asked Astra to use her connections with Hell to help them with outer space; though hesitant, Astra complied. Astra learned that a spell known by Aleister Crowley might help them. Astra and Zari went to get the spell book from Gary Green's room and saw a giant cocoon there. Upon further inspection, they found an image inducer in the form of Gary's eyeglasses. After reporting this to the other Legends, it was determined that Gary was an alien, pretending to be human. Later, Astra observed how Constantine acted around Zari. Astra told Constantine that she did not want to be an active Legend and wanted to enjoy life as a mortal. As Constantine listened, Astra also wondered how long his relationship with Zari would last if they view their relationship differently.[15]

Reluctant team member[]

While living a normal life, Astra got used to her new life until she became frustrated by the racist teasing of her neighbor, Robert Truss, and became more enraged when Constantine did not help her with the problems around the house. When he entered the attic, Astra ran into Aleister Crowley, who was trapped in a painting. Crowley offered Astra to teach him magic, an offer Astra accepted. Astra began to be trained by Crowley, until Constantine appeared upset that Crowley was training Astra. Angry, Astra used the spell Crowley taught her, Permuto, to make Constantine in the painting while Crowley was put on Constantine's body.[16]

Astra and the Legends fight Crowley

Astra and the Legends fight Crowley.

Astra used her powers to obtain wealth and elegant clothes. When the Legends arrived, Astra transformed them into objects so that they would not disturb. Astra and Crowley made an amulet to obtain absolute magic, but they had to obtain a soul for it to work, so Astra tricked Robert Truss into being the victim. Astra thought about not killing Robert Truss and decided to keep him safe, but it was too late because Crowley killed Robert and obtained the power of the amulet. Astra and the rest of the house were turned into animation.

Aleister Crowley is defeated

Astra and the Legends defeat Crowley.

Astra and the Legends tried to fight Crowley, but he was stronger and locked Astra in the attic, where he found Constantine. Astra read her mother's book to eliminate dark magic, since with the book she could stop Crowley. Upon being freed by Spooner, Astra sang the song of the book, defeating Crowley and returning everything to normal. The next day, Astra and Constantine sorted things out. Astra and Constantine decided to learn to practice their magic together.[16]

Legends in Bishop's Gambit

Astra agrees to help the team.

While the Legends searched for Amelia Earhart, Astra remained studying magic. Astra was called upon by the team to read Amelia's mind. Astra used a memory spell to find out what happened to Sara, but seeing Amelia turn into her Zaguron form, Astra and the team locked Amelia in the lab. Afterwards, Astra took a break from using the memory spell.[17]

Sara reunited with the Legends

Legends reunited.

After learning that Sara died, Astra and the rest of the team traveled with Behrad to 1977 to try to prevent Sara from being kidnapped. Despite their attempts, Astra and the team could do nothing. Astra supported Behrad so that they could accept Sara's death. When they were leaving, Astra and the others saw with joy that Sara was alive and celebrated Sara and Ava's marriage proposal at the bar.[18]

Unexpected friendships[]
The Legends enter the Fist City bar

The Legends arrive at the Fist City bar.

Astra practiced magic while Spooner and Gary implanted a piece of Kayla's ship on the ship and she used her magic to taunt Spooner. On a mission in 1891 to Fist City, Astra observed the town and spoke to Behrad, who was trying to flirt with her. On Nate's orders, Astra and Spooner had to learn to work as a team. When he got angry with a villager, Astra tried to attack him even though Spooner did not want them to fight because there was an alien, and he appeared eating the villager. Astra and Spooner investigated the alien and encountered former Sheriff Bass Reeves, who had been framed by Levi Stapleton.

The trio investigated the alien and realized that the alien knew how to get to town due to the anger of the people, so the three went to chase the alien to warn the Legends. Upon arrival, the alien had begun to attack, so Astra and Spooner worked together to kill the alien. Astra and Spooner returned Reeves to his job as sheriff. Upon returning to the Waverider, Astra and Spooner became friends.[19]

Astra and the Legends traveled to Vancouver in 2023 to catch an alien before it falls. Astra, Nate, and Zari took Behrad to the film studios where his favorite show Bud Stuy was filmed. Astra took selfies to Behrad as he posed with the posters for the show. Seeing how an alien appeared, she and the Legends tried to capture it without success. When Behrad was changing because the alien "Gus-Gus" was on the show, Astra didn't want him to change because he liked it better that way.

Zari Tomaz is reunited with the Legends again

Astra celebrates Behrad's birthday.

Astra and Behrad tried to convince Imran Saeed and the executives to leave Gus, but only caused Imran to quit the show. Astra fell in love upon seeing Behrad's new look and she and Zari were upset because Behrad kept changing, causing the timeline to change causing Zari and Behrad to never join the team. By locking Behrad in the ship, Astra hunted down Imran to get him back on the show and Behrad to return to normal successfully. Soon after, Astra and the Legends threw a surprise party for Behrad. During the party, Astra flirted with Behrad.[20]

Legends after the fight with Gus

Astra and the Legends after the fight with Gus.

Astra and Zari Tomaz videotaped Behrad, Gary, and Nate singing a lullaby to Gus and learned from Spooner that Gus was crying because he was growing up. When Gus became an adult, he began attacking the Legends and Astra tried to defend herself from the alien, but was quickly defeated until Mick, Zari, and Behrad removed Gus from the ship. After recovering, Astra and the others discovered that Lita faked an early delivery so that her father could be seen in med bay.[21]

The Legends discover that they are in space

The Legends in Galaxy Lanes.

While in Kansas looking for an alien, Astra, Mick, Spooner, and Sara found a mysterious orb, which led them to a space bowling alley called Galaxy Lanes. Astra and the Legends formed a bowling team to try and confront the Pin Killers, but Astra did not know how to bowl, which angered Sara. Being coached by Sara, Astra learned to bowling and miraculously managed to make the final play by winning the game and saving the earth. After this, Astra and the others gathered with the rest of the team to celebrate the victory.[22]

The Legends play Beast Slayers

Legends play Beast/Slayers.

Upon returning to the ship, Astra and the others were trapped in the Waverider, so Gary suggested they play the Beast/Slayers board game. Astra had to be the "reluctant soothsayer". As they played, John used magic to excite the game, making it real, and the Legends had to discover who the Beast was before they were killed. Astra and Spooner teamed up to catch the Beast, but both died until Zari managed to defeat the Beast, managing to finish the game by freeing everyone.[23]

The return of Bishop[]
Zari and Astra discover John is using the "scarlet lady"

Astra, Spooner, and Zari discover that Constantine uses the "scarlet lady".

After Bishop crashed the Waverider, the Legends and Astra confronted Bishop on the med bay. Zari and Astra later came asking Spooner about Spain, mainly about when John drank from the Fountain of Imperium. After Astra made a spell on Spooner they realised John wasn't worth of the Fountain and where curious on how he had his powers. After confronting John they all found out he was using Blood to get his powers. Later they all saw how Bishop helped give birth to Mick Rory's children.[24]

Spooner and Astra

Astra and Spooner in Gloria's house.

Spooner and Astra where on the Waverider just when Constantine and Bishop rerouted Gideon's directory protocols. Like they where on the ship they heard both Bishop and John talk, so Astra made them into a snow globe; They were talking about looking another place in time where the Fountain of Imperium existed in. Like neither could drive the ship without Gideon they decided they would both stop them. Then a man came telling Gloria about buying her land, As Gloria refused he showed her his gun, at the same time Spooner showed him her's and Astra and her told him to leave. Gloria thanked both Astra and Spooner for their help.

Gloria offered Astra and Spooner a hot meal, while Astra was reminding Spooner that they needed to find Bishop and John, Spooner was sure this woman was her mom. After John showed Spooner his past, Astra told him that if he did something in the past it would change the future, and she could not prevent the death of his mother. Astra went to the Waverider to stop John from working on Bishop, but John ignored her. Astra took Young Spooner away while Spooner tried to save Gloria. Upon reaching the Fountain, Astra confronted Constantine, but was quickly defeated and watched as Young Spooner was sucked into the Fountain. Astra, Nate, and Zari sadly watched as John was killed by the Fountain.[25]

The Legends fight the Zagurons

The Legends fight the Zagurons.

Astra and the team were still mourning John's death and learned that Constantine's spirit was now in a mushroom. Astra was supported by Behrad. Upon learning that Sara and Ava decided to do the wedding now, Astra and the team set everything up and comforted Spooner after Gloria left. The wedding was interrupted by Bishop, who released an army of Zagurons to attack them and the Legends wanted to fight, but they entered the house because there were so many. During the fight, Astra and the Legends obtained each other's powers thanks to Spooner. The group shared a hug and managed to use magic to defeat the Zagurons. Astra watched as Mick's babies were born, devouring Bishop. The next morning, Astra and the Legends prepared to go to the ship, but watched as the Waverider was destroyed by another Waverider, leaving the Legends stranded in 1925.[26]

Stranded in 1925[]

The new "Constantine"[]
The Legends try to escape 1925

Astra and the Legends try to get out of 1925.

The Legends were still shocked by the explosion, but tried to use Nate's Time courier to confront the person responsible for the destruction of the ship without success, since the courier had no power. Astra and Spooner searched for the safe containing items from the bureau in order to escape, but both discovered that the box was owned by the town sheriff. After Ava and Nate got the safe, Astra and the others got mad that Mick had stolen everything in it.

Astra tries to repair the Waverider

Astra casts a resurrection spell.

Angry, Astra tried to cast a resurrection spell to repair the ship, but Gary knew it was dangerous. Astra ended up passed out, but couldn't fix the ship. Astra stayed to rest at Gloria's house to recover. Upon recovering, Astra and Spooner helped Gloria grow plants, but the duo were surprised to see how from the wreckage of the ship, Gideon appeared as a human due to Astra's spell.[27]

Assisting Gideon[]

Astra and Spooner brought Gideon into the house. Astra still couldn't believe that Gideon had turned human. Astra, Spooner, and Gloria didn't understand what Gideon was saying, since she had no voice. Astra was upset that her spell failed. After Gideon passed out from being electrocuted, Astra felt guilty, but Gloria gave her some motherly advice. When Gideon woke up, Astra and Spooner saw that she was now able to speak. Gideon warned that the Legends were in danger, so the trio decided to travel to New York to save their friends.[28]

Astra, Spooner, and Gideon were on their way to get a train, but Astra was distracted by a cake. When Gideon was knocked unconscious, She and Spooner did not know what happened, so Astra cast a spell for both of them to enter Gideon's mind. In Gideon's mind, the duo met Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, who was an original member of the team. Astra and Spooner had to save Gideon's memories with the help of Jax. After Gideon woke up, the trio traveled to a memory of Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, Leonard Snart, and Carter Hall fighting until Gideon stopped them. The trio then saw a memory of Martin Stein singing alongside Gideon. The girls realized that a virus wanted to erase all of Gideon's memories.

All Legends in Gideon's Mind

All the Legends united.

Astra and Spooner watched as the original Legends argued again, but the memories came to life, and they were going to attack the duo, but Jax saved them. To save Gideon, Astra and Spooner had to face off against Nate Heywood, Zari Tomaz, Zari Tarazi, and Behrad Tarazi. Astra and Spooner accompanied Gideon to see old memories where she had fun with the Legends on Thanksgiving and sang karaoke with them, making Gideon a Legend from head to toe. After Gideon defeated the virus, Astra and all the Legends welcomed Gideon to the team. Upon awakening, the trio began a strong friendship and continued their journey to save the team.[29]

Saving the Legends[]

The trio made it to the train, but they had no tickets and were going to be kicked out until Maude Beaumont helped them, as the girls had to be together and asked the three of them to join her band. Astra and the girls arrived in Chicago, but they found out that Maude had problems with Ross Bottoni's mob, so they tried to help her put on a great show, but Gideon confirmed that in the timeline Maude was murdered by Ross.

Astra tried to warn Maude, but she accepted her fate until Gideon took Maude's place to sing Future Favorite to end Maude and Ross's ties. Shortly after, the trio were thanked by Maude and upon learning that the team was here, the girls immediately went looking for them, but the Legends were already gone.[30]

The Legends with Gwyn

Astra, Spooner, and Gideon return to the Legends.

The trio were still far from reaching New York, so Astra made a spell for drivers to take them with the help of a stone, which gave him luck, but every time they traveled, a policeman would stop the car. After Gideon was left alone in a car, Astra and Spooner tried to reach New York before the Legends traveled back in time, but as time was running out, Astra cast a powerful spell to remove the energy from the entire city.

The Legends manage to travel through time again

Astra and the Legends travel back in time.

The duo arrived in time to save the team, but Gideon had already saved them and everyone was glad to see that they were reunited. The team celebrated the reunion and Astra spoke with Behrad. The Legends modified Gwyn Davies's time machine to properly travel back home, but they accidentally traveled to a period other than their own.[31]

Hunted by "evil Gideon"[]

The Rosies[]

The Legends were in a different time, so they decided to find things to survive, but Astra, Spooner, and Nate made a plan for Ava and Sara to relax. Astra supported Ava in chopping for wood to get firewood for the camp and then they went back to the others. Finding out they were in Chernobyl, 1986, they scrambled to escape the radiation blast and the evil Waverider, riding alongside a man in a toilet.[32]

The Legends see Bishop

Astra and the Legends see Bishop.

Traveling again, Astra and the Legends discovered that Bishop was the person from the toilet, so they quickly headed to Constantine's pocket dimension to question him. The group realized that an evil Gideon was after them. To get materials for Gwyn's machine, Astra, Spooner, Sara, Ava, and Gideon set up shop at the McDougle Jemison Factory, and she loses control when the colonel pesters her, but befriends a worker. Later, Astra froze the colonel, and led the group of women to create planes to help in World War II.

The Rosies celebrate

Astra and the "Rosies" celebrating.

However, Astra did not know how to boss all of them and believed that they would have no hope until the worker spoke to her for advice and was later prompted by Astra, which led all the women to take on the nickname "Rosies" to prepare planes and managed to get the factory accepted by the Roosevelts, and unfroze the colonel to later take a victory photo. After saying goodbye to their friend, Astra and the Legends celebrated until they realized that the creation of the planes caused an aberration, so they had to flee to the machine to evade evil Gideon's robot soldiers, and managed to escape thanks to Bishop, who sacrificed himself for his only friends.[33]

Crush on Behrad[]
Lowest Common Demoninator Productions

Lowest Common Demoninator Productions.

The Legends were transported to the mansion due to Gideon and Astra warning of the dangers they might face. She and Spooner felt it was too hot and went looking for Gwyn, who accidentally opened the door, so Astra warned Gwyn that she should keep praying. Astra and Behrad met and were going to kiss, but were interrupted by a scream from Sara and Ava, though to the surprise of the entire team, they found Gideon and Gary Green having sex. Astra quickly cast a spell to reveal that they were being filmed for a hellish reality show directed by Harris Ledes and explained the entire history of the show.

The Legends chase Gary

Astra and the Legends chase after Gary to kill him.

To end the problem, Astra traveled to the production center to confront Ledes and managed to convince him to return her to stop recording, but her plans failed when Behrad followed her. She was threatened to kill Behrad, though she decided not to kill him, and this caused Ledes to no longer trust her and sent Astra and Behrad to a room in the mansion. Astra argued with Behrad about what was going on and got fed up, since Behrad was just the cool and calm one. She expressed her anger that the show's emotions were driving them crazy. During the dinner, the Legends argued and Astra used Gideon with the time machine, however, Gary ate the neural device Bishop created, so all the Legends chased after him.

Behrad reveals his feelings to the Legends

Astra and the Legends listen to Behrad's feelings.

While chasing each other, the Legends were stopped by Behrad, who decided to finally reveal his true feelings, and admitted that he was in love with Astra, something that moved her, and they managed to make the Ledes show end, returning everything to normal. After changing, Astra and Behrad met in the kitchen, where she also revealed that she liked her, but Behrad told her that it was not time yet, since he would learn to leave his hobbies, in order to be with her, something that Astra accepted.

Legends (Earth-Prime)

Astra and the Legends discover Gideon's plan.

Astra then asked Spooner to get dressed. The Legends were called to a meeting by Gary and Gideon, who asked them to apologize for judging their relationship, and they all apologized for what they said, looking beautifully at their friends' relationship. Astra and the others heard Gideon's plan to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to prevent World War I, which caused everyone to laugh, but they found out that it was true.[34]

Astra and Behrad flirt

Astra and Behrad flirt with each other.

Astra began to flirt with Behrad while the group discussed the plan to break the fixed point and prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Legends would enter the Fixed Point Bar to discover that many people wanted to prevent the impossible murder of Ferdinand. She watched in amazement as people died trying to save the Archduke and then went to have fun with Behrad while Sara tried to prevent the Archduke's death.

The Legends see how Sara gets killed multiple times

The Legends see Sara die many times.

Later, Astra, Behrad, Nate, Gideon, and Gary team up to help Sara in her plan. With multiple attempts, the Legends could not avoid death and failed due to Gavrilo Princip being smarter while being humiliated by bullies. However, the Legends realized there was someone else keeping the fixed point from breaking.

The Legends see the evil Waverider from the distance

Astra and the Legends see the Evil Waverider.

Astra and Behrad went to a bar, where they discovered that Zari and Spooner had become friends. Later all the Legends along with the bar audience cheered for Sara to successfully avoid the assassination and everyone celebrated, but then Astra and the Legends, minor Gwyn and Gideon, went with Sara to take the evil Waverider as they prepared to fight.[35]

Rage Against the Machines[]

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Gwyn and Astra help Ava

Astra and Gwyn help Ava.

When the Legends came back, they brought in Ava, who got hurt, so Astra dealt with Robot Behrad, who sneaked into the bar, while Gwyn took care of Ava. Later, the Legends got ready to fight Robot Sara and Nate, but Astra came up with a plan of using Gideon to tell the Robot Nate and Sara to take out their CPUs. Since they still needed a protector for the Fixed Point, Nate gave Robot Nate Eobard Thawne's Fixed Point watch. After that, all of the Legends reunited aboard their new Waverider.[36]

In order to save Gideon, the Legends decided to bring "evil Gideon" back online. Once "evil Gideon" came back online, she tried kill the Legends by removing all of the oxygen from the Waverider until they activated protocol 276. Since protocol 276 dictated that under no condition could Gideon self-destruct, "evil Gideon" couldn't kill the team as long as they stayed within Gideon's sight. Zari told the Legends that when she and Behrad had connected the cables to bring "evil Gideon" back online, she swapped one of the plugs, which meant that the lab was a "safe room". Since the team couldn't leave the lab, they started to get hungry, so Astra cast a spell that multiplied a package of peanuts that Spooner had. Soon after, Gideon told the Legends that they had to retire. Refusing to do so, the team came up with a plan to take "evil Gideon" offline and get off of the Waverider.

Once all of the Legends saw their futures, they revealed to the others what they had seen. The team then realized that if Spooner didn't go to the parlor to see her future, "evil Gideon" would suspect that something was off.

The Legends take a picture before retiring

The Legends take a picture before retiring.

While Astra pretended to be Spooner, Spooner tried to charge a time courier in the armory, but accidently sent off an alarm and was almost killed by "evil Gideon". The Legends eventually decided to retire after feeling that it was the right thing to do for the sake of the timeline. Following the team's decision to retire, Gideon became the new captain of the Waverider and they signed the contracts that Gideon had given them. The Legends celebrated their retirement with a party and cake. During the party Astra gave everyone keys to the pocket dimension using the same spell she did to multiply the peanuts. Before leaving the Waverider one last time, the Legends figured out when they would meet in the pocket dimension and took a team picture.[37]

After the Legends learned Alun Thomas's death was a fixed point and Gwyn got sent with a robot, the Legends traveled to 1916 to prevent Gwyn from dying. Once they arrived, Gwyn asked them why they were here, with the Legends revealing the truth about Alun's death. The Legends decided to go to an abandoned place, to use it as a base of operation. When Gideon walked in, the Legends got mad at her for her actions. While Astra and Spooner used the time courier to save Gideon, the rest of the Legends headed to save Alun. The Legends realized there was a fixer to Alun's death fixed point, so they decided to give him a message by using their hands.

After the fixer appeared, the Legends revealed their mission. They explained to Mike the "fixed point" could fix itself without anyone protecting it. After explaining it to him, the fixer decided to help them. When Astra, Spooner, and Gideon arrived with the Waverider, the fixer betrayed the Legends and stole the Waverider. When Gwyn arrived with robot Alun's body, Mike destroyed the time machine leaving the Legends stranded in 1916. 

The Legends and Mike are arrested by the Time police

The Legends and Mike are arrested by the Time police.

While trying to save Alun, Nate's powers started disappearing thanks to mustard gas. When Nate woke up, Gwyn revealed his steel transformation was gone. Before Nate left, the Legends reunited and told him goodbye. Once everyone was together, they jokingly said they would rebuild a time machine to escape 1916 when Mike arrived with the Waverider. The Legends got onboard the Waverider when they realized Mike was in handcuffs. The Time police came out and put the Legends to the ground when they revealed they were under arrest for crimes against the timeline.[38]

Possible future[]

In a possible future, Astra was running for President or Congress; her slogan, "To hell with Corruption!".[37]


"If you really want to win, it is not enough to be good at your own game. You also have to take out the competition..."
—Astra Logue[src]

Before being unfairly commended to Hell, Astra was a kind, caring, polite, cheerful and innocent child. However, she got possessed by a demon who then killed her in retaliation after being exorcised out of her dragging her spirit to Hell,[1] where she quickly grew up losing her innocence and started blaming John Constantine for her being there.[6]

Although Astra did admit that, before she lost her innocence, she believed he would rescue her from the literal Hell she was in one day. Growing up, Astra learned how to manipulate others to do her work, by making the person believe that what they are doing was of their own volition when it was truly her implanted idea, but had no problems doing things herself if she needed. Upon returning from Hell, she had to learn to trust others.

While maintaining her signature sarcasm and wit, she is much kinder, more open, and more willing to help others, largely in part because of her time with the Legends and her bond with Spooner. When she turned Gideon into a human, Astra understood to be like a mother to her showing concern and love as if Gideon were her daughter.

Powers and abilities[]


"I have never seen anyone take to the dark arts with such ease. Your natural talents are unparalleled."
Aleister Crowley[src]
Astra Logue using her powers

Astra Logue using her powers.

  • Magic: Astra has inherited powerful magic from her mother. Although she isn't yet very skilled at using it, she is a source of magic. According to John Constantine, if Astra focuses her magical powers, she is strong enough to destroy the Loom of Fate.[14]
    • Glamour: After some training from Crowley, Astra was able to change the appearance of herself and rubbish into money, diamonds and gold though since it was a basic spell it didn’t last long.[16]
    • Transmutation: Astra was able to change the Legends into house home items.[16]
    • Soul transfer: Astra was able to transfer Crowley's soul from the picture he was trapped in and put it in John’s body and put John’s soul in the picture to replace Crowley.[16]
    • Magic negation: Astra was able to use her mother's cleansing spell to negate Crowley's magic and revert everything he had changed back to normal.[16]
      Astra using a memory spell

      Astra using a memory spell.

    • Mnemokinesis: After some tutoring from John, Astra is cable of searching in another person's mind to see their memories.[17] Astra was able to use another memory spell to help Spooner to remember what John did to her.[24] Astra was able to use her magic to enter into Gideon mind to help her recovery.[29]
    • Pyrokinesis: Astra is cable of summoning fire from a spell book but was not able to control it and after her second try she managed to lit John’s finger on fire to trick Zari that John still had his powers under control.[17]
    • Astra tries to save Spooner

      Astra's energy projection.

      Fragokinesis: Astra is capable of using spells to make things or alien explode as shown when she blown up a giant alien worm.[19]
    • Conjuring: Aster is capable of conjuring a cart with coffee on it and Behrad’s car keys.[20]
    • Astral projection: Astra was able to astral projecting herself to talk to John before he went to the Fountain of Imperium.[25]
    • Energy projection: During the battle against the Zagurons, Astra was capable of firing scarlet energy blasts at them.[26]
    • Tracking: Astra was able to successfully cast John Constantine’s tracking spell, which led her and Spooner to the Waverider's emergency safe.
    • Sleep inducement: Astra tried to put Crowley to sleep.
    • Resurrection: Through John's training, Astra has relearned how to resurrect things and people. She tried this spell on the Waverider and almost succeeded. Astra also accidentally resurrected Gideon in a human body[27]
      Astra cast a duplication spell

      Astra does a duplication spell.

    • Electrokinesis: Using a spell, she conjured red clouds in the sky and brought down lightning to knock out power in 1925.[31]
    • Immobilization: Astra is able to immobilize Mr. Staples to stop him from firing her from the job.[33]
    • Duplication spell: Astra duplicated both her peanuts and the pocket dimension's key.[37]
    • Shapeshifting: Astra shapeshifted into Spooner so Gideon didn't suspect Spooner was trying to take "evil Gideon" down.[37]
    • Intangibility: Astra was able to became intangible.[citation needed]

Former powers[]

"You're the woman who clawed her way to the tops of Tartarus. Looks like you've discovered the hard way that you can't take that power with you, eh?"
Aleister Crowley[src]
  • Immortality: After drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus, Astra gained the ability of immortality for 24 hours.[2]
  • Resurrection: Astra learned how to resurrect people in history and bring them back with only their soul token.[8] However, she lost most of the power she gained in Hell after she escaped from there.[16]
  • Teleportation: Astra could send people around Hell with a snap of her fingers as seen when she sent Masher to her sight.[8] However, she lost most of the power she gained in Hell after she was resurrected.[16]
  • Interdimensional travel: Astra was able to travel from Hell to Purgatory whenever she wanted.[9] However, she lost most of the power she gained in Hell after she was resurrected.[16]
  • Regeneration: During the Legends' battle against Bishop's Zaguron army in 1925, Spooner briefly transferred Sara's healing powers to Astra to enable the latter to recover after being poisoned by a Zaguron during the fight.[26]


  • Occult knowledge: Astra has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural.[8]
    • Demonology: Due to growing up in Hell, Astra has gained a knowledge of demons, even being able to correctly identify a Hellhound's true name.[11]
  • Expert knife thrower: Astra has proven to having a level of proficiency with knifes.
  • Bilingual: Along with English, Astra is capable of speaking Latin also to perform spells.
  • Skilled hand- to hand combatant: Astra has proven to be a skilled fighter as shown when she and the legends were fighting the Encores.[14]
  • Singing: Astra seems to be a decent singer.[13]
  • Combat Magic: Astra is very well good with fighting with her magic when seen on multiple occasions when fight aliens and fight off Old Legends in Gideon's Mind.


  • Mortality: Due to being in Hell for most her life Astra is still getting used to being mortal and alive again.[16]

Former weaknesses[]

  • Inexperience: Unlike John and her mother Natalie, Astra is inexperienced in magic and is still learning how to harness and use it.[16]


Former equipment[]

  • Soul tokens: While in Hell, Astra had a bunch of tokens that could be used as currency or bargaining chips.[7]



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  • Astra is technically a teenager by Earth's timeline as she was 9 in 2014 when sent to Hell. However, due to her time in Hell, which has a warped time flow, she is physically an adult. This was acknowledged in "The Satanist's Apprentice", where Astra has difficulty getting a job due to her "official" age.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Astra Logue (also called Astrid), is the abused daughter of club-owner, Alex Logue. In 1978, she had summoned up a demon called Norfulthing that killed Logue and his associates. John Constantine and the Newcastle Crew tried to summon another demon to defeat it but failed to name and bind it properly. That demon, Nergal, killed Norfulthing, but also took Astra to Hell with him. This failure greatly impacted John and led him to be committed to Ravenscar Secure Facility. However, at the end of the Critical Mass storyline, John succeeds in freeing Astra and every child's soul trapped in Hell, allowing them to depart to Heaven.
  • In the show, Astra admits Spooner is her best friend. The actresses who play them, Olivia Swann and Lisseth Chavez, are very close friends in real life as well.