"Your troops haven't come looking for you. There's only one reason for that. Those aren't their orders. You wanted us distracted while they carried out their real plan."
Hank Henshaw to Astra[src]

Before Krypton's destruction, Astra and her husband, Non, assembled an army to help them go on a crime spree, ostensibly in the name of saving the planet. They were all captured and sentenced to Fort Rozz by Astra's twin sister, Alura.[1]


When Fort Rozz, crashed onto Earth, Astra and Non immediately set about taking the planet over.[2] Non inherited command of the army after Astra's death.[3]

The army invaded Lord Technologies along with two alien Fort Rozz escapees. They are stopped by the D.E.O. but Hank Henshaw with taken hostage.[4]

Eventually all army members were defeated or arrested.

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