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Atlantis was an island city, before the destruction of Earth-2. It was said that it was the kind of place one never wants to leave. While its Earth-1 counterpart considers it a "lost city" because it is apparently submerged in the ocean, Atlantis on Earth-2 was on the water.


Hunter Zolomon admitted to loving Atlantis, especially as one of his best friends originated from there.[1]

When Harrison Wells opened a map of his world, a large island, presumably Atlantis, was visible west of Europe.[2]

In 2016, Barry Allen gifted his parents plane tickets to Atlantis for their anniversary.[3]

After Barry and Iris West-Allen helped Team Flash free Jesse Wells and Earth-1 Barry from Zoom, they temporarily relocated to Atlantis to stay with some family members to escape from the evil speedster.[4]


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