"The isotope that made the cloth radioactive is very specific. It came from one of the nukes that Darhk launched on Genesis Day. Specifically, a nuke manufactured by a company called Atomic Defensive Systems."
Felicity Smoak[src]

Atomic Defensive Systems is a weapons manufacturing company and a subsidiary of AmerTek Industries. It is located in Star City.


Atomic Defensive Systems engineered nuclear missiles. When H.I.V.E. gained control of Rubicon, the missiles were launched as part of Genesis. One of the missiles, a KN-08, hit and destroyed Havenrock. Once AmerTek Industries' connection to this was revealed, their stock prices began plummeting.

In an attempt to prevent AmerTek from going bankrupt, CEO Janet Carroll attempted to sell Atomic Defensive Systems' excess weapon ordinance to crime lord Tobias Church.[1]



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