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"There can only be one god of speed, Flash. This didn't work out like you planned, Flash. Now guess what comes next. Tag, you're dead."
—August Heart[src]

August Heart (born August 16, 2021),[1] nicknamed Godspeed by Lia Nelson, is a criminal speedster from 2049.

In a previous timeline, he used tachyons to gain super-speed, and Velocity-9 to enhance it. He was stopped and imprisoned by Nora West-Allen after murdering Lia Nelson.

In the current timeline, August became the archenemy of Bart Allen/Impulse after murdering Jay Garrick. By fracturing himself in time, August created dozens of duplicate "Godspeeds" and sent them to terrorize Team Flash. At some point, the clones split off into two factions, one faction that wanted to help August steal Barry Allen's speed and another faction that aimed to free themselves and kill August.


Original timeline

Early life

August was born on August 16, 2021. He had a brother, Jorge, who passsed away at some point. He attended Central City South High School, graduating three years in advance with a grade point average of 5.2. In adulthood, August also attended Central City University and studied biochemistry engineering. He has held several jobs; from September to October 2043, he worked as a barista at the Windsor Heights branch of CC Jitters but was fired shortly after.

In April 2044, he worked as a janitor at Ollins Laboratories until he was fired in July of the same year. He worked once more as a janitor at Stagg Industries in August 2044 but quit for unknown reasons in December. He quit his job again as a barista at the Petersburg branch of CC Jitters after working from February to March 2045. After working as an inventory technician at Dayton Laboratory from May to June 2045, he was fired, and he worked once more as a barista at the Mounds View branch of CC Jitters from November to December 2045 until he was fired again.

In January 2048, he started working as an intern at Mercury Labs, but he was fired in August of the same year after being found guilty of administering tachyons on 17 different elderly comatose patients. While criminal charges were never formally brought against him, there were 4 civil lawsuits pending.[1]

Career as Godspeed

Godspeed kills Lia.

In the year 2049, after having experimented with tachyons to give himself speed, August became Godspeed and began stealing chemicals to recreate the Velocity-9 serum. August visited the Flash Museum where he saw how Zoom used V-9 and met Nora West-Allen.

Nora would go on to attempt to stop Godspeed's robberies, but he knocked her down the first time with a lightning bolt and defeated her the second time in speed combat, after which he murdered Lia Nelson for taking what he aimed to steal.

Nora vs Godspeed.

His identity was exposed when his DNA was found inside Lia's body, providing CCPD with the necessary evidence to obtain an arrest warrant.

After learning from Eobard Thawne and learning about his next target, Nora went to his next robbery where he was going to steal a device that would make his artificial powers permanent. There, Nora fought and defeated Godspeed by tricking him into getting in the way of radio waves that disrupted the V-9 in his system. Heart was then taken into custody by the CCPD.[1]

Current timeline

Fighting in the future

In the new timeline, August is a young physicist and desired to run faster than light. So he created a Velocity formula, but soon realized that no matter how fast he was, he realized that he'd never be fast enough. Because of how he saw Impulse using his speed, he deemed him unworthy of his speed, a gift that he wished was his own as having artificial speed is a "pale imitation" of being a speedster. Due to this, he needed to frequently recharging his powers. Being jealous of Impulse, August became a personal enemy to Bart Allen to the point that Bart compared their relationship to that of the Flash and Reverse-Flash. August's hatred for Bart became so intense that at some point he captured Bart's mentor Jay Garrick and forced Bart to watch as he murdered Jay.[2]

Attack of the clones

Godspeed using the Cosmic Treadmill.

In 2049, Bart and Nora fought August and defeated him. However, he escaped and they chased him to the Flash Museum. Once there, they were too slow to stop him from using the Cosmic Treadmill to disappear into the past.[2] While doing this, he somehow fractured himself in time, resulting in the creation of dozens of Godspeed "clones" and him losing his memory.[3]

Godspeed clones appeared throughout the summer of 2019 and caused chaos throughout Central City on at least three separate occasions, being defeated each time by Team Flash. After being defeated, each instance of "Godspeed" was revealed to have actually been an impostor incapable of speech and making strange, modem-like noises.

Fourth Godspeed clone.

The fourth "Godspeed" attack took place on October 8th, 2019, and the impostor, dubbed "G4" by Cisco Ramon, was quickly apprehended by the Flash and sent to Iron Heights,[4] like the other three speedsters,[5] with no further evidence at the time about who was giving these drones their powers (or how it was done in the first place) or sending them off to cause havoc in the name of Godspeed.[4]

After the Crisis, a fifth Godspeed came to Central City to obtain a source of speed from Team Flash. This Godspeed went to the S.T.A.R. Labs to attack Barry Allen and started stealing his speed before retreating because of Nash Wells. He went on to steal the speed of the previous four clones, making himself much faster and stronger than Barry due to Barry's own depleting speed. He then demanded the Flash's speed and threatened to execute hostages to get it.

Fifth Godspeed clone.

The Flash saved the civilians and fought this Godspeed but he was too fast and powerful. He claimed the Flash didn't deserve the speed he was given but "we" did. Pied Piper showed up to help Flash defeat him. Upon being placed in Iron Heights, he was interrogated by the Flash. This Godspeed told him that he was sent by another who wanted infinite velocity, but, before he could reveal more, his voice started to make the broken modem sounds like the previous Godspeeds did.[5]

Godspeed war

In 2021, the Godspeed clones split into two factions: one faction that wanted to help August steal Barry Allen's speed and another faction that aimed to free themselves and kill August. They started fighting each other all over Central City.[6]

While running through Central City, a Godspeed clone was captured by The Flash and Spartan with an entropy trap, he was later put in the pipeline cell and didn't communicate with The Flash until he was sure that Barry could help him.

Godspeeds clones attack S.T.A.R. Labs.

During the interrogation, the clone revealed that he knew the Flash's secret identity, he also told him about the two factions of Godspeeds and how he belonged to the group that seeks to live and do not follow the August Heart. After explaining to Barry that he needed his help to kill August, the hero refused and Godspeed escaped from the pipeline while destroying the entropy trap before escaping.

Eventually, August was found by Cecile Horton, Spartan, and Frost. However, due to being framgented in time, he was amnesiac and could not tell his name until he was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin Snow administered a dark matter solution to him. This enabled August to remember at least his identity, but not enough to remember his own past and life.[7]

August in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Chester P. Runk was able to triangulate the Godspeeds' comms signals to Zauriel Cathedral, causing Bart Allen to leave and confront the Godspeeds, who were revealed to have been holding Jay Garrick hostage at the cathedral, only to be simultaneously attacked by the group as the Flash and XS arrived on scene soon after. XS left to distract all but one of the Godspeeds, leaving the Flash to face with the one holding Impulse and draining him of his speed. The lone Godspeed proclaimed their defeat due to Impulse's recklessness, before attacking the Flash. However, the Flash was able to phase through his attack and the Godspeed, defeating them.

Godspeed clones surround Barry, Nora, Bart, and Jay in the cathedral.

The Flash rushed across the cathedral to attend to the injured Impulse as XS returned, stating to both Barry and Jay that they did not have much time before the Godspeeds following her return. Just then, the Godspeeds arrived, prompting both Flashes to carry Impulse away from the scene, though to no avail. Surrounded by the army of Godspeeds, the three remaining speedsters readied themselves for a confrontation before the timely arrival of Cisco Ramon, who used an entropy-powered weapon to temporarily slow the Godspeeds. Cisco warned the group that the attack won't hold their enemies off for long while XS was unable to wake up Impulse, causing the Flash to take him the others back to S.T.A.R. Labs for better treatment.[2]

August is confronted by Barry within his own mind.

Due the clone wars worsening, Barry projected his consciousness into August's mind in hopes of helping him regain his memories. Once inside, he found himself at the Zauriel Cathedral, except it had been redecorated into a Godspeed sanctum. There, August awaited him, clad in the Godspeed suit.[2]

There, he reveals to Barry his background and was unfazed by the fact that 2 factions of Godspeeds were searching for him. Then, Barry found out that August seeks organic speed to permanently being a speedster and the latter requested that either the Flash give him "the gift he deserves" and he'll save Central City by reabsorbing his clones or he refuses and August let the clones destroy it, if not the entire world. Because Barry refused his request, August projected the Flash out of his mind.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, August was surprised to find out about his real identity and was horrified by the fact that he was a killer from the future, obsessed with taking speed and ruling the world. Panicked, he asked Cecile how is he supposed to live now since he now knows that despite wanting his memory and life back, he is a bad guy. But Cecile reassured him that he doesn't have to be his original self.[3]

Final battle and defeat

When Joe West and Kristen Kramer came back to Central City, a Godspeed clone attacked Joe. Kramer mimicked the clone's powers and used them to escape from the clone with Joe.

Godspeed absorbs his clones.

Because the Godspeed war was going too far, the Flash decided to give organic speed to August, much to his surprise. According to Jay Garrick, his artificial speed cells were dormant, hence why he lost his memories. But, as soon as August recovered his speed, he also recovered his entire memory and fully embraced his criminal activity as Godspeed.

Appearing outside of his lightning at the top of Star Labs, August, clad in his Godspeed suit, absorbed all of his clones and proceeded to fight the Flash, claiming his death. As they both chase in Central City, Godspeed proved to be faster than Barry for the moment; due to having absorbed his clones and organic speed. As he was about to kill Barry and absorb his speed, he was knocked down by Eobard Thawne.

Godspeed vs Flash and Reverse-Flash.

Unfazed and flattered by the uneasy alliance between the Flash and Reverse-Flash just to stop him, all speedsters proceeded to fight with lightning swords. As August subdued the Flash with a surprise sonic boom, he was stabbed in the chest by Eobard while he was distracted, but this didn't kill him. After the battle, Barry had August's identity wiped out by the Speed Force and is incarcerated in Iron Heights.[3]


"Yes, I am a god. The god of speed!"
—Godspeed to Nora West-Allen[src]

In the original timeline, August is obsessed with his speed similar to the late Hunter Zolomon. Also like Hunter and Savitar respectively, August is extremely arrogant, to the point of having a god-complex, as he proclaims himself the "God of Speed" and believes himself incapable of being defeated by other speedsters and meta-humans, such as Nora West-Allen.[1]

August is arrogant to the point of underestimating his opponents, which ultimately led to his downfall as he underestimated Nora's capabilities, leading to his capture and incarceration for his crimes.

"Spoiled little brat. He's not just reckless, he's unworthy. All the times we've fought, he was so cavalier with his gift, a gift that should've been MINE!"
—August Heart to Barry Allen[src]

In the current timeline timeline, August is still obsessed with getting faster, having fractured himself in time to create an army of Godspeeds. However, August also became Bart Allen's archenemy. He hated Bart so much, simply because the latter made him realize that artificial speed is a pale imitation of the power of real speedsters, who possess a natural connection to the Speed Force. August's rivalry with Bart escalated so much that he murdered Bart's mentor, Jay Garrick, right in front of him.

August is extremely arrogant to the point of having a god-complex, as he proclaims himself the "God of Speed". August is also delusional, as he believes that Bart is unworthy of being a speedster.

Powers and abilities


Godspeed emitting white lightning.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Through August's research into tachyons and the Velocity serums, he was able to grant himself a powerful, albeit unstable connection to the Speed Force, giving him the powers of incredible speed. This meant he was completely unaffected by the death of the Speed Force and meta-dampening tech. After forcing Barry's hand, August was given a natural connection to the Speed Force, greatly augmenting his powers, which combined with his other enhancements granted him additional abilities seemingly unique to him. August’s newly found connection to the Speed Force combined with his previous abilities, intelligence and impressive fighting skills, makes him so dangerous that it took the combined efforts of Flash and Reverse-Flash working together to successfully bring him down.
    • Accelerated healing factor: As a speedster, August regenerates much faster and more efficiently than normal humans.
    • Electrokinesis: Unlike other speedsters, August produces white electricity from his body, commonly seen radiating from him even when he stood still. August also mastered harnessing his lightning the point he can perform it while stationary. He easily unleashed a lightning bolt containing five billion joules of electricity (equal to approximately five normal lightning bolts). After gaining a natural connection to the Speed Force, he became able to disperse himself into electricity to teleport even channel natural lightning to produce constructs like swords to battle with, which he used in his fight against Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne.
    • Superhuman durability: August possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. He can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans.
    • Superhuman speed: August can move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye. He boasts that he is the "God of Speed". His speed is so great that even a camera able to capture a trillion frames per second can barely capture his lightning trail. After gaining a speed boost and organic Speed Force connection thanks to Barry and the absorption of his clones, he was able to vastly outpace Barry. Team Flash theorized that August's tremendous speed boost would be temporary, however, so his title as the "fastest man alive" is presumably short-lived.
      • Superhuman agility: August has demonstrated flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity. He can change direction with immediate sharp turns without sliding or losing balance and instantly stop running on the spot.
      • Superhuman reflexes: August's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.
      • Superhuman momentum: August can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, simulating superhuman strength, even in a stationary position. Even little exertions from this build-up can generate a tremendous amount of force, able to knock a person out.
    • Superhuman mental process: August's powers also make his system and thought processing able to take in and retain information just as fast and efficiently. Even while using his raw speed, he can clearly think, react to events, and perform actions long before normal humans can perceive them.
    • Bodily vibration: Like most speedsters, August can vibrate his body for various effects. This can distort his vocal cords to disguise his real voice. He can also channel his vibrational energy in order to generate powerful sonic booms able to repel or hold down his opponents from either his hands or chest.
      • Intangibility: August can move and vibrate any part of his body so fast that he can effortlessly change his frequency and phase himself through people or objects. This allows him to seamlessly phase his arm through people, killing them instantly without outwardly damaging them.
      • Speed Force siphoning: August is able to use the sonic booms he produces while running to allow him to siphon speed from other speedsters in order to bolster his own. He demonstrated this when he siphoned speed from all of his clones while he was reabsorbing them. He attempted to siphon Barry's speed, but he was stopped by the Reverse-Flash before he could do it.
    • Superhuman stamina: August can handle the stresses of extreme racing without noticeable distress, letting him function much longer than normal humans unhindered.[1]
  • Atmokinesis: August's Velocity serum granted him the unique ability to summon/produce cumulonimbus clouds when he produces electricity a certain way.
  • Temporal fracturing: August is able to split himself into multiple clones by using an unknown side effect of time travel. He is also able to merge his clones back into himself.[3]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician: August can come up with a strategy for his plans. Such as when he used people to experiment with tachyons to give himself speedster powers and infiltrate highly secure compounds to steal what he needs to make himself faster.
    • Bilingual: August is fluent in English and Punjabi.
    • Expert scientist: August is an expert scientist as when he experimented with tachyons to give himself speedster powers. He was even able to recreate the Velocity-9 formula to increase his speedster powers even further than usual.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: August is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. This is seen when he easily overwhelmed Nora West-Allen during their first fight.[1] After gaining a natural connection to the Speed Force, he proved able to compete against Flash and Reverse-Flash simultaneously for a period of time. During which, he showed noticeable agility to flip and evade attacks.[3]
  • Expert swordsman: During his battle against Flash and Reverse-Flash, he proved able to compete with both of them in a two-on-one swordfight.[3]


  • Meta-human power dampener/Speedster dampening bracelet: In a previous timeline, August was unable to use his speed after Nora cuffed him with speedster dampening bracelet. However, after injecting himself with another dose of V-9, he was able to phase it off and access his speed again.[1] Post-Crisis, August no longer had this weakness, however, since he established a natural Speed Force connection it is unclear whether he would lose access to his powers or if they'd merely be greatly diminished while being dampened.

Former weaknesses

  • Electromagnetic radiation/Radio waves: In a previous timeline, August's Velocity-9 enhanced speed was disabled when he was hit with radio waves, and he seemingly lost access to his powers. After Crisis, he still initially appeared to have this weakness, as this energy was able to disable and greatly weaken the Godspeed clones. However, he presumably no longer has this weakness since gaining "organic speed" and a connection to the Speed Force.
  • Time travel limitation: August required the use of the Cosmic Treadmill in the Flash Museum to travel to 2021, as he was unable to naturally do so by himself. As his clones were formed from his consciousness being fractured from time travel, they also had this limitation, although unlike him, they could recharge themselves by going into the Speed Force. Now that he has a connection to the Speed Force, he can time travel at will.
    • Memory loss: As August did not have a connection to the Speed Force or use a Time Sphere to protect himself from temporal energy, he "fractured himself in time", which caused his memories to be locked away and lie dormant. August was still be able to send clones through his consciousness, but some of the clones born from his speedster energy began to wish for freedom.


Original multiverse

  • Godspeed suit: August wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Godspeed, to hide his identity from his victims.[1]
  • Velocity-9: August uses V-9 to increase his speed. In a previous timeline when Nora used meta-dampening tech on August, he used V-9 to give himself a boost to free himself.[1]

New multiverse

  • Velocity serum: August created a Velocity serum that gave him tremendous amounts of speed.[3]
  • Godspeed suit: August wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Godspeed, to hide his identity from his victims.[2]


The Flash

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7




  • Interestingly, even after being given organic speed, Heart's lightning color remains white.
  • As August visited the Flash Museum, he seems to have taken cues from each of the Flash's three speedster archenemies.
    • Heart artificially granted himself speedster powers through the use of Velocity-9, the serum invented by Zoom. Furthermore, he shares the same desire to be the only fastest speedster alive, as he pointed that even though he developed a Velocity formula, it wasn't enough. Even more, those words were the exact same ones Hunter said to Joe.
    • Heart introduced himself as the "God of Speed", a title previously used by Savitar. Nora also notes that his plans of making a perfected Velocity-9 would make him "the most powerful speedster", another title that Savitar used. After Crisis, he forgoes the God of Speed title and considers himself a god. Albeit unintentionally, he also fractures himself in time, which was one of Savitar's goals. In addition August's unique speedster physiology was able to make him immune to meta-human dampening tech, same with Savitar when he was using the Philosopher's Stone while he was imprisoned in the Speed Force.
    • Godspeed used a stab from his vibrating hand to murder Lia Nelson, a signature move utilized by the Reverse-Flash.
      • On a side note, the revelation of his own life is similar to Eobard Thawne : both wanted their own wish to be true (Thawne being the Flash, August getting his memory back) only for them to learn that they'll be the entire reverse of who they wished to be (Thawne becomes the Reverse-Flash, August becomes Godspeed). Furthermore, both Thawne and August created their own means to acquire super speed (Eobard duplicated the conditions Flash was created through an artificial Speed Force machine, August created a Velocity serum to gain speed, just as Zoom did with Velocity-9).
    • In the new multiverse, August also takes cues from Zoom and the Rival, sporting a harsher voice and more sadistic personality.
  • August also appears to take some inspiration from Flash himself, as he sports a nanotech mask similar to Flash's fifth suit.
  • When killing Lia, his lightning briefly turned blue, which is a side effect of using Velocity 9.
  • August's Godspeed clones are a reference to the Speed Scout power he has in the DC comics. However, unlike the DC comics; having clones only slows him down and it does not appear to cause him pain.
    • Also, unlike his comic book counterpart, who can only create one clone of himself, the TV equivalent of August can create multiple clones at once.
  • August is the only main antagonist of The Flash to be from the future and not get erased from existence. He is also the only speedster main antagonist to not have a secret identity and to not be a member of Team Flash.
  • It is unknown why one of his clones did not look like him.
    • This could be because the Earth-1 version of August (after Nora West-Allen was erased from the timeline) possibly has a difference appearance to the version of August in the post-Crisis timeline after the creation of Earth-Prime.
  • August is the first main Speedster villain to appear on The Flash since Thawne in season 5.
  • August is the third main villain who was defeated but not killed.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Godspeed is August Heart, a murderous vigilante speedster introduced in the recent Rebirth storyline who worked with Barry at CCPD by day and killed other speedsters by night. Eventually, he had a redemption arc and becomes an anti-hero.
  • August served as the main antagonist of the "Godspeed Imperative arc" of Season 7 of The Flash.