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"Yes, I am a god. The god of speed!"
—Godspeed to Nora West-Allen[src]

August Heart (born August 16, 2021),[1] nicknamed Godspeed by Lia Nelson, is a speedster from 2049 who used tachyons to gain super-speed, and Velocity-9 to enhance it. In a previous timeline, he was stopped and imprisoned by Nora West-Allen. At some point and by unknown means, August began creating brainwashed duplicate "Godspeeds" and sending them back in time to terrorize Team Flash.


Original multiverse

Early life

August was born on August 16, 2021. He attended Central City South High School and graduated three years in advance with a grade point average of 5.2.

In adulthood, he attended Central City University and studied biochemistry engineering.

He has entered many jobs; from September to October 2043, he worked as a barista at the Windsor Heights branch of CC Jitters but was fired shortly after. In April 2044, he worked as a janitor at Ollins Laboratories until he was fired in July of the same year. He worked once more as a janitor at Stagg Industries in August 2044 but quit for unknown reasons in December. He quit his job again as a barista at the Petersburg branch of CC Jitters after working from February to March 2045. After working as an inventory technician at Dayton Laboratory from May to June 2045, he was fired, and he worked once more as a barista at the Mounds View branch of CC Jitters from November to December 2045 until he was fired again. In January 2048, he started working as an intern at Mercury Labs, but he was fired in August of the same year after being found guilty of administering tachyons on 17 different elderly comatose patients. While criminal charges were never formally brought against him, there were 4 civil lawsuits pending.[1]

Career as Godspeed

Godspeed kills Lia.

In the year 2049, after having experimented with tachyons to give himself speed, August became Godspeed and began stealing chemicals to make the Velocity-9.

August visited the Flash Museum where he saw how Zoom used V9. He also met Nora West-Allen.

Nora would go on to attempt to stop Godspeed's robberies, but he knocked her down the first time with a lightning bolt and defeated her the second time in speed combat, after which he murdered Lia Nelson for taking what he aimed to steal.

His identity was exposed when his DNA was found inside Lia's body giving CCPD the possibility to obtain an arrest warrant.

After learning from Eobard Thawne and learning about his next target, Nora went to his next robbery where he was going to steal a device that would make his artificial powers permanent, but Nora fought and defeated Godspeed by tricking him into getting in the way of some radio waves that disrupted the V9 in his system. Heart was then taken into custody by the CCPD.[1]

Erased timeline

Since Nora was erased from the timeline, she did not fight August, meaning he was presumably successful in perfecting the Velocity 9 and making his powers permanent.[2]

New timeline

In the new timeline, Godspeed inexplicably appeared in the summer of 2019, and caused chaos throughout Central City on at least three separate occasions, being defeated each time by Team Flash. However, after being defeated, each instance of ”Godspeed” was revealed to have actually been a mentally challenged impostor incapable of speech and making strange, modem-like noises.

Although Team Flash seemed to assume these false Godspeeds were sent by the original Godspeed, there was no actual evidence that August Heart was personally present in the year 2019. The fourth "Godspeed" attack took place on October 8th, 2019, and the impostor, dubbed "G4" by Cisco Ramon, was quickly apprehended by the Flash and sent to Iron Heights,[3] like the other three beings, [4] with no further evidence about who was giving these people their powers (or how it was done in the first place) or sending them off to cause havoc in the name of Godspeed.[3]

New multiverse

A Fifth unnamed Godspeed attacked some time later and admitted that he worked for another speedster that wanted infinite speed, but he lost his ability to talk as the Flash was interrogating him; once again, if he was connected to August Heart was not discovered.[4]


August is obsessed with his speed similar to the late Hunter Zolomon, also like Hunter and Savitar respectively, August is extremely arrogant, self-obsessed and egotistical to the point of having a god-complex, as he proclaims himself the "God of Speed"; believing himself incapable of being defeated by other speedsters and meta-humans; such as Nora West-Allen.[1]

August's arrogant and egotistical traits is also to the point of underestimating his opponents, which ultimately led to his downfall; as he underestimated Nora's capabilities, as it let to him being captured and incarcerated for his crimes.

Powers and abilities


  • Velocity serum enhanced physiology: Through August's research into tachyons, he was able to grant himself a natural, albeit unstable connection to the Speed Force, giving him the powers of incredible speed. He noted Hunter Zolomon's use of the Velocity-9 at the Flash Museum and used it to try permanently enhancing his speed. The unique way August gained his powers means he is unaffected by the death of the Speed Force. In the original timeline August gained his powers from Velocity-9, although it's unclear whether his powers post-Crisis came from Velocity-9 or Velocity-X.
    • Accelerated healing factor: As a speedster, August regenerates much faster and more efficiently than normal humans.
    • Bodily vibration: Like most speedsters, August can vibrate his body for various effects.
    • Electrokinesis: Unlike other speedsters, August produces white electricity from his body, commonly seen radiating from him even when he stood still. August also mastered harnessing his lightning the point he can perform it while stationary. He easily unleashed a lightning bolt containing five billion joules of electricity (equal to approximately five normal lightning bolts) even in a fit of rage, the most energy Barry's known to able to channel in his body is just short of three billion joules (nearly equal to that of three lightning bolts).[5] Like Hunter, August can turn his blue lighting white; like when he killed Lia Nelson.
    • Superhuman durability: August possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. He can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans.
    • Superhuman speed: August can move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye. He boasts that he is the "God of Speed". His speed is proven to be so great, that even a camera able to capture a trillion frames per second, can barely capture his lightning trail.
      • Superhuman agility: August has demonstrated flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity. He can change direction with immediate sharp turns without sliding or losing balance and instantly stop running on the spot.
      • Superhuman reflexes: August's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.
      • Superhuman momentum: August can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, simulating superhuman strength, even in a stationary position. Even little exertions from this build-up can generate a tremendous amount of force, able to knock a person out.
    • Superhuman stamina: August can handle the stresses of extreme racing without noticeable distress, letting him function much longer than normal humans unhindered.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician: August can come up with a strategy for his plans. Such as when he used people to experiment with tachyons to give himself speedster powers and infiltrate highly secure compounds to steal what he needs to make himself faster.
    • Expert scientist: August is an expert scientist as when he experimented with tachyons to give himself speedster powers. He was even able to recreate the Velocity-9 formula to increase his speedster powers even further than usual.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: August is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. This is seen when he easily overwhelmed Nora West-Allen during their first fight.[1]


  • Electromagnetic radiation/Radio Waves: Due to August's new, currently unstable Speed Force connection, his Velocity-9 enhanced speed was disabled, and seemingly lost access to his powers. However, due to Nora being erased from the timeline, August most likely no longer has this weakness due to him being able to perfect the V9 with Nora no longer existing to stop his plan.
  • Meta-human power dampener/Speedster dampening bracelet: August was unable to use his speed after Nora cuffed him with one. However, after injecting himself with another dose of V-9, he was able to phase it off and access his speed again.[1]


  • Godspeed suit: August wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Godspeed, to hide his identity from his victims.[1]
  • Velocity-9: August uses V-9 to increase his speed. In a previous timeline when Nora used meta-dampening tech on August, he used V-9 to give himself a boost to free himself.


The Flash

Season 5

Season 6


  • It's noted by Nora after he first appeared that no other speedster has white lightning, even though Savitar's lightning was white whenever he wore his suit.
    • However, outside of his suit, Savitar still had yellow lightning, so Savitar's lightning wasn't truly white.
  • As August visited the Flash Museum, he seems to have taken cues from each of the Flash's three speedster archenemies.
    • Heart artificially granted himself speedster powers through the use of Velocity-9, the serum invented by Zoom.
    • Heart introduced himself as the "God of Speed", a title previously used by Savitar, with whom Godspeed also shares the aforementioned white lightning. Nora also notes that his plans of making a perfected Velocity-9 would make him "the most powerful speedster", another title that Savitar used.
    • Godspeed used a stab from his vibrating hand to murder Lia Nelson, a signature move utilized by the Reverse-Flash.
  • When killing Lia, his lightning briefly turned blue, which is a side effect of abusing Velocity 9.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Godspeed is August Heart, a murderous vigilante speedster introduced in the recent Rebirth storyline who worked with Barry at CCPD by day and killed other speedsters by night. Eventually, he had a redemption arc and becomes an anti-hero.
  • In the comics, August had tan skin and was implied to be Latino, while here he is played by a Native American actor, while in his suit he is physically portrayed by an Australian actor and voiced by an Asian actor.


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