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Aurafacians are alien organisms that attach themselves to a host body. They can transform between a three-dimensional shape (usually an animal native to whatever planet they are on) and into a flat pattern that resembles a tattoo.


Caroline O'Connor, a former U.S. army member, went off the radar in 2017 and somehow fused to an Aurafacian.[1]

Two years later, Caroline was hired by Leviathan, and she used the Aurafacian to kill her victims, but Alex Danvers later sucks up the Aurafacian with a device. Before Alex can question her, Caroline is immediately killed by the Shadow. So, the Aurafacian was then kept in the D.E.O..[1]

When the Shadow invaded D.E.O. headquarters, she released the Aurafacian to use as a distraction. So, the Aurafacian owned some agents but was later defeated and arrested again.[2]

Afterwards, Supergirl left the Aurafacian to own Brainy so she can interrogate her about Leviathan.[3]

Powers and abilities

A aurafacian is a spider-like symbiote that allows the capability to bond with a variety species (including humans) This enables the host to access his newfound powers:[1]


  • Spiders creation/Control: A aurafacian can create spiders throughout the host's body. These spiders can enter individuals and kill them.[1]
  • Projectile webbing: The host can launch webbing from the host's wrist at quick speeds which are strong enough to hold Kryptonians.[1]
  • Superhuman durability: The host gains extreme durable.[1]
  • Transformation: Transforms between a three-dimensional shape (usually an animal native to whatever planet they are on such as a spider) and into a flat pattern that resembles a tattoo. In this form, The Aurafacian is basically liquid and can be treated like regular tattoo ink. Which makes them difficult to track and even more difficult to capture.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Its host's is stronger than normal humans.[1]
  • Enhanced speed: Its host's can move much faster than normal humans.[1]
  • Infection: Aurafacians are able to infect and possess a host body from virtually any biological species such as humans.[1]


  • James Olsen's device: James is armed with some sort of device that can negate an Aurafacian's ability to generate webs.
  • Magnetic resonance siphoner: Alex utilizes a device that uses the magnetic resonance in a Aurafacian's body to attract the heavy metals in their ink to siphon them out of James's and Caroline's body after they became infected.[1]
  • Host's death: If the host dies the symbiote needs to find a new body to inhabit.[1]



Season 5



  • The Aurafacian was one of the aliens that Lex had transferred out of the D.E.O.'s desert facility, and had never been relocated.