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"Agent Sharpe lacks a delicate touch and is extremely deficient at relating to people. That is straight from my Time Bureau personnel review. Pretty harsh. I wrote that review."
—Ava Sharpe[src]

Ava Sharpe (manufactured 2213) is the twelfth genetically-engineered Advanced Variant Automation clone that Rip Hunter recruited to work for the Time Bureau. She later became the director of the Time Bureau after Grodd killed her predecessor, Wilbur Bennett, soon joining the Legends. Ava is also the wife of Sara Lance.

Ava was initially on bad terms with Sara and the Legends since she thought they were a danger to the timeline. However, she eventually came to appreciate their unorthodox methods and began working with the Legends in order to repair the timeline. This lead to her forming a romance with Sara.

Following the Time Bureau being shut down due the aftermath of Neron and Heyworld, Ava lost her employment and therefore home. Thus, she moved into the Waverider with Sara and became a full-time member, and eventually co-captain, of the Legends.

In an aberration timeline, Ava was an assassin for the Sirens of Space-Time under the name Roundhouse. Post-Crisis, Ava and the Legends battled the Encores, beings revived from Hell. After eliminating everyone, Ava bonded with Astra Logue to use the Loom of Fate and they were immortal for a day until they defeated Lachesis and returned the world to normal.

After Sara was abducted by aliens, Ava and the Legends began searching for her and detaining aliens until they found out that Sara had died, Later though, the team discovered she was resurrected as a clone, and Ava resumed her relationship with Sara. Some time later, Ava and Sara got married and together with the Legends, they faced Bishop and his army of Zagurons. After Bishop's death, the Waverider was destroyed by another Waverider, leaving the Legends stranded in the 1920s and fleeing from a rogue Gideon.

Ava and the Legends had to travel the world to travel to New York while being chased by a J. Edgar Hoover robot. After finding Gwyn Davies, Ava and the Legends traveled back in time, now being chased by evil Gideon and his Robot Legends. Along the way, Ava would bond with Gwyn and further develop her relationship with Sara about having a family until they defeated the robots, and agreed to retire, so that the couple would have a daughter, but returned to action to save Gwyn and Alun Thomas. Ava and Sara were going to have a daughter thanks to their Kriblix DNA, however, the Legends would be betrayed by Mike and arrested by the Time Police.


Original multiverse

Joining the Time Bureau

In 2012, Rip Hunter founded the Time Bureau to protect the timeline. Ava was the twelfth[1] clone manufactured by the Advanced Variant Automation from 2213 who was taken by Rip and had her mind erased of her programming. Like all the other clones before her, she was given false memories of her life and given fake parents, "Randy" and "Pam Sharpe", to cement her life.[2] One of these planted memories included playing paintball on her 15th birthday and using a guy as a human shield resulting in no one wanting to play paintball with her ever again.[3] After this, Ava was made into one of the leading agents in charge at the Time Bureau with no memories of her true origins.[2]

Ava had an ex-girlfriend at one point in Las Vegas, but whether it was a real person or an implanted memory is debatable.[2]

Meeting the Legends

Ava meets the Legends.

As the Legends entered the Time Bureau's headquarters in Star City, Agent Sharpe and the other agents immediately pulled their guns on them. Ava greeted them with open hostility. She flung Ray Palmer to the floor and pulled a gun on them as they taunted her. Sara Lance disarmed her and there was a tense standoff until Rip Hunter intervened, calming everyone down. Ava kept open hostility against the Legends as they announced that Mick Rory had found Julius Caesar on Aruba. Rip and Ava tracked Rory down to a party in Aruba and they sent in a team to retrieve him and Caesar. However, the team instead found a guest dressed up like Caesar. Rip decided that the Legends were not fit to restore the timeline and sent them away, but not before they stole the Waverider.

Ava and Rip tracked them down as they had managed to find Caesar in 2017, but had accidentally dropped him off in his own age with a history book, causing a massive change in history, allowing the Roman Empire to conquer the entire world. Ava and two agents went to retrieve the book and restore the timeline. However, she ended up captured by Caesar who took her along with his legions as he marched toward Rome. The Legends performed a rescue mission and attacked his legions. Ava ended up fighting side by side with Sara against the Roman soldiers. After the Legends had solved the timeline Ava told Sara that she now thought of them even worse than before. Ava was present, not long after as Rip allowed the Legends to find anachronisms on their own. She later asked Rip why he would do this and Rip explained that they might need the help of the Legends in the future.[4]

Ava and Sara agree to a break.

Not trusting the Legends Ava sent one of her agents, Gary Green, to follow them and report back to her. As Gary failed to report, Ava tracked him down to the Waverider. She confronted Sara Lance and issued an arrest of her and her team. Sara replied that she would break her arm if she tried to do so, and they engaged in a baton fight. The two women were evenly matched, eventually losing their batons. Both of them unable to gain the upper hand, they ultimately collapsed in sheer exhaustion, deciding to take a break and grab some water.

As they talked, the shrunk saber-toothed tiger walked in, returning to its normal size, chasing a fleeing Ava through the ship. As Ava was cornered, Sara saved her and noted it is the second time. Sara told her that the Legends would solve the mission, and an enraged Ava let slip that Rip had the idea that the Legends could aid them in a fight against an unknown adversary, a notion she strongly disagreed with. As Ray and Nate Heywood returned to the ship, Gideon confirmed that the anachronism had been fixed. Ava spoke with Sara in private and carefully mentioned that they had achieved success. Sara questioned her as to the unknown adversary, but Ava refused to tell her, leaving with Agent Green.[5]

Ava is forced to retreat.

Ava received a distress signal from Gary in 2042 where a meta-human assassin was trying to kill Zari Tomaz. As the Legends intervened and caused a prison break in an A.R.G.U.S. black site, Ava confronted the Legends in the Waverider in her own larger timeship and ordered them to give her the location of Zari so she could be brought back to prison. When Sara refused, Ava fired a warning shot at the Waverider. Ava threatening to destroy the ship, however, Sara flew away with the Waverider and the Time Bureau chased them. Sara turned around and flew in a collision course with Ava's ship, threatening to destroy them both. At the very last minute, Sharpe time-jumped them to safety and prevented the impact. Later, she called Sara and threatened that if she ever encountered them again, she would banish them to the outskirts of time.[6]

After Director Bennett sanctioned a large number of agents to assist Rip Hunter with an unusual anachronism in 1895, leading to their deaths, Ava received a message from Sara Lance, allowing her and Bennett to board the Waverider in order to arrest Rip. She thanked Sara and told her that the Legends were free to hunt for anachronisms as the Bureau had bigger things to worry about than dealing with the Legends.[7]

Aiding the Legends

After learning of Martin Stein's death Ava contacted Sara to offer her condolences as well as lecturing her on the Legends handling of their current mission of solving the anachronism of the Vikings conquering the New World. Sara assured her that her team had it under control and Ava expressed that them not messing it up would be a "Beebo Day Miracle" which made them realize the anachronism was already having an effect as Beebo Day had replaced Christmas. Sara then admitted they could use an outside perspective as her team was still recovering from Stein's death. Ava transported to the Waverider and joined Sara and her team.

Ava and Sara talks to the Vikings.

The Legends dressed as Vikings and infiltrated the Viking settlement. Ava expressed concern about this strategy as the bureau was against making contact with locals and noted the costumes were ridiculous, although she smiled when Sara told her she looked good. Sara and Ava entered a drinking challenge against two Viking men, in which if they won, then they will take them to see Beebo, a talking blue toy which had been brought back in time causing the Vikings to believe it to be a god. They won which impressed the Viking men who asked who they are married to, planning on killing them to which Ava revealed that she has no interest in husbands, piquing Sara's interest.

Before anything else can happen, the local Freydís brought forward Mick Rory, who had tried to steal Beebo's beer, to be executed by pyre. Sara had Leo Snart use his cold gun to douse the flames and Ava used it to distract the Vikings by telling them this was a sign from Beebo. Unfortunately, Amaya Jiwe accidentally made the Beebo toy speak which caused them to blow their cover and the Vikings to attack. Sara and Ava teamed up against Freydís in a sword fight. They were outmatched by Freydis and got disarmed, however, they managed to defeat the Norsewoman when she got distracted by Beebo. During the fight, Mick burned Beebo causing the Vikings to believe that Beebo is a false god.

Just as it seemed to be over, Ava mentioned Odin Day, making them realize they still hadn't fixed the anachronism. Suddenly, Damien and Nora Darhk arrived pretending to be Odin and a Valkyrie. The Vikings bowed down to them after which Sara told the team to retreat, admitting that facing the Darhks is suicide without careful planning. Ava complimented Sara on her cautiousness and Sara asked Ava to contact the Time Bureau in bringing in back-up but they refused to send back-up and ordered Ava to return. Ava explained to Sara that the Time Bureau is in disarray after Rip's betrayal and no longer wanted to fight Darhk as they were unable to handle their magic and had lost many agents trying to fight them already. Sara asked Ava to disregard her orders as she needed her but Ava said she was sorry and advised Sara not to face Darhk before returning to the Bureau.

Ava returns and saves Sara.

As Sara and the Legends confronted Darhk anyway, Ava showed up just in time to pull Sara out of the dark dimension. Sara was delighted that Ava had returned and that the anachronism had been restored. After returning to the Waverider, Sara told Ava that she felt the threat of Mallus in the dark dimension, meaning Rip had been right about the threat which Ava decided to report to the Time Bureau. Sara asked if she would get into trouble for ignoring orders but Ava just replied it had been worth it. She and Sara parted ways on amicable terms.[8]

After returning to the Time Bureau, Ava asked for a meeting with Director Bennett and tried to see Rip in prison but found herself stonewalled. She contacted Sara who encouraged her and even made her laugh, saying they could both need a glass of wine. Leo Snart, who had seen the call, noted that Ava clearly had a crush on Sara. Later, Ava discovered that the reason she was stopped from seeing Rip was because he had escaped. She immediately went to contact Sara but was surprised when Sara contacted her first. Sara offered to talk, asking if Ava wants to come onto the Waverider but Ava immediately informed Sara of Rip's escape.[9]

When Zari was put into a simulation after nearly dying, she and Ray Palmer shrank and followed Sara to the jumpship where she called Ava. The two conversed about Zari which led to the two flirting with one another. Ava offered to come over and talk although Sara tried to avoid it when she heard Zari and Ray talking, believing them to be a fly. Ava told her that a fly from a different timeline could cause a disease or plague after which Sara noticed Ray and Zari and squashed them with her paper. After the simulation ended, Zari told Sara that she should ask Ava out. Sara ended up calling Ava and the two conversed laughing with each other.[10]

Relationship with Sara

Sara and Ava went on a date in Star City at a nice restaurant. After awkwardly trying to talk about work, Ava asked if they could just be normal and not talk about the Legends or the Bureau for the night which Sara agreed to. The date was going well, with Ava evidently enjoying herself, until Gary Green showed up with news of Rip Hunter's return, prompting Ava to sneak off to the rest room to talk to him. At the same time, the Waverider crashed into Star City Bay, causing Sara to swiftly leave the restaurant to help the Legends. When Ava returned to the table to tell Sara, she was hurt upon realizing Sara had already left without saying a word.

Ava and Sara kiss.

After the mishap, the two reunited on the Waverider and argued over Sara standing Ava up and Sara exclaimed that their attempt at being normal was pointless as she would never be normal for anyone. Ava exclaimed that she didn't want Sara to be normal after which they kissed. However, as a result of Ray and Nate using Ava's time courier to open a portal to help Mick and Amaya, Blackbeard and his crew of pirates invaded the Waverider and attempted to take it for his own, forcing Ava and Sara to fight them off together. After their victory and the Legends gained the Earth Totem, went in search of Sara's quarters and made love offscreen.[3]

While Ava and Sara were enjoying breakfast with one another, Sara cheekily made mention of Ava having worked up an appetite from the night before and bumps her with her butt. They received a call from Gary who informed them of a message from Ray Palmer who had been captured by the Darhks. Sara and Ava started working together to find Ray when Rip Hunter and Wally West suddenly arrived onto the Waverider. Ava chastised Rip for making a fool out of Gary and burgling the Time Bureau. After Rip apologized for keeping them both in the dark about Mallus, the group decided to work together. Ava headed to the Time Bureau to get some help but soon returned to inform Sara that Director Bennett was refusing to help and only wanted Rip in cuffs. Ava cheered up Sara and the two kissed which was unknown to them, observed by Rip who learnt that they were together.

After Ray was rescued, Ava contacted Director Bennett and told him of the true threat of Mallus, but they were horrified when they witnessed Grodd arrive and kill Bennett and the Time Bureau agents. With Bennett dead, Ava was the highest-ranking member of the Time Bureau, thus making her the new Director. Ava allowed Rip to return to the Time Bureau as an agent, but after he asked her about her relationship with Sara and she told him she believed there was something real between them, Rip secretly had Gideon delete Ava's file to make sure Sara would not find out the truth about her.[11]

After the Legends successfully gained possession of the Death Totem,[12] Sara and Ava spent the night together when Sara had a nightmare about a previous event when she was with the League of Assassins, and Ava comforted her. Ava mentioned how Sara mentioned a 'John' whom Sara revealed to be John Constantine, a warlock who she had previously slept with, much to Ava's jealousy. Sara though comforted Ava mentioning that it was before she had a girlfriend much to the surprise and delight of Ava. The two were about to make love again when Gideon interrupted them. Ava returned to the Time Bureau and contacted Sara on the ship but found Sara possessed by Mallus. Ava had her hologram taken to the Legends, in which Amaya mentioned that they needed to contact John Constantine who had saved Sarah from Mallus before.

Ava, Constantine, and Gary.

Ava, much to her chagrin, took Gary with her to visit Constantine where they asked for his help in saving Sara. He explained that Sara was likely trapped in Mallus' realm which he could reach as he already had a link to her soul due to sharing a "meta-physical connection" with her, which made a jealous Ava exclaim she had a very strong meta-physical connection and demanded to come with him. Their attempt failed and Ava grew increasingly annoyed by Constantine's casual demeanor, though eventually admitting she was a little bit jealous. After the situation cooled down, Constantine eventually figured out a way to locate the Waverider and confront the possessed Sara. When Sara was knocked out by Mick Rory, Ava was able to get through to her by talking to her and putting her hand on her chest which helped her return from the dark dimension. After the events of the incident, convinced the dark version of her was her true self and that Ava deserved better despite her protests, Sara broke up with Ava who left crying.[13]

Learning the truth

Distraught over the break-up, Ava took some personal time off work and called her ex-girlfriend as well as creating a Upswipz profile. She returned to the Time Bureau to find Sara there with Ray and Gary who though she had gone missing. Unknown to Ava, Sara and the others had discovered that Ava's life was a lie after visiting her "parents" and learning they were just actors and stole her time ship and courier to go to the year 2213 after learning that was her fist mission and the Time Bureau had sanctioned 2213 a "no-fly zone". After discovering someone had stolen the ship, Ava tracked them down and confronted them at the AVA Corporation, questioning where they were and why. Sara told her to drop the act but Ava remained confused and was then shocked to see a clone of herself causing her to faint.

Ava fighting her clones.

Ava awoke with no memory of what she saw and the gang urged them to hurry to get out of there. While Ava tried to talk to Sara, admitting what she had really been doing while she was missing, they got ambushed by an army of AVA clones, causing her to rediscover the truth. They hid and Ava started to panic, realizing her life and memories were all a lie. However, Sara calmed her down, assuring her she was different and not defined by where she came from. Ava stole one of the Ava clones suits and used it to try to escort the others out but before they could escape, another clone who had discovered the truth blew their cover, causing a huge fight between the Ava clones and the others. The group were victorious and returned to the Waverider. Ava and Sara shared a drink in which Sara correctly guesses that Rip was likely behind the deletion of her file and the fact she had no memory of her origin. Sara then vowed to help Ava find out the truth.[2]

When the Legends were contacted by Damien Darhk who wanted to team up against Mallus, Ava and Rip watched Sara interrogate Darhk, in which Ava advised Sara to think carefully when she wanted to have him killed instead of imprisoned at the Time Bureau, causing Sara to stand down for the moment. Rip asked Ava to try to talk some sense into Sara but Sara questioned why she would do anything for him after everything he had done and lied to her about. Ava claimed that she was putting the mission first but Sara insisted she was just covering and urged her to confront Rip and find out the truth. Sara eventually agreed to join forces with Darkh against Mallus, and Ava finally decided to confront Rip about her being a clone, but the big secret he revealed to Ava is that she was not the first clone, but the 12th much to her shock. Rip tried to tell her she exceptional, but she cut him off and swiftly left.

Sara kisses Ava and admits she loves her.

When Sara put forward a plan including allowing Mallus to escape and then fight him with the totums, Ava refused to take part and stormed off. Sara went after her, asking her to trust her but Ava was unwilling to break the rules as she felt that rules was all she has left in light of the new revelations about herself. Sara then kissed her and confessed that she loved her, but Ava told her there was no 'her' to love and left the Waverider with tears in her eyes, leaving Sara sad and powerless.[1]

After Mallus was released from his prison, Ava received a message from the Waverider and picked up reinforcements in Jax Jackson, Helen of Troy and Kuasa to help the Legends in the Wild West. When Sara revealed that they called them so that they could use the totems, Ava gives an impassioned speech to Sara, telling her that they made their lives better and that the Legends are the ones worthy of using the totems. Ava then asks Sara if she really meant what she said the last time they saw each other but they are soon interrupted when Mallus' forces arrive. Ava aided Sara and the Legends to defeat the army, but when the forces revived due to their connection with Mallus, the Legends went to create the perfect warrior to battle Mallus. Mallus arrived on the battlefield, but he was confronted by the Legends in the form of a giant Beebo who managed to defeat Mallus once and for all. Ava congratulated the Legends for their victory. Soon after, Ava took Mallus' generals away in which Ava and Sara parted ways planning on seeing each other again.

When Sara was on holiday with the other Legends in Aruba, Nate mentioned that Sara could have invited Ava. Sara replied that they had plans, revealing that she and Ava had reconciled and would continue their relationship.[14]

Relationship with Sara continues

Magical Fugitives

After Sara and the Legends removed the last anachronism, Ava invited them to the Time Bureau headquarters and threw a surprise party to celebrate their achievements. During the party, Ava and Sara retreated to Ava's apartment, where they made love and decided to spend the night together. Ava shyly suggested to Sara that they now could live together. Sara was a bit taken aback, leaving Ava embarrassed for asking. However, Sara assured her she was ready to take the next step and agreed to move in with Ava. To celebrate, Ava asked Sara to get another bottle of champagne. Ava was annoyed when she found out Constantine had entered her apartment although Sara told her Constantine was on his way out and quickly ushered him out of the apartment. Ava asked if she should be worried about Constantine breaking in to her apartment but Sara smoothed over her concern by asserting it now their apartment before they returned to bed.

Ava shows off the Legends' medals to Sara in their apartment.

Ava later cooked dinner as she hung up the Legends' medals on the wall of the apartment. When Sara saw this, she felt guilty and confessed to Ava that when they freed Mallus they had also accidentally released monsters into the world but she was afraid to tell her and risk what they had. However, Ava told her she already knew this and assured Sara that she thought she was amazing and that she loved her no matter what. Sara then admitted that although she loved the idea of them living together, this wasn't the best time for her to move in as her team needed her. Ava agreed, only asking Sara to promise her that their relationship evolve before they shared another kiss.[15]

When staying late at the Time Bureau to work on the budget to present to the Department of Defense, Ava discovered that Nate Heywood had been living at the Bureau. After realizing she was struggling, he offered to help which she reluctantly agreed to. However, when Nate discovered that the person they were presenting to is his estranged father, Hank Heywood, he opted out, leaving Ava with Garry as her pitch-partner. After Garry screwed up the pitch, Hank decided to strip the agency of all financing. Ava persuaded Nate to converse with his dad to reestablish the subsidizing which he succeeded in doing after showing him a shapeshifting pig and his own abilities. After Hank agreed to allow the Time Bureau $4.2 billion in subsidizing, Ava extended Nate an employment opportunity at the Time Bureau.[16] Later, Ava teamed him up with Gary for a mission and was pleased with his work.[17]

When Ava and Sara watched a horror movie together, they discovered it was based on real life events at a summer camp in 1995 which was the result of a magical fugitive. Sara convinced Ava to come with her on the mission so they could spend more time together. They took the Waverider to Camp Ogawa in 1995 where they went undercover as camp counselors. Sara and Ava got assigned a cabin together where Sara immediately started bonding with the campers but Ava, wanting to prioritizing keeping them safe from the creature, harshly interrupted the activity and disciplined them. At night, despite guarding their cabin, one of the girls snuck out and disappeared alongside a boy from another cabin.

Ava tried to interrogate the remaining girls about the disappearance but got nowhere. Sara tried to get Ava to soften her methods but then a camper came up to her and told her there is a beast by the lake. The team went to the dock at night, believing it to be the creature only to find out it was a prank when Ava was met by a mannequin and tripped into the water by the girls. After the nights fiasco and two more campers disappear, Sara tried to convince Ava that the only way they could get any information from the girls was by becoming one of them by taking a potion she got from Constantine which would turn them into kids. However, Ava told her she wouldn't know how to be a kid as she never really was one herself and all her childhood memories were fabricated. Ava opened up about how she was not normal but Sara soon convinced her this was their best bet to protect the kids from the child-eating Shtriga and promised to help her fit in.

Ava and Sara as kids.

At night, they took the potion and headed to their cabin, pretending to have been transferred from another cabin but Ava struggles to fit in. After finding out the creature can't stand cayenne pepper, Sara orchestrated a game of "truth of dare" and dared Ava to sneak into the kitchen and bring something back. She gained the girls' trust when she returned not only with the cayenne pepper but two buckets of ice cream. Afterward, they tell Sara and Ava that the kids that disappeared had done so to meet up in the woods by mid-night for their first kiss. They enlightened them to a string that led out into the forested areas that campers followed to the meet-up.

Sara and Ava followed the string and came face-to-face with the camp executive, who they assumed was the creature, and took her down by tossing the cayenne pepper at her. However, they soon learnt that the real Shtriga should be a young man. At that point, the lead camp guide ventured out into the opening and started fighting Sara and Ava who were at a disadvantage until Ray and Constantine used a spell which debilitated the beast. Sara and Ava fought him off together, eventually managing to kill him with a wooden stick. Ava thanked Sara for giving her real childhood memories and they shared a kiss as they are turned back to their normal selves.[18]

Dinner at the Heywood house.

Ava and Nate gave Hank a tour of the Time Bureau, showing him how his money is being spent to build a facility to contain the magical creatures. He then invited her to join him and Nate's family for Thanksgiving after realizing she had no plans. The dinner got more and more chaotic until they were interrupted by Garry who informed them that the prisoners had escaped. Ava covered for Nate while he went to the Bureau to deal with the situation although Hank soon realized he was gone and Ava was forced to tell him what happened. In light of that disaster, Hank told them he would green-light additional funding for the completion of their containment facility to ensure this could never happen again.[19]

Ava bonds with Mona and Nora.

Ava welcomed Mona Wu as the Bureau's official magical creature handler, giving her a tour of their new containment facility while shutting down all her optimistic plans to make it more welcoming, reminding her it was strictly a prison. However, Ava later found out Mona had broken rules in attempting to bring prisoner Nora Darhk a letter from Ray Palmer. When Nora tried to stop Ava from reading it, she accidentally knocked out lock mechanism, trapping them all in her cell. Ava was initially hostile but Mona convinced them all to have a drink as Ava and Nora both revealed their life stories, causing them to bond. They finally escaped with the help of a shrunken down Ray who had been stuck in the letter but the incident made Ava soften on Mona and she allowed her to make the facilities more homey for the prisoners.[20]

Time freezes as the Legends fight.

After spending the night with Sara at the Waverider, Ava and the Legends discovered a chronological error in New Orleans 1856 when a quiz at the back of a cereal box wrongfully claimed Marie Laveau was the most prolific serial killer in the United States. Ava easily pointed this out as wrong, revealing her extensive knowledge of serial killers, and the Legends set out to stop the murders and catch the creature behind it. After hearing the description of the murders, Ava also easily recognizes its connection to killer Mike the Spike. She also butted heads with Mick Rory after she confiscated Brigid's diary from him, believing it to be too dangerous for him to keep.[21]

Ava and Rory find common ground.

Ava and the Legends managed to capture Mike who after his death had been reanimated as a Dybbuk, possessing a doll to carry out the murders in 1856. Back at the Waverider, Sara tricked Ava and Mick into sitting down for a dinner together to get them to get along. However, it backfires as the two continue fighting, inevitably reaching its boiling-point when Mick called Ava a clone. Sara comforted Ava but they soon realized the fugitive had escaped and an excited Ava went off to catch the serial killer. She fought Mike who had possessed another doll and was aided by Mick.[21] After Mike was defeated, Ava and Mick bonded as he complimented her snickerdoodles recipe and she admits enjoying his novel.[22]

Alternate timelines

Ava in an alternate timeline.

When Charlie and John Constantine went back in time to save John's boyfriend, Desmond, an alternate timeline was created where due to Constantine never joining the Legends, Sara was killed by a unicorn, and Ava was left in a state of grief. At some point, she died her hair black and locked herself in her office listening to sad music, ignoring the Time Bureau was sending an alert. Constantine, Mona and Charlie asked for her help in escaping the Custodians of the Chronology in order to leave the fix the timeline, explaining that Sara was not supposed to be dead. Armed with a machine gun, Ava helped them escape the building by shooting at the Custodians and several Time Bureau agents. Ava urged the others to leave to save Sara while she stayed to cover them.

After going back in time and saving Sara, a new timeline was created where after Ray, Mick and Nate were killed by the Fairy Godmother and Sara, Ava and Gideon in her human form, created the Sirens of Space-Time, an organization working for the Time Bureau to find and kill magical fugitives. They were approached by Charlie, posing as Amaya Jiwe, who claimed to want to join them on a mission. They welcomed her and talked, although Gideon easily detected this was not actually Amaya but a shape-shifter and they confronted her just as she was about to leave. They were ready to kill her but she escaped while they were talking and left to fix the timeline again.

Charlie and Constantine continued going back and change things, resulting in multiple timelines, one in which Ava was killed and a memorial put up for her at the Time Bureau. They eventually realized that time was unable to be fixed without restoring the original timeline and returned everything to normal.[22]

Break-up and reconciliation

Ava and Sara argue while dancing.

When Ava returned to the Time Bureau she learnt that Mona had helped a fugitive, Konane, escape. Sara promised to help her solve the situation but after the Legends found Mona they discovered that she had been set up by Hank Heywood who had altered the footage of the escape so they agreed to quietly help her. Ava was furious when she discovered Sara was harboring Mona and the fugitive aboard the Waverider. Sara met up with Ava at a gala where she attempted to explain herself while leading Ava out on the dance floor to avoid their conversation being over-heard. Although Ava was unwilling to listen and demanded that Sara hand over the fugitive which she refused, causing their disagreement to escalate.

The Time Bureau tracked the Konane down to Mexico City 1961 and Ava sent her agents to extract him but the Legends stopped them as the Konane's fight was important to restore history. After the Legends succeeded, Sara tried to smooth things over with Ava but it turned into another fight when Sara tried to tell her to stand up against Hank who had been torturing prisoners but Ava didn't seem to care, not willing to risk everything for what she viewed as a conspiracy theory. Sara asked her to do it for her but Ava told her she had already given her everything she had to give and broke up with her.[23]

Ava is held captive by Neron.

Soon after, Ava was kidnapped by Neron who wanted to possess her body to Tabitha and takes over the Time Bureau. As she was not willing to let him in, he had to force his way in by sending her soul to purgatory where she was stuck until Sara found her two weeks later. To get her back, Sara went after her into after her in Ava's own rendition of Limbo which turned out to be a major box store by the likes of IKEA. Ava was relieved when Sara showed up and stopped her from checking out of the store which would lead to her death. Together, they attempted to get back to the entrance but were forced asking the assistance of an employee taking the form of Gary. He advised them to find the "ERGRIK" wardrobe.

When they found their way to the wardrobe section, they got locked in, faced only with the pieces of wardrobe that they had to put together. Ava turned straight to the instructions while Sara opted to go on instinct. After Sara's way of building it failed, they started to argue, leading back to their fight before the break up. Ava admitted that she didn't actually believe torturing innocent creatures was ever justified but had just gotten defensive and scared when they fought. Sara promised she was always on her side even through disagreements and together they started putting the wardrobe together again, this time following Ava's instructions. However, when it was done, Ava was unable to open the door and soon found a small piece on the ground that they had forgot to include. Though, Sara told her that even though it was not perfect it was theirs, asking Ava if she could live with that. After she agreed the doors opened allowing them to step through.

Ava and Sara were taken to a section of the store where Gary asked them to choose a mattress, claiming it would be the most important of her life. Sara urged her to pick the nearest mattress which had a 3 year warranty and a lower price tag although Ava exclaimed that it would saggy quickly and they moved on the the next one. Sitting down on the 15 year warranty mattress, they realized it made them age, causing Sara to assume one of Ava's fears was growing old, although Ava told her it was about growing old with her. Face with the 50 year warranty mattress, Sara realized it was about long-term commitment. They sat down, turning into old women and talked it through. Sara worried she wouldn't be able to be the person Ava needed, but Ava assured her neither of them really needed anyone but Sara was the person she wanted.

Having chosen the mattress, they were transported to a kitchen filling with never ending dishes and other messes. As Sara got fed up with sorting mail, they started arguing about their living arrangement. Sara asked Ava to just tell her what to say but Ava said she couldn't as then it wouldn't mean anything before she was transported to the "As is" section of the store without Sara. She was soon found by Sara who had run through a warehouse of "Ava clones" to get there. Ava questioned why she didn't choose any of those other women but Sara told her she didn't want anyone else before kissing her. They both woke up with Ava having regained her body and their relationship reconciled.[24]

Book Club.

Going back to normal, Ava invited Sara to join her for book club with Nora and Mona and helped save Zari and Nate when a mission went awry. After Neron took control of Ray, Ava asked Nora to aid them in the fight, making her an official member of the Time Bureau.[25] The next day, Ava was met by Gary who under Neron's control, hypnotized several agents at the Bureau, including Ava and Nora and took over the Bureau. Mona saved Ava and Nora from his control and they turned on Gary but he was saved by Tabitha, the fairy god mother, and Ava left to warn the Legends.[26]

As Ava and the Legends got ready to take back the Bureau, Ava, Sara and Nora were magically transported to Gary's office where he used Tabitha's wishes to force them into having a book club with him. Later, Gary wished for them to be taken to the Waverider where he kept them captive while acting as captain. Ava, Sara, Nate and Mick attempted to humor him by playing along and pretending to enjoy his antics while they others were working on a plan B. However, they eventually got fed up and tried to convince him to let them go. However, angry at always being excluded and treated like a loser, he used Tabitha's powers to humiliate the Legends and forcing Sara and Ava to dance until they could barely take it anymore. Soon Gary realized it has gone too far and ordered Tabitha to stop everything. Afterwards Ava and the Legends apologized for taking him for granted and convinced him to use his fairy god-powers for good help them defeat Neron.[27]

Ava with the Legends.

Ava aided the Legends in trying to stop Neron who had been using the release of magical creatures into the world to drum up fear which he used to gain power. To convince people to not be afraid of the creatures and thus take away Neron's power, the Legends deducted a plan to use Heyworld as a theme park to convince people that creatures were good and nothing to be feared which Ava helped get up and running. Ava survived at the final battle against Neron and Tabitha at the park and then left the place alongside the Legends.[28]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Ava as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[29] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[30]

New multiverse

Challenging fate

Taking on "encores"

At the Waverider, Ava and Nate learned from Sara that a giant Beebo was attacking Star City. The duo learned that there was another crossover. Ava reported that the giant Beebo could not have been created by Behrad due to it being resting. Later, Ava and Nate sadly watched Oliver Queen sacrifice tribute.[31]

Ava and Sara meet Barack Obama.

After the Time Bureau was shut down by congress following the battle against Neron and Tabitha, Ava became a full-time member of the Legends. Also, in the aftermath of the fight which was aired on national TV, the Legends became famous and in early 2020, Ava and Sara met Barack Obama.

When Ava struggles to convince Senator Wellington to keep funding the Legends who deems them to lack transparency. Thusly she agrees to let Kevin Harris to shoot a documentary on the Waverider. While preparing for Sara's return, Ava tells the other Legends to not mention Oliver Queen's death. Although when Sara arrives she is less than thrilled to find the film crew there, especially after the Legends track a time quake to 1917 Russia caused by Grigori Rasputin coming back from the dead and Gideon swiftly time jump them all there.

Ava struggles with how to help Sara as she's clearly deeply affected by Oliver's death and her last mission, so Ava goes to shoot Rasputin for her. However, the bullet doesn't kill him as they found out he is an Encores; one of eighteen monsters of history, freed of Hell by Astra Logue, making them unable to be killed. Back at the ship, Sara lectures Ava and the other Legends from going at the mission alone and not talking to her about what happened with Oliver, making Ava feel bad about how she handled things.

The Legends at their movie premiere.

When Sara decides to try to stop Rasputin alone, Ava and the Legends swoop in at the right moment to help her fight. Mid-fight, Ava apologizes to Sara for not always saying the right thing and tells her she wants to be there for her whatever happens. Sara accepts and they finally defeat Rasputin by throwing a shrunken down Ray Palmer into his mouth who then sizes up in his stomach, making him explode. Later, the film is screened in front of an audience and is a success but Ava tells the audience that it had all been fake, leaving the Legends out of the spot-light once more.[32]

Ava is paired with Mick Rory on another mission. While stationed at a bar in 1940's Hollywood, Ava begins open up about her struggle to adjust, going from all the responsibilities of being the head of the Time Bureau to this. She gets increasingly drunk and when Sara ask them to make a distraction, Ava goes up on stage and starts 40s variant of Bell Biv Davoe's "Poison". In Ava's mind it's a high creation esteem undertaking, while in reality she's a drunken mess although her horrible performance becomes the perfect distraction for Sara to get the bar empty and take down the encore.[33]

Bonding with Zari

The Legends enjoy themselves at the reunion.

Ava once again gets an outlet for her passion of serial killers when a famed killer Freddy Meyers comes back as an encore to take revenge at their school at a 2004 reunion. Ava realizes he's probably back to kill Tiffany Harper, his last victim who get away. Ava and the Legends go to the reunion Ava is star-struck but soon find Tiffany is murdered and all the exits locked. As they fight off the killer, Ava and Sara eventually discovers that the real killer was actually Freddy's mother, Kathy Meyers. Just when they seem to be over-powered, she disappears as the other Legends goes back in time and stops the murders. The Legends celebrate at the reunion and Ava is ecstatic she got to be a "final girl".[34]

Ava and the Legends in 1793.

When Sara went away on business in Star City for a few days, she left Ava in charge of the Waverider as interim captain. Ava tried to be a good captain, but the new member, Zari Tarazi, often tried to look down on her. The Legends traveled to 1793 to stop the new encore, Marie Antoinette.

Ava and Zari see Marie Antoinette's head

Ava began to understand Zari better, and together they tricked Marie into taking her to the ship. Ava and Zari felt a bit disgusted to see Marie's head while they had Marie's body tied to a stretcher. She found out that Zari took Marie's magic perfume, so along with Nate and Behrad, they went to 2044 to save Zari from the perfume-crazed crowd. Upon returning to the ship, Ava and Zari began to befriend each other.[35]

Ava added to Gideon a program she dubbed the Prognosticator; its function was to find Encores before they altered the timeline. Ava used her time in command as a opportunity to showcase the program to the other Legends, as well as give them a procedural standard of behavior during field missions. Ava, through originally feeling unworthy to lead, successfully led the team in capturing the Encore Genghis Khan.[36]

Ava at Ray and Nora's wedding.

After Sara returned from Star City, she and Ava started arguing because Wild Dog offered Sara a job which she refrained to tell Ava about. Ava and Sara discovered that Damien Darhk had resurrected as an encore and followed him to John Constantine's house. However, Nora asked them to spare just to give her one last night with her father. They pretend to be Nora's hench-women to help her. Ava and Sara started arguing at dinner and were sent along with the others by Pippa to Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac. There Ava and Sara became puppets and solved their relationship problems. They returned to the real world and attend Ray and Nora's wedding.[37]

Ava and the Book Club.

Ava and the team found out that Ray and Nora were leaving, but decided to keep the secret from Nate. Later, during book club, Zari changed everything by having Ava and the other girls have fun at a bachelorette party for Nora. Ava and the Legends did a theater play to inspire William Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet. On the ship, Ava and the Legends celebrated obtaining the first part of the Loom of Fate and toasted Ray.[38]

Ava realized that Mick had a daughter, Lita, who did not love him due to his criminal past, so Ava helped her friend to travel back in time and be there from the day Lita was born. Over time, Ava became an aunt to Lita as she helped Mick have fun with his daughter. Regardless of her attempts, Lita as a teenager still hated Mick. Ava tried to calm her friend, but Mick agreed not to be a part of Lita's life.[39]

Taking care of Sara

Gary Jr. makes a mess.

When Sara becomes blind after her fight against Atropos, Ava takes care of her. Ava takes command as co-captain of the Waverider, and protests when Gary gets an emotional-support animal. After the hellhound's scheme is discovered and thwarted, Ava punishes Gary by having him get the rings of the Loom of Fate from the ship's septic system; however, Gary learns little as he shows her Gary Jr. II. Later, Gideon informs them that Sara has no anomaly and she is blind for unknown reasons.[40]

Delta Chi Sigma

The women of the Legends decided to create the sorority Delta Chi Sigma so that they would be deemed as "Greek" in order to get the Chalice of Dionysus to make them temporary gods. After retrieving the Chalice, Ava, who made sure that Sara did not drink too much, took a sip of its potion like all of the Legends, except Zari Tarazi (who withheld because she is Muslim).[41]

Zombie Apocalypse

Ava witnesses Sara's death.

Upon being touched by Sara who has a precognitive vision, Ava confronts her lover, but she says that it was nothing. The Waverider and Astra both disappear; Ava remembers that there are branches of the Time Bureau all over the world, including London, so they can get a time courier to confront Astra about stealing their vessel. Sara tells Ava that it is best for her to lead as Sara has lost both forms of sight. Ava, who gets shot in the head but survives, leads the team to the Time Bureau during a zombie apocalypse, but ultimately learns that she was prepped to lead because Sara had a vision of her own death. After Lachesis and Atropos stole the Waverider, they caused the England Zombie Apocalypse to kill the Legends. Knowing that they can not win this battle, Sara and Ava kiss a last time. Even blinded, Sara fights valiantly, destroying many Zombies but unfortunately she was killed protecting her team and her girlfriend. Ava looks on helplessly during Sara's death. She is killed with the other Legends except for Charlie who succeeds to escape to the Waverider. [42]


Charlie succeeded in convincing her sisters that the Legends should be allowed to live, so they were made into fictional characters on Fate+, written by Clotho Productions; Ava was turned into the highly logical Co-captain Ava, the partner of Co-captain Sara of the USS Faterider on the television show, "Star Trip", tasked with stopping the schemes of Dahn. Eventually, Ava learned that she was a character and regained her memories. She made Behrad Tarazi realize that he is alive now, despite his memories, and he needed to make the most of his return. With the other Legends, Ava plotted her assault against the new reality.[43]

The Legends separated into two groups with Ava's group assigned to find the Waverider. When she did, her group was called in a hurry to escape the explosion that was caused by the death of Atropos and the destruction of the Loom of Fate. The ship was time-jumped four months into the future to keep it from crashing.

The Legends fight the Encores.

When the Legends found Clotho after those four months, she was in a history museum where Ava wondered about various displays, especially the lyrics to the Sisqó-written "Thong Song". Clotho needed convincing that free will was good, so Ava and Sara tried to use their love as an example; Clotho was not impressed. Later, Ava pretended to be a wax mannequin in the museum to confront Lachesis; when the deity sent the Encores against the Legends, Ava grabbed a shake-weight from the displays and fought. The Legends won the battle after Clotho brought the Hellfire weapons.

Ava was with the others as they bid farewell to Zari Tomaz, Astra Logue, and Charlie. The Legends attended the concert of Charlie's band The Smell.[44] There, Ava discovered the Legends, excluding herself, Mick and Sara, from the future, and lectured them on trying to change the past. Ava stole their drinks, saying she had to get black-out drunk as to forget this happened and not interfere with the timeline.[45] Ava became exceedingly drunk; so much so, she failed to notice when Sara was transported away.[44]

Searching for Sara

Unexpected news

Ava collects the Legends.

Ava hugged the toilet of the Waverider as she vomited before finally passing out; when Mick Rory found her, his flushing of the toilet awakened her. Ava teased Mick that he was a good father for taking Lita back to her mother instead of partying with everyone else, before she realized that she was talking to Mick, not Sara who should be with her. After Gideon confirmed that Sara wasn't on the ship, Ava began collecting the Legends throughout 1977 London to find her lover.

Ava learns Sara planned to propose to her.

Going back to the club from last night, they overheard a young David Bowie singing a song about a girl's disappearance, making Ava believe he was singing about Sara. He told them he saw her getting sucked up into a spaceship and had recorded everything. Ava then erased his memory and took his camera. The Legends watched the tape where Ava was amazed to see Sara telling David Bowie she planned to propose to her only for the recording to cut to Sara getting beamed up aboard a spacecraft.

Ava predicted that the Legends would look for Sara in their own different styles, so she did not get upset when the team separated with different plans while Nate Heywood stayed by Ava's side to support her emotionally. She planned to call the D.E.O. for help but soon discovered that the place was destroyed by Rama Khan in 2020, which crushed her plans. Meanwhile, Zari, Astra Logue and John Constantine discovered that Gary Green was the alien who abducted Sara while Mick and Behrad Tarazi tracked down Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz; a woman who claimed to be able to communicate with aliens after being abducted as a child.

Ava talks to Spooner before abducting her.

Ava used a time courier to talk to Spooner who had gotten hostile, believing them to be aliens there to kidnap her again. Ava told her about Sara and begged her to help them, but when she still didn't believe her, the Legends took her aboard the Waverider where Ava promised that if she agreed to helped them, they would remove the thing stuck in her head. Constantine then performed a spell that linked Ava and Sara through Spooner's psychic powers; Ava let Sara know that when they are reunited she would marry her.

A few moments later, Ava saw aliens drifting about the temporal zone and smiled knowing that Sara must have caused the mess while also acknowledging they now had the secondary mission of collecting these aliens throughout history before they altered the timeline.[46]

Knowing all the aliens being scattered throughout time was on the ship with Sara, Ava deducted a plan to capture one and trace it to Sara. Gideon soon told them of an alien massacre in San Bernandino, California in 1955 originating at the Big Bang Burger restaurant. Spooner wanted to return to her home but Ava refused, citing that Spooner's powers were needed.

The Legends headed to the 50's where Ava, Spooner, Mick and Constantine got a lead on the alien, although Ava questioned Spooner's abilities after she wrongfully attacked multiple humans believing them to be aliens in disguise so she took her gun from her. They soon realized that the alien was in the burgers' secret sauce which was making humans go crazy craving meat. After learning the sauce was made by the owner's wife Rhonda, Ava introduced herself to her and discovered something dripping from the ceiling. She snuck up to the attic where she found a giant alien cocoon, dripping with the "sauce". Rhonda knocked her out before telling her how she had knowingly been serving the goo from the alien after realizing how good it tasted.

Spooner and Ava start to bond.

Spooner and Constantine came to Ava's rescue but soon the alien was freed from its cocoon and ate Rhonda. As the alien flew towards the restaurant, ready to eat the whole town, Ava realized they wouldn't be able to interrogate to it and gave the gun back to Spooner who fatally shot it. Back at the ship, Ava apologized to Spooner for not considering her feelings which she accepted. Ava understood Spooner better as she told her about her mother's abduction. Spooner decided that she wanted to join the team to get revenge; Ava allowed it, for now, because Spooner's presence would help them find Sara.[47]

Knoxicrillion shows his true form.

The Legends go to 2045 to stop the alien Lord Knoxicrillion from killing celebrity DJ S'More Money who he believes to be the king of Earth. After tricking Lord Knoxicrillion onto the Waverider, Ava learns that the alien has a legion of ships waiting to conquer the Earth if he deems it weak. They convince him that the way on Earth they compete for the throne through song and dance. Ava and Spooner are left just watching the game show as Zari Tarazi challenges him in the competition. Zari wins and Knoxicrillion pledges his allegiance. However, before they can question him, Mick accidentally kills him but then shows them a lead on Kayla, the alien that took Sara.[48]

Mick finds a photo of Kayla in Gideon's database, taking them to to 1962 Cuba, in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. After accidentally stealing a nuke from the americans, they trace the alien to the Russian base. Ava managed to get in by pretending to be a doctor specializing in the extraterrestrial. She was taken to a room with Kayla on an operating table ready for a vivisection but to get out of the situation, Ava released the anesthesia into the room, causing them all to start laughing. Eventually, all the doctors fell asleep, except Ava who snuck out with Kayla. However, Kayla woke up and started attacking her but she was saved by Mick at the last second. The situation escalated as they learnt Castro had gotten the nuke and Ava was forced order them to kill the alien to prevent a nuclear war and restore history which also meant killing their only lead to find Sara.

Team captain

Legends as objects in the form of animation.

Mick and Spooner finds Kayla who just wants a spaceship so Mick makes a deal with her, offering to let her use the Waverider if she helps him find Sara. Ava apologizes for being so hard on him and agree with his plan, leaving the Waverider and deciding that the Legends will stay in John Constantine's house until he and Kayla return.[49] The Legends have difficulty finding the house, but, when they do, Astra gets frustrated with their constant talking and transforms them all into inanimate objects. Ava is transformed into loose-leaf binder, then later into a cartoon version of the binder. Ava and the other Legends helped Astra defeat Aleister Crowley and return everything back to normal.[50]

Ava installed Gideon at Constantine's old TV and she told her of an time abnormality at Endless Meadows Asylum in 1956 when an alien patient committed a massacre. Ava was shocked to learn that the patient used the name "Sara Lance" when she checked in so she alongside Nate and Spooner went to investigate. They were met by alien Amelia Earhart and took her back to John's house, locking her in a room and tried to get her to tell them where Sara was. After getting her to reveal where she landed her ship, Ava and Nate went to investigate only to find the Waverider but no Sara or Mick.

Ava learns the alien killed Sara.

Ava angrily confronted Amelia who started showing her alien form before being taken down by Spooner. As she was unwilling to talk, Astra prepared a spell to pull an unwilling memory out of her. She discovered that this was the real Amelia Earhart who got abducted by aliens and operated on. Ava pushed Astra to continue even as Amelia could barely take it anymore and they learn she was visited by Sara in space although before they could find out anymore, it got too much for Amelia who started fully transforming into her alien form. Later, Spooner managed to talk to the alien but Ava was crushed when Spooner told her that it killed Sara.[51]


Ava and Sara get engaged.

Heartbroken, Ava spent the following day in bed, refusing Nate's offer of food and watching the tape of Sara on loop. However, she couldn't believe it when the real Sara turned up behind her and they reunited. Together, they met up with the other Legends who had returned to the night of Sara's abduction in an attempt to stop it from happening. There, Sara finally proposed to Ava who excitedly said yes. They then kissed passionately as fireworks went off in the background.[45]

Ava and the Legends go to the bar in Fist City.

The following morning, Ava brought Sara breakfast in bed when Sara suddenly pulled back and revealed that she was now a alien-human hybrid clone. Ava was initially confused but Sara soon explained the whole story of how she was killed and cloned by Bishop on Pliny X19. Ava agreed to keep this from the rest of the group as to keep some sense of normalcy and the Legends then tracked a displaced alien down to the wild west. They found out the town was plagued by an worm-like creature who could sense violence and distress, forcing the town to always be on their best behavior and for fighting to be prohibited.

During the mission, Ava worried as Sara seemed to have developed a strange appetite for cherries and eventually the two, as well as most of the team, started arguing which angered the creature. In the end, they defeated the creature and Sara and Ava admitted that trying to be normal would be futile as they weren't really normal to begin with and made up.[52]

Ava and the Legends celebrate Behrad's birthday.

She and the rest of the team traveled to 2023 to catch an alien, but upon learning that Mick was concerned that the 2023 Lita was pregnant, Ava tried to support both of them in getting along. After completing the mission, Ava and the others threw a surprise party for Behrad, and she was happy to see that the original Zari returned. Ava and the others were surprised to find out that Mick is pregnant.[53] Soon after, Ava and Sara took the day to find wedding venues. When they returned to the Waverider, Ava and Sara proudly watched the ultrasound of Mick's alien babies.[54]

Wedding nerves

Ava is helped by Gary.

Nervous about the wedding, Ava searched for several perfect dresses, but found none until Gary decided to help her find the perfect dress and they both had fun. Ava spoke to Sara from Galaxy Lanes to motivate her to win at bowling. When the Legends won, Ava, Gary, Behrad, John, Nate, and Zari went to Galaxy Lanes to celebrate the victory.[55]

Ava and the Legends play Beast/Slayers.

Upon returning to the ship, Ava and the Legends were trapped in the Waverider. Ava and Sara were looking for wedding meals and planning who would be the guests. To entertain themselves, Ava and Sara agreed to play Beast/Slayers. Ava got to be the Eccentric Detective and to ignite the game, John made the game real, and they had to find the Beast before they were killed. When Zari finished the game, stabbing the Beast in the back, the Legends were returned to the ship, with Ava shouting that Sara was the Beast all along, although there was another Beast in the game. Ava and the others quickly went to help Mick with his pregnancy.[56]

Return of Bishop

Ava questions Bishop.

After the person responsible for Sara's kidnapping, Bishop, appeared on the ship, the Legends locked him up. Ava wanted to talk to him to find out about his creation, but Sara didn't want her to talk to him because Bishop was incredibly manipulative and was dangerous. Unnoticed, Ava infiltrated Bishop's cell and the two began to talk and get along. Ava discovered that her creation name was "Boss Ava" and was saddened to discover that she was not important.

Ava investigated more wedding venues to be unconcerned, but she confessed to Sara everything Bishop told her and Sara consoled her at that moment, Ava discovered that Bishop was planning an escape and together with Nate they tried to stop him. When they went to arrest Bishop, Ava and the Legends saw that Bishop actually wanted to help Mick deliver his babies. Ava, Sara, and Gary helped Mick to rest, but realized that Bishop advanced the pregnancy and that Bishop actually planned to use the most vulnerable member, John.[57]

Ava and the Legends try to trick Kayla.

Ava and the Legends went to Constantine's house to stop him, but were tricked into seeing that John escaped with Bishop in the Waverider. With no other options, Ava and the others decided to use Galixipost to display a photo of Mick with fake eggs to get the attention of Kayla. After recruiting Kayla to help them, Ava and the others traveled to the Waverider to rescue Mick's eggs.[58]

Ava and the Legends about to fight the Zagurons.

Ava and the Legends mourned John's death. Ava and Nate recruited the Bishop from the future to ask him for help in curing Spooner. She, Sara, Nate, and Gary watched several Zagurons eggs arrive in 1925 in Texas from Bishop. To distract themselves from Bishop, Ava and Sara decided to do the wedding now. Ava was still nervous, but was supported by Gary, and she agreed that Gary will lead her down the aisle. Ava and Sara shared their vows, but were interrupted by Bishop, who released the Zagurons. The Legends were willing to fight, but they fled to the house, as there were many Zagurons. Ava and the others received powers thanks to Spooner, but they weren't enough.

Ava and Sara eventually got married, and they all used the power to destroy all the Zagurons. She watched as Mick's babies were born and devoured Bishop, ending his threat. The next day, she and Nate returned Bishop Prime to the future with his memory erased. When they were going to get on the ship, Ava and the others watched as the Waverider was destroyed by another Waverider leaving them stranded in 1925.[59]

Stranded in time

The Bullet Blondes

Ava and the team try to get out of 1925.

The Legends did not know what to do due to the destruction of the ship, so they decided to use Nate's time courier to catch the person responsible, but they did not succeed because the courier had no power. Ava and Gary recalled that on the ship there was a Time Bureau safe that has everything they need to get home. Ava was still upset because everything was wrong, but Sara consoled her. The team found out that the safe was owned by the sheriff and everyone was suspicious of them, so Ava and Nate took it upon themselves to obtain the safe while the others pretended to be a traveling circus.

The Legends in the pocket dimension.

The team saw that the contents of the box had been taken by Mick. Because J. Edgar Hoover was coming for them, the Legends couldn't escape until Zari used the key Constantine gave him to open a door to go to a pocket dimension just like his home in Hell.

Ava and Sara pretend to be thieves.

After resting, the Legends left the pocket dimension, as they planned to find the creator of time travel, Gwyn Davies. To go unnoticed, Ava and Sara pretended to be a duo of thieves known as the Bullet Blondes to take money and escape with the rest of the team. Upon accidentally murdering Hoover, Ava freaked out and forced Gary to turn into a Necrian to eat Hoover to avoid suspicion.[60]

Ava helps Zari in her investigation.

To remain inconspicuous, Ava and Sara asked Gary to cast a spell to make Nate look like Hoover. When they managed to get on the train, Ava and Sara stayed to rest in the pocket dimension, but Ava saw that Zari was maddened by trying to find out who destroyed the Waverider. Ava assisted Zari in her investigation and they both considered that the person responsible could have been a former ally or a former enemy.

Ava and the Legends confront the robot J. Edgar Hoover.

A short time later, Ava, Sara, and Zari had to get out of the pocket dimension to save Nate, but they managed to fix things by proving that they are the famous Bullet Blondes. The Legends watched with surprise as Hoover appeared alive, but realized that it was a robot Hoover, which was one of Zari's theories. Ava and the Legends had to flee in Hoover's car to avoid the robot's explosion.[61]

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Meeting Gwyn Davies

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Hunted by "Evil Gideon"

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"And I'm gonna go catch a serial killer!"
"You are way too excited about this."
—Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance[src]

Ava is very intelligent, incredibly ambitious, and always believes she is the most intelligent individual in the room. She is very work oriented and believes in putting personal issues aside when it comes to completing a mission. She is often quite ruthless in obtaining her goals and Ava's drive for perfection has left many discarded friendships in her wake.

Ava originally had an unshaken confidence in the Time Bureau as well as her own capabilities as an operative. She believed that the Legends were a loose cannon, due to the fact that they caused more problems than they actually fixed. She felt superior to Sara Lance and completely disregarded the latter's achievements when they first met. As Ava is a woman of rules and regulations, she was highly annoyed by Sara's reckless behavior.

Ava has a cruel side like when the legends refused to give her the location of Zari Tomaz because they knew that she would be returned to Argus Prison where she would be tortured. Ava fired at the Waverider with her Ship and threatening to blow them up. She is also stubborn which could be seen in her insistence on pursuing and punishing the Legends for their breaking of rules despite Rip letting them run free.

Ava prefers her work to life, for example when Sara told her that Hank kidnapped magical creatures and experimented with them Ava did not care because Hank was the one who paid for everything, even she told Sara to leave her.

After Martin Stein's death and the Time Bureau's inability to cope with Damien Darhk, Ava grew more tolerant and even friendly towards Sara and the Legends. They worked together on a mission and afterward found they respected and even seemed to admire each other.[8] Ava also became less concerned about following protocols and less strict. This also seemed expressed in that she began wearing her hair loose instead of in a knot. Ava also seems to be developing a sibling-like bond with Nate Heywood, whose family Thanksgiving dinner she attended and enjoyed.[19] She has also shown to enjoy the writing of Mick Rory,[22] and she seems to be on good enough terms with Ray Palmer that she could call him "teddy bear" without any harsh feelings.[20]

After getting together with Sara, Ava is shown to care very much about her, though knowing of Sara's past lovers left Ava insecure as she was afraid Sara would not settle for a monogamous relationship.[24] She is seen to have a romantically loyal side, appalled when Constantine nonchalantly told Ava that he (apparently) instructed Ray to kill Sara, as a fail-safe, in the event that Mallus fully takes over Sara's being. Ava also expressed some jealousy when she heard Constantine slept with Sara (which was just prior to Sara openly admitting Ava was her girlfriend).[13]

Ava cares a great deal about professional boundaries in the workplace, especially around her girlfriend.[17]

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Immortality: After drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus, Ava became immortal for 24 hours.[42]
    • Accelerated healing: Ava's healing was increased significantly, as she was able to survive a gunshot to the head.
  • Meta-human physiology: During the Legends' battle against Bishop's Zaguron army in 1925, after Ava lost her weapon during the fight, Spooner used her powers to transfer Nate Heywood's powers to Ava; enabling her to utilize Nate's abilities during the fight, though Spooner later returned Nate's powers to him.[59]
    • Organic steel transformation: Accessing Nate's powers enabled Ava to turn to steel at will.
      • Superhuman durability: By turning her skin to steel, Ava's durability was greatly augmented; allowing her to fight off attacking Zagurons hand-to-hand without risking being poisoned by them.


"It makes sense they'd clone Ava. She is the perfect woman."
Gary Green[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Ava is in remarkable top physical condition. As a clone, she was designed to be a perfect human, with outstanding genetics and "perfect bone structure" (according to Gary Green).[2] From all the 12 clones used by Rip Hunter, she was the only one able to survive.[1] Ava has excellent reflexes, able to easily dodge a knife thrown at her while riding a horse during the battle against Mallus.[14]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Likely due to her programming and training, Ava is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as she could defeat multiple Roman soldiers with her hands cuffed.[4] Ava was also able to fight on par against Sara Lance, a master combatant and martial artist in her own right, as the two dueled to the point of exhaustion with their confrontation ending in a draw.[5] Ava's fight styles include Aikido, Boxing, Kickboxing, Escrima, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Savate, Tae Kwon Do, and Wing Chun.
    • Master stick fighter: Ava excels in stick-fighting as she fought on par with Sara using a baton and even managed to disarm the latter of one of her extendable batons.[5] Ava was also able to easily fend off Blackbeard and his crew using a stick despite them bearing swords.[3]
    • Expert swordswoman: Ava is a highly skilled swordswoman. Together with Sara, she faced off against the immensely skilled Freydís in a sword fight, though was eventually disarmed.[8]
    • Expert markswoman: As the director of the Time Bureau, Ava is highly skilled in the use of firearms. On one mission, she shot Grigori Rasputin perfectly in the mouth and would have killed him if not for Astra Logue's magic.[32]
  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: As a former high-ranking agent and the director of the Time Bureau, Ava can successfully manage its operations in guarding and fixing the timeline. The Legends would ask her for help to fight Mallus and demons. When Sara left the Legends temporarily, she left Ava in charge as interim captain of the Waverider[35] and when Sara was abducted by aliens, Ava took charge of the Legends despite being an emotional wreck.[46] According to Bishop, Ava was even made to be a leader as she is of the "Bossy Ava" model (which he initially wanted to call just "Boss Ava").[57]
  • Culinary expertise: Ava has cooked dinner for Sara at least once,[15] and is especially praised for her snickerdoodles.[21][22]
  • Dancing: Ava is a talented dancer, as seen when she and Sara performed a tango while arguing at a gala.[23]


Original multiverse

  • Gun: Ava has a gun on her person, which she once used to threaten the Legends during her first encounter with them.[4]
  • Expandable baton: Ava was seen carrying a baton similar to the one used by Sara Lance. She used this baton to fight Sara[5] and again to fend off the forces of Mallus.[14]
  • Time courier: Ava carries a time courier, which allows her to transport herself through time and space without the need of a timeship.[5]
  • Time Bureau mothership: Ava piloted the Bureau's timeship when chasing the Legends through the time stream.[6]
  • Cold gun: While working as an assassin in an aberration timeline, Ava possessed Leonard Snart's cold gun.[22]

New multiverse


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

The Flash

Season 5

  • "Nora(mentioned)




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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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  • Ava despises wearing dresses.[3]
  • She seems to be a fan of the show Doctor Who.[13][22]
  • Ava's fake home address was 3825 Harvest Lane, Fresno, CA.[2]
  • Ava keeps the Legends' medallions from the Time Bureau in her home to express her pride in them.[15]
  • She enjoys watching horror movies.[18]
  • One of Ava's guilty pleasures is studying serial killers.[21] She even has a serial killer podcast known as StabCast.[34]
  • Though she doesn't have an actual birthday, Ava celebrates hers on November 26.[20]
  • Ava loves reading and one of her favorite novels is Rebecca Silver's Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey.[22]
  • She has a habit of stress-cleaning.[32]
  • Ava has a horrible singing voice.[33]
  • John Constantine's nickname for her is "Sharpie".
  • Ava's password to override the magical creature alarm was 31515.[20]
  • Its unknown whether Ava truly had an ex-girlfriend in "I, Ava", or it was just a memory planted by Rip. Considering her original mindset though, it's likely Ava caused their breakup.
  • Ava has a close relationship with Mick's daughter Lita, who even calls her "Aunt Ava",[41][39] likely due to her being present when Mick went went back in time to visit Lita many times throughout her childhood.[53]

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