"Weren't you afraid of getting in trouble for disobeying orders?"
"It was worth it."
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Agent Ava Sharpe is a high-ranking agent of the Time Bureau. At the beginning, she is on bad terms with Sara Lance but as to theirs meetings, they begin to become true allies and starting on good terms.


In 2012, Rip Hunter founded the Time Bureau to protect the timeline. Ava became one of the leading agents in charge. As the Legends entered their headquarters, Agent Sharpe and the other agents immediately pulled their guns on them. Ava greeted them with open hostility. She flung Ray Palmer to the floor and pulled a gun on them as they taunted her. Sara Lance disarmed her and there was a tense standoff until Rip Hunter intervened, calming everyone down. Ava kept open hostility against the Legends as they announced that Mick Rory had found Julius Caesar on Aruba. Rip and Ava tracked Rory down to a party in Aruba and they sent in a team to retrieve him and Caesar. However, the team instead took a guest who was dressed up like Caesar. Rip decided that the Legends were not fit to restore the timeline and sent them away, but not before they stole the Waverider. Ava and Rip tracked them down as they had managed to find Caesar in 2017, but had accidentally dropped him off in his own age with a history book, causing a massive change in history, allowing the Roman Empire to conquer the entire world. Ava and two agents went to retrieve the book and restore the timeline. However, she ended up captured by Caesar. Caesar took her along with his legions as he marched towards Rome. The Legends performed a rescue mission and attacked his legions. Ava ended up fighting side by side with Sara against the Roman soldiers. After the Legends had solved the timeline Ava told Sara that she now thought of them even worse than before. Ava was present not long after as Rip allowed the Legends to find anachronisms on their own.[1]

She later asked Rip why he would do this and Rip explained that they might need the help of the Legends in the future. Not trusting the Legends Ava send one of her agents, Gary Green, to follow them and report to her. As her agent failed to report Ava tracked him down to the Waverider. She confronted Sara Lance and issued an arrest of her and her team. Sara replied that she would break her arm if she tried to do so, and they engaged in a baton fight. The two women were able to match each other, eventually losing their batons. Both of them unable to gain the upper hand, they ultimately collapsed in sheer exhaustion, grabbing some water. As they talked, the shrunk saber-toothed tiger walked in, returning to its normal size, chasing a fleeing Ava through the ship. As Ava was cornered, Sara saved her and noted it being the second time. Sara told her that the Legends would solve the mission, and an enraged Ava let slip that Rip had the idea that the Legends could aid them in a fight against an unknown adversary, a notion she strongly disagreed with. As Palmer and Nate Heywood returned to the ship, Gideon confirmed that the anachronism had been fixed. Ava spoke with Sara in private and carefully mentioned that they had achieved success. Sara questioned her as to the unknown adversary, but Sharpe refused to tell her, leaving with Agent Green.[2]

Ava received a distress signal from Gary in 2042 where a meta-human assassin was trying to kill Zari Tomaz. As the Legends intervened and caused a prison break in an A.R.G.U.S. black site, Ava and her team intervened. She confronted the Legends in their Waverider in her own larger timeship and ordered them to give her the location of Zari so she could be brought back to prison. Sara refused and Ava fired a warning shot at the Waverider. Sharpe threatening to destroy the ship, Sara flew away with the Waverider and the Time Bureau chased them. Sara turned around and flew the Waverider in a collision course with Ava's ship, threatening to destroy them both. At the very last minute, Sharpe time jumped them to safety. Later on, she threatened Sara that if she were to ever encounter the Legends again, she would banish them to the outskirts of time.[3]

After Director Bennett sanctioned a large number of agents to assist Rip Hunter with an unusual anachronism in 1895, leading to their deaths, Sharpe received a message from Sara Lance, allowing Bennett and Sharpe to board the Waverider, arresting Rip. She thanked Sara and told her that the Legends are free to hunt for anachronisms as the Bureau had better things to do then dealing with the Legends[4]

When learning of Martin Stein’s death Ava contacted Sara to tell her she was messing up her current mission of solving the anachronism of the Vikings conquering the New World. However she also offered her condolences, as she had heard of Martin Stein’s death. Sara mentioned her team had it under control and Ava expressed that them not messing it up would be a Beebo Day Miracle. Sara mentioned that the anachronism was already having effect as Beebo Day had replaced Christmas. Sara asked her for help as her team was still recovering from Stein’s death. Ava transported to the Waverider and joined Sara and her team.

The Legends dressed as Vikings and infiltrated the Viking settlement. Ava expressed concern about this strategy as the bureau was against making contact with locals and she did not liked their Viking clothing. Sara mentioned she looked good.

Sara and Ava had a drinking challenge against two viking men, in which if they won, then they will take them to see Beebo, they won, and the viking men were impressed, they asked who they are married to, planning on killing them in which Ava revealed that she has no interest in husbands, piquing Sara's interest. Before anything else can happen Freydis brought Mick who tried to steal Beebo's beer, and planned for Mick to be executed by pyre. Sara had Leo use his cold gun to douse the flames and Ava used it to distract the vikings, unfortunately Amaya accidentally touched Beebo enough for him to speak which caused the vikings to attack the team. Sara and Ava teamed up against Freydis in a swordfight. They were outmatched by Freydis and got disarmed, however they managed to defeat the Norsewoman when she got distracted by Beebo. During the fight Mick burned Beebo causing the vikings to believe that Beebo is a false god. Just as it seemed to be over, Ava mentioned Odin Day, suddenly Damian & Nora Dahrk arrived pretending to be Odin & a Valkyrie, the vikings bowed down to them, in which Sara told the team to retreat. Ava complimented Sara's retreat in which Sara admitted that facing the Dahrk's is suicide without careful planning, she asked Ava to contact the Time Bureau in bringing in back-up.

Ava contacted the Time Bureau but they did not approved the mission, refused to send back-up and ordered her to return. Ava explained that the Time Bureau is in disarray and has already lost many agents trying to fight the Darhk’s. Rip was send to prison and now Grodd had joined Darhk as well. The Bureau no longer wanted to fight Darhk as they were unable to handle their magic. Sara wanted Ava to stay with her and help her. Ava said she was sorry and that was ordered to go back to the bureau. She said she was sorry and advised Sara to not face Darhk.

As Sara and the Legends confronted Darhk anyway Ava showed up just in time to pull Sara out of the dark dimension she was transported to while trying to stay with Darhk. Sara was delighted Ava had returned for her and they found out the anachronism had been restored. After returning to the Waverider, Sara told Ava what she felt and the threat of Mallus, in which Ava decided to report to the Time Bureau about the discovery and that Rip was right about the threat. Sara asked if she would get into trouble for ignoring orders, however Ava mentioned it had been worth it. She and Sara parted ways on amicable terms.


Ava is very intelligent, incredibly ambitious and always believes she is the most intelligent individual in the room. She is often quite ruthless in obtaining her goals and her drive for perfection has left many discarded friendships in her wake.

Ava has an unshaken confidence in the Time Bureau as well as her own capabilities as an operative. She believes the Legends are a loose cannon, due to the fact that cause more problems than they actually fix. She feels herself superior to Sara Lance and completely disregarded the latter's achievements. A woman of rules and regulations she is highly annoyed by Sara's reckless behavior.

After Martin Stein's death and the Time Bureau's inability to cope with Damien Darhk, Ava grew more tolerant and even more friendly towards Sara. They worked together on a mission and after the mission both respected and even seemed to admire each other. She also became less concerned about following protocols and became less strict. This also seemed expressed in that she was now wearing her hair loose instead of in a knot.


  • Master stick fighter: Ava is a master stick fighter, as she was able to fight on par in a stick fight against Sara Lance, and even managed to disarm the latter of one of her extendable batons.[2]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Ava is a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, she was able to defeat multiple Roman soldiers with her hands cuffed. She was able to fight evenly against Sara Lance, a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right, as the two fought to the point of exhaustion with their confrontation ending in a draw.[2]
  • Rules of time travel knowledge: As a member of the Time Bureau, Ava is a professional in the duty of guarding the timeline, efficient in enforcing "the rules of time travel".[1]
  • Expert swordswoman: Ava was shown to be a skilled swordfighter. Together with Sara she faced the highly skilled Freydis in a swordfight. However she clearly was not as skilled as Freydis as she took several blows, got disarmed and would have quickly been defeated if not for Sara's assistance.


  • Gun: Ava was shown carrying a firearm. She used this to threaten the Legends during her first encounter with them.[1]
  • Expandable baton: Ava was shown carrying a baton similar to the one used by Sara Lance. She used this baton to fight her to a draw.[2]
  • Time courier: Ava carries a time courier. This device allows her to transport through time and space without the need of a timeship.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


  • In "Beebo the God of War", Ava hinted that she is not interested in men, suggesting she's either a lesbian or asexual.


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