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"My tricks. My treat. But I'll give you something good to eat. Today's special: a city, in ashes. The Trickster proudly welcomes you all to the new... disorder."
—The Trickster[src]

Axel Walker (born 1990) is a psychotic terrorist and the son of James Jesse. After corresponding with his father, who was imprisoned at Iron Heights Prison, for over 10 years, Axel followed in his footsteps and took up the mantle of The Trickster.


Corresponding with James Jesse

Prior to 2005, Axel began corresponding via letters with his father, James Jesse, unaware of their relationship. For the following 10 years, they continued to talk and grew close.[1]

Taking up the mantle of The Trickster

Parachute bombs in gift boxes

Parachute bombs in gift boxes landing towards a playground.

In 2015, Axel began acting as a new version of The Trickster. He sent parachute bombs over a park in Central City, but no children were killed thanks to The Flash. He announced via a blog that The Trickster had re-emerged. The Trickster announced in another one, his plans to go bigger than the parachute bombings because he thought that, 'they deserved something much bigger.' He misled the public to believe that he had hidden a giant bomb to destroy the city so both the police and The Flash were distracted.

In the meantime, Axel helped James Jesse escape from prison, with Henry Allen as a hostage. They took him to a safehouse, where the two Tricksters discussed their plans. Asking why he'd been chosen, James revealed that he was Axel's father.[1]

The Tricksters son and father

The Tricksters, father and son, enjoying the view of panicking guests, waiting for them to transfer all their money to them.

That night, they headed to an event held by Mayor Anthony Bellows, poisoning all of the guests by pretending to be waiters. In doing so, they were able to threaten the guests to electronically transfer all of their money to the two Tricksters. The Flash arrived, though he was given a bomb strapped to his wrist, connected to a speedometer. However, he was able to get rid of it and came back, giving everyone an antidote and stopping James and Axel. Afterwards, the duo was taken by Central City Police Department for incarceration. [1]

Brief return and arrested once again

Axel is seen questioning Barry how he killed Clifford Devoe. He eats a pudding that does not agree with him. It's revealed that's all part of a escape plan organized by his mother who wants the both of them to go the straight and narrow path. Axel however refuses her and wants to attain his father's attention by pulling off a big crime however that's unsuccessful so he is finally arrested along with his mother by Elongated Man and Vibe.


  • Expert engineering skills: Axel has created a variety of gadgets which he uses as part of his Trickster persona.
  • Master chemist: Axel manages to create a new corrosive substance known as "axid" which allegedly has a pH level of -50.


  • Trickster suit: A costume he wears as part of his Trickster persona, initially to hide his identity and later for intimidation effects.
  • Guns: Axel is shown to be quite proficient in use of firearms.
  • Bombs: Axel has used a variety of explosives in his time as the Trickster.


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File:Axel Meta-human.png
  • At the end of The Runaway Dinosaur, among the dozens meta-humans that constituted Zoom's army, a meta-human wearing a costume identical to the one worn by Axel can be seen in the crowd, it's unknown if this was actually him, his Earth-2 counterpart or someone new altogether.
  • The character is directly based on Axel Walker, the second Trickster from the comics.


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