"I still remember the first time I met Axl. It was in the vents. I was tiny Atom. He was a big rat. And he tried to eat me."
Ray Palmer talking about Axl[src]

Axl (1776-1954) was a rat that Ray Palmer gave to Mick Rory as a Christmas gift.



Axl was found in the vents of the Waverider by Ray Palmer, who later gave the rat to Mick Rory as a pet for Christmas.[1]


During one of the Legends's missions, Axl's name became an aberration, being changed to "Josh Groban" due to rock never becoming popular. During this mission, Axl died from ingesting poison. His body was found by his owner. Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, and Rory attended a funeral for the rat held by the former. Axl later appeared as a ghost because of the Death Totem and Rory bid farewell to his pet before he disappeared.[2]

Rewritten reality

In the rewritten reality created by the Legion of Doom, Axl was Ray's test subject.[3]

Powers and abilities



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Behind the scenes

  • Axl was named after rock legend Axl Rose of rock band Guns N' Roses fame. This is evidenced by the fact that Ray moved to sing the Guns N' Roses hit single "Sweet Child O' Mine" at Axl's funeral. Also, in the slightly altered timeline where Elvis Presley was kept from popularizing rock, Axl was instead named Josh Groban, a famous pop singer.


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