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An unnamed woman is a Kryptonian witch from Earth-TUD17 currently seeking refuge on Earth-Prime, until she decided to stay in their bottled Earth until the Superfriends would find a way to restore their place in the multiverse.[1]


All three ancestral witches came to National City as tourists and never left; Al from Earth-TUD17 allowed them to run a little side hustle out of the bar, including palm reading.

After the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Vita and the other witches came through the portal inside Al's Bar from Earth-TUD17 to Earth-Prime avoiding their death, after Brainiac 5 had bottled their entire planet in order to save it. Ayala and the witches allied themselves with him in order to open the bottle with their Earth in it. A fight broke out between them and the Superfriends. After the brief battle, they all decided to get inside the bottle and wait for them to find a solution to restore them, agreeing to keep Brainiac 5 company. [1]

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian dark magic: She is adept in manipulating dark mystical forces.[1]



Season 5