Ayla is an individual from Winath and an ally of the Legion in the original multiverse. In the new multiverse, she is the wife of Winn Schott and the mother of Mary.


Original multiverse

In the 31st century, Ayla became a close friend and ally of the Legion. When her home planet, Winath, went dark, Ayla went to investigate and discovered it had been consumed by the Blight.[1]

New multiverse

Shortly after arriving from 2018, Winn Schott met Ayla and later married her, and they had a daughter named Mary.

Two years later, the time police asked Ayla for Winn, who later escaped to the 21st century to clear him of the crimes that his criminal doppelgänger committed.[2]



Season 3

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Ayla Ranzz is a superheroine known as Lightning Lass and a Legionnaire.


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