"B'wana Beast" was a strongman in Barnum's Roving Museum of Freaks and Hypnotic Hippodrome, also acting as P.T. Barnum's enforcer and bodyguard at times.


At some point prior to 1870, an unnamed man joined P.T. Barnum's traveling circus as a strongman, performing under the costumed alias of B'wana Beast.[1]

After a busy day at the circus, B'wana Beast joined Barnum and Hildy in the bar, where the latter was harassed by a bar patron. Observing Nate Heywood defending her, he was ready to intervene, but was stopped by Barnum, who was curious about Nate's actions.[1]

Later, B'wana Beast assisted Barnum in kidnapping Ray Palmer and Jefferson Jackson, knocking out both. Taking a part in the next day's performance, the strongman assisted Barnum as he tried to coerce Nate Heywood to perform as the "man of steel", holding Amaya Jiwe at gunpoint. As Jiwe escaped her cell using the Anansi Totem, she knocked B'wana Beast out, throwing him at a certain distance.[1]


  • Physical strength: B'wana Beast was exceptionally strong and physically fit.[1]
  • Skilled performer: B'wana Beast was an experienced circus performer.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, B'wana Beast is a superhero who has the ability to communicate with animals, and merge them together into more powerful creatures.
    • Mari McCabe, seen briefly in the same episode, is B'wana Beast's lover in some continuities.


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