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"You guys, when I told you that I was okay being called 'Computer Lad', are you kidding me? No, I hated that. 'Computer Lad'. No. What? But 'Toyman'. You know, that name has always haunted me. But now after having faced my father, he told me that I was better than him. And he was right. So I'm gonna reclaim that name. And make it stand for good. Hey, it's like the Doctor said, 'The future is whatever you want. So make it a good one.'"
"Nice, 'Doc' Brown."
Winn Schott and Supergirl

"Back From the Future - Part Two" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-ninth episode overall. It aired on February 16, 2020.



Superfriends in civilian outfit

Superfriends at a bar

Kara, Alex, J'onn and Winn continue celebrating at a bar over drinks and listening to karaoke. They are soon joined by William, and Alex convinces them to sing Africa together. While they are on stage, J'onn and Alex discuss Lex's involvement at the D.E.O.. She admits she updated some spyware onto the DEO internet, in order to follow all his movements. Meanwhile, Brainy makes a private phone call to Lex Luthor about Gemma Cooper. Lex is aware Alex has been spying on him and requests Brainy take care of the situation. Alex is called away on a mission while William tries to ask Kara on a date. Before she can answer, she is called away by Alex.

Back at the DEO, Winn recognizes the song being blared over the speakers as one he used to listen to as a child in his father's workshop. They realize they are dealing with an artificial intelligence, taking on the physical form of Evil Winn as Toyman. He has become hyper conscious inside the DEO’s internet. They realized the catastrophe he could create if he gains full access to the World Wide Web, there isn't anything he wouldn't be able to control. He has use of the Obsidian Platinum lenses to download himself onto a laptop, and Winn believes he can reverse engineer it, in order to create and execute a kill code. They are interrupted when Toyman is able to take control of the laser defenses, but Winn is able to temporarily shut him out. Alex arranges everything with a computer chip to be turned off and taken apart. Everyone is surprised to hear a telephone ringing, with Lex Luthor on the other line. He questions why the DEO is in lockdown and she informs him of the situation. He reminds her of the Kryptonite safeguards aimed at the planet. Brainy calls Lex back and is informed Lex was aware of a potential Toyman situation. He request Toyman's code to help fight Leviathan.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Kelly are still trying to work out any bugs with the Bio-Lenses, including taste-testing lobster. She is interrupted with the arrival of her fake friend Lena looking for updates. She asked for a sneak peek, but is informed they are not ready. When she offers her help with issues in the algorithm, Andrea politely declines. Back inside her laboratory, Lex greets a sister who is annoyed, as she needed access to Andrea's lenses in order to further her own work but was rebuffed. Lex promises to fix the situation for her.

Back at the DEO, they determine Alex and Brainy will stay behind, while Supergirl and Winn go inside to enter the kill code. Prior to separating, Brainy confirms to Winn that he is still working with Lex in order to protect the future. While inside together, Winn admits his dad stole his idea of creating a computer conscienceless, even using part of his own code. They briefly touch on her relationship with William and are soon greeted with the physical images of his father, Winslow Schott Sr. and his mind inside the computer. He claimed he was there to help his son, but Winn refuses to believe him. And when he tried to give them directions to safety, Winn takes the exact opposite route. In doing so, it puts them both briefly in danger as it would appear his father was telling the truth, as they are attacked by monkeys.

Lex approaches Gemma Cooper

Lex approaches Gemma.

Lex sits down at the table with Gemma. He is aware that she is board chair of Obsidian North, and brings up the issue they are having in the bio-link, and how Andrea refused his sister's help, claiming he was only offering his help in order for a future friendship to blossom. Gemma soon calls Andrea demanding to know why Lena Luthor was not allowed to help. She apologizes and promises to allow her in on their situation. Andrea immediately calls her, claiming she has changed her mind.

Alex finds Brainy and is furious at him for removing her spyware. He covers for his deceptive behavior by showing her the flaw in her theory, claiming Lex would have found out and when he did it would be serious. Putting spyware on his computer was too great a risk. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Winn are trying to manually enter the kill code but it is not working. The DEO is attacked with Krypto-bots, as evil Winn continues to take control. Supergirl is able to return to the main office in order to fight off the rest of the Krypto-bots, but is soon forced to back down when she is infected. Brainy is able to settle down the situation much to everyone's relief. Meanwhile, Winn is fighting his evil self while his father watches, trapped inside a glass room. After a physical fight between the two Winns, he is able to enter the kill code, with help from his father, leading to the physical conscious deaths of his father and evil Winn.

Lena finds her brother to thank him for getting himself involved in her problem with Andrea, leading to another breakthrough with Q-waves. Gemma has an impromptu meeting with the same old lady, Margot Morrison, that Eve met on a bench. Everyone gathers to say a final goodbye to Winn before he returns to the future. Alex decides to quit the DEO.

Barney Fife

The new D.E.O. director

At CatCo, William offers Kara a gift for her sick grandma; realizing she doesn't want to put him in harm's way, she politely declines his advances. While Brainy and Lex have a final conversation, Brainiac's heart is weighing heavy on him, but he is still able to give Lex the immortality code, and is promoted to DEO director.

At Kara's apartment she and Alex are discussing the day's events when they are interrupted by a knock at the door from Mr. Mxyzptlk.



Special guest starring[]

Guest starring[]




  • A computer screen would not have the durability to protect someone from gunfire.
    • Though considering all the damage the DEO has suffered in the last three years, it makes sense that they've upgraded their computers to be made of more durable material.
  • Winn mentions multiple times that the Legion operates in the 30th century, even though it was previously established they operated in the 31st century. This can't be a Crisis change as in "I Believe in a thing Called Love", it is once again mentioned that the Legion is from the 31st century.