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"We're all suffering; we've lost Snow, you lost your speed, and now--now Zoom can come through that breach anytime he wants."
Harrison Wells to Team Flash

"Back to Normal" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the forty-second episode overall. It aired on April 26, 2016.



Barry experiences an early daytime utilizing his speed. At that point he does it once more, without powers. His voiceover discusses being a normal person on a customary day.

Utilizing Jay's protective cap, Cisco vibes on Zoom's den. He sees that Caitlin is alive, however since Barry no longer has the speed power, they have no chance to get of going through the break. Harry faults Barry for giving Zoom access to Earth-1 once more. He's followed Jesse and plans on going to get her before Zoom can discover her once more. Cisco offers to help, however Harry turns him down and leaves. Joe offers Barry ride to work, however Barry's as of now completed his work for the afternoon. He figures working for the police is the main way he can help individuals now.

In Zoom's refuge, Caitlin is chained to a bed, away from the cells. She will not eat, in any event, when Zoom attempts to get her to. She requests that he removes the cover, and Hunter Zolomon hurries off the whole Zoom outfit for customary garments. He demands that he won't hurt Caitlin, he adores her. Be that as it may, he is tossed when she calls him Hunter rather than Jay. He recalls his grieved adolescence, yet snaps back, and reveals to Caitlin that he cherishes her, and she will adore him again as well. He discharges her chains, permitting her to glance around. After he leaves, Caitlin strolls through the den. In one cell she sees the veiled man. In another is Killer Frost.

Wally meets his dad at Center City Police Station. He's understood that the explanation The Flash continues sparing him is a direct result of an association with Joe. Wally needs to converse with The Flash, however Joe delicately won't mastermind it.

Harry thumps on a condo entryway. A young lady answers, and lets Harry in after he requests Jesse. Jesse is disturbed to see her dad. After the flat mate leaves, Harry attempts to disclose to Jesse that she is at serious risk and needs to accompany him. Jesse can't, reprimanding him for her continually being in harm's way. Jesse discloses to her dad that she is similarly as terrified of him as she is of Zoom, and sends him away.

Harry drives the white S.T.A.R. Labs van when a man ventures out before him. The van hits the man, who endures no clear harm, even as the van is destroyed. The man goes to the driver side entryway and brutally pulls Harry from the van.

The news covers the ascent in negligible wrongdoing as of late, upsetting Barry who watches in S.T.A.R. Labs. Cisco reprimands him to turn it, and they talk about how at some point or another individuals will understand The Flash is no more. A caution goes off, and Cisco goes to check the camera feed in the van. They watch Harry's snatching occur, and get the opportunity to work attempting to make sense of who took Harry and why. Barry calls Iris for help.

Caitlin and Killer Frost converse with one another. Caitlin isn't clear why Zoom has not executed Killer Frost. Executioner Frost offers Caitlin an arrangement. In the event that Caitlin can get her out of the cell, which keeps her from utilizing her forces, Killer Frost will help Caitlin return to Earth-1.

Barry looks at the wrongdoing scene with Iris, who drove him. They discover blood and a unique mark in the scratch in the van, persuading that Harry hit a metahuman. Iris accepts Harry's firearm as they go to tell Jesse.

Harry is in an old surrendered arcade, his hands bound. His abductor, a man named Griffin Grey, accepts he has grabbed Harrison Wells from Earth-1. He censures Wells for transforming him into a metahuman. Dark is cruelly solid, however he is additionally maturing rapidly. He is just 18, yet looks decades more established. He needs Wells to fix him before he bites the dust from mature age. In the event that Harry cannot, Grey vows to execute him.

Jesse has joined the pack at S.T.A.R. Labs, where Cisco has distinguished Grey from the unique mark Barry found on the van. He has additionally found out about Grey's maturing, however without Caitlin to inspect the blood, he can't discover how or why. Jesse offers to help, she contemplated bio chem in school.

While Caitlin chips away at obliterating Killer Frost's cell, they keep on talking. Executioner Frost flopped out of prescription school and had a sibling who kicked the bucket. Be that as it may, the two of them bond somewhat over their mutual "cold" mother. Caitlin clarifies how she is going to warm the cell divider, which will change the consistency to make it progressively delicate.

Joe works in Barry lab when Wally appears. Once more, Wally needs to converse with The Flash. Wally has consistently been crazy, however never accepted he would kick the bucket until Zoom abducted him. He needs to express gratitude toward The Flash for sparing him. Joe consents to orchestrate it, at that point gets a call. Joe and Wally embrace, and Wally calls him Dad.

Cisco and Jesse meet Barry at S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry has followed Grey. He advises Jesse to remain behind and continue working the blood while Barry and Cisco go to meet Joe and discover Grey.

Barry, Joe, and Cisco got to a stockroom, outfitted. They discover Grey, who starts to toss metal barrels at them. They seek shelter, and keeping in mind that Joe requests Harry, Barry attempts to slip behind Grey. Once in position, Barry shoot his weapon at Grey, yet misses. Dark hits him with another barrel, ages a long time in minutes, and breaks.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris wraps Barry up and they join the gathering. Jesse clarifies how Grey's forces and maturing are both occurring. They understand the more he utilizes his powers, the quicker he gets more established. Jesse demands that next time, she accompanies them to discover her Dad. Cisco and Jesse go to take a shot at an approach to secure Barry next time, and Joe takes off to work, urging Iris to converse with Barry, who is featuring at his Flash suit. Barry converses with Iris about how she was the principal individual he spared. At the point when he did, it resembled they were the main two individuals on the planet, and he realized he could spare her. Presently, he doesn't have the foggiest idea what his identity is. Iris demands that he is a legend, powers or no.

Harry works with certain synthetic substances and hardware that Grey brought him. Dark needs to realize how Harry dozes around evening time subsequent to all that he did. Dark's own better half doesn't perceive her any longer, on account of what Harry did. The entire city was influenced. Harry attempts to get Grey to quiet down, however is unmistakably influenced by his abductor's words.

Caitlin attempts her arrangement. In the wake of warming the cell divider, she breaks it with a hammer. The Man in the veil makes commotion, and Caitlin considers what they ought to do about him. Executioner Frost makes it understood she anticipates murdering him, and Caitlin too. Caitlin attempts to run, however Killer Frost utilizes ice to make her slip and fall. Executioner Frost is certain Zoom just kept her alive because of her likeness of Caitlin. Since he has Caitlin, Killer Frost is nonessential. She tosses an icicle at Caitlin's chest, yet Zoom speeds in, gets the icicle, and wounds Killer Frost to death with it. He takes a gander at Caitlin, and advises her in the event that she attempts something very similar with the veiled man, the man will be executed too.

Jesse makes sense of how to follow Harry with his watch. They discover him at a relinquished entertainment mecca. Cisco clarifies that he and Jesse utilized some small star compound to treat the chest of The Flash suit. It would now be able to take a solitary punch from Grey.

Harry gives an answer for Grey, saying it is the fix. Dark knows Harry has basically been weakening the arrangement. Harry concedes there is no fix. Dark is going to slaughter Harry, when a caution sounds and he sees the salvage party show up. Jesse and Iris watch from screens in a van.

On Joe's sign, Iris turns on the lights in the recreation center, diverting Grey so he doesn't see The Flash not utilizing speed. The Flash battles Grey, who hits him in the chest. Dark tosses an amusement cart at Joe and Cisco, and pursues The Flash, getting significantly more established. He attempts to punch The Flash, however has gotten more slow as he ages and The Flash figures out how to avoid until Grey falls, kicking the bucket of mature age. Joe, Cisco, and The Flash look. In death, Grey's body looks 18 once more.

Joined by Iris and Jesse, the pack discovers Harry tied up in the arcade. Jesse races to her dad and discharges him. They embrace and both state they are grieved.

Jesse moves once again into S.T.A.R. Labs with her dad. He clarifies that when her Mom kicked the bucket, he felt so defenseless in light of the fact that he was unable to secure her. He pledged to consistently secure Jesse, so when she was taken by Zoom, something in him snapped. She says she gets it, she would have successfully discover him after he was abducted. Be that as it may, she has to realize he won't hurt others to ensure her any longer. He vows to be the sort of father she can be pleased with in the event that she vows not to flee once more. She concurs.

Joe carries Wally to a housetop. Wally is apprehensive. At the point when The Flash shows up, Joe leaves. The Flash camouflages his voice. Wally expresses gratitude toward The Flash for relinquishing his forces to spare him, and vows not to squander the opportunity he was given.

Caitlin is chained to the bed once more. Hunter figures she should be thankful that he spared her from Killer Frost. Be that as it may, Caitlin just beseeches him to release her home, indeed helping Hunter to remember his folks. He chooses to return her to Earth-1 all things considered. With the goal that he can overcome it. He speeds her away.

Barry sees his suit once more. He is joined by Harry. Barry realizes he can't spare Caitlin without his forces. Harry clarifies why Grey hijacked him, and how it caused him to understand that he never paid for all the tumult he caused on his own reality. Harry needs to offer reparations by aiding Barry get back his speed. He needs to cause another particle accelerator explosion.



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