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"When I was up there in space, floating further and further away, I realized something. No matter where I go or when I am, I will never be lost because I have you. You are my North Star. You are my guiding light, and wherever you lead me, that's my home."
"Do I say yes now?"
"No, not yet. Ava Sharpe, will you marry me? This is when you say--"
"Yes, yes! Yes, baby!
Sara Lance proposing to Ava Sharpe

"Back to the Finale: Part II" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-ninth episode overall. It aired on June 20, 2021.



Bishop at Sara's mercy

Bishop is defeated by Sara

The scene regroups, with Sara finding her dead body and Bishop uncovering how he copied her. He reveals to her it is only the start. On the Waverider, Ava watches the video of Sara revealing to David Bowie that she intended to propose to Ava again and again. The entire group is lamenting Sara.

On Bishop's planet, Kayla and Rory rise out of their unit and are verifying whether the obstruction is back up. They make an arrangement to likewise attempt to save Sara before the third moon sets. In Bishop's lab, watches come in and Bishop finishes his progress to another body and keeps on clarifying his arrangement presently looking at utilizing outsider DNA to make a crossover, explicitly Sara-outsider half and halves. Sara is irate attempts to battle him when he takes the wedding band she has made arrangements for Ava. Cleric has her shipped off the incinerator. Mick, on his mission to discover Sara, is found by certain clones, however luckily, they are the ones with Gary.

Nate and Zari find that Behrad isn't on the Waverider. Behrad has gotten high and chosen to return to the Season 5 finale to save Sara before she's always abducted in any case. The Legends assemble at where they never visited last year to concoct an appropriate arrangement. Shockingly, the evening was a colossal haze for the greater part of them. They likewise understand that doing this implies they will wind up never meeting Spooner. Behrad understands the opening to save Sara and runs into her. She won't get onto the Waverider in light of the fact that she intends to propose to Ava.

On Bishop's planet. Sara is protected by Mick, Gary, and the AVA clones who are really cooperating to save her. Sara says they need to stop Bishop before they can leave and the arrangement is to take out the entirety of his clones on the double.

With Behrad's first arrangement a bust, Constantine and Zari attempt straightaway, this chance to get Sara to propose so they can get everybody back on the Waverider sooner than arranged. Their arrangement is likewise a bust - yet Zari unexpectedly understands that Constantine doesn't have his enchantment. He is trusting a course of events reset will reestablish it. Nonetheless, as they leave, Ava sees the Season 5 adaptation of them and busts the Season 6 variants, requesting them back to their time line.

On Bishop's planet, Sara is chipping away at setting the generators to explode and cuts herself, yet finds that she recovers, understanding that Bishop has effectively fiddled with her DNA. She faces him. He uncovers that he combined her with an alien as he said was his arrangement. She needs him to reveal to her how to make herself human once more, yet he will not. She impales him, takes the ring, and leaves him. Sara asks Nurse Ava to create a spotless clone of Sara, one without alien DNA.

At the Season 5 finale, Behrad has a plane to utilize a detonating life sized model to make an interruption, explicitly a distraction for Gary to grab all things being equal and not lift the course of events when it detonates and still sends outsiders into it. Spooner is intended to run obstruction yet runs into Sara. She winds up educating Sara concerning when she was snatched as a kid, uncovering she's anxious about what her companions will think. Sara winds up offering her wise guidance and Spooner gives her a few, as well. The timetable makes up for lost time and stays unblemished. In any case, at the base, another Nate appears at prevent the Legends from executing their present arrangement. Behrad heads out to save Sara at any rate yet falls flat.

Sara and Ava engagement kiss

Sara and Ava share a kiss for the proposal

Mick appears searching for Sara since they're using up all available time and brings down another Bishop, yet lamentably, Bishop begins to transfer his consciousness to the cloud and she doesn't have the opportunity to complete her clone body and stop him. She needs to pick. Mick, nonetheless, reveals to her that even with her blended DNA she's still Sara so they explode everything. The clones decide to remain behind. At the point when Gary, Sara, and Mick get to the ship, Kayla is gone. The threatening aliens assault, however Kayla returns to get them. The aliens assault and Kayla wards them off yet then, at that point disappears. They need to leave without her.

Back at the Season 5 finale, Behrad understands that the explanation Sara got kidnapped was his interruption and Astra solaces him. The group acknowledges they need a beverage. On the Waverider, Sara gets back to Ava and afterward they go get the remainder of the Legends together. The group is brought together and as they return to the ship, Sara proposes marriage to Ava who says yes and the two kiss as life-size doll blows up in the background, creating fireworks while the Legends celebrate the proposal.



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  • The title is a reference to the 1989 movie "Back to the Future Part II".
    • Behrad even has that movie written on a whiteboard with his plans to save Sara.
  • Spooner's undercover hairstyle looked similar to the wig used on Ryan Wilder's Batwoman cowl.
  • This episode fills in gaps and reveals details from what happened during The Smell concert at the end of "Swan Thong".
    • Sara used a time courier to get her mother's ring to propose to Ava with.
    • Zari and Constantine snuck off during the concert to hook up.
    • The reason Ava got so drunk that night was because she found the Legends from the future and drank to forget it and not disrupt the timeline.
    • The reason Sara never proposed that night despite telling David Bowie she would do so as seen in "Ground Control to Sara Lance" was because she was nervous and then Ava was too drunk.
    • Sara was actually the first Legend to meet Spooner as she met her future self during the concert.
    • The reason Sara turned around just before being abducted was because Behrad from the future was calling her name from behind in an attempt to save her.


  • The episode was mistakenly titled "Back To The Finale Part II" in its script.[1]