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"Bad Blood" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-second episode overall. It aired on July 18, 2021.



The scene opens on John Constantine opening a pack of cigerettes, and pulling nicotine gum out of it. The Crowley painting is yelling at him, and John leaves a piece of gum on Crowley's temple. He advises him to surrender the area of the guide to the Fountain of Imperium, or he will befoul the artistic creation with his natural liquids.



Crowley advises Constantine to discover the investor he imparted it to - a lady, who ends up being a vampire. John fools her into giving him the guide, however she takes steps to return later and deliver retribution, then, at that point leaves an elixir behind that she suggests Constantine will ask for a greater amount of later.

On the Waverider, Behrad, Nate, and Gary in his outsider structure sing a children's song to the child outsider from last week. Soon after it nods off, however, it awakens screaming. Spooner says she has no tolerance for interpreting for the child outsider.

After Constantine derives that the Fountain is reasonable in Spain, Spooner is approached to "read" Kayla's egg sac on the rear of Rory's neck. Not long before she begins disclosing to them anything, John summons her to have a beverage and reveals to her that he is searching for the Fountain, and requests that she decipher the guide. She says that as indicated by the guide, just the people who are commendable can drink from teh wellspring, and the pair head to Albacente, Spain, in 1939. Constantine cautions Spooner that there has been a new respectful and class war, and finds that they are looking for a man known as El Gato, who had endure so many death endeavors that he accepts El Gato more likely than not drank from the Fountain.

They head to a nearby bar, and the proprietors threaten to use a firearm on them, trusting them to be fundamentalist covert agents. John works them out of it, and the pair get some R&R.

On the boat, Rory is as yet trying to claim ignorance about being "pregnant." As they're contending at the table, Nate and Zari come in to uncover that the outsider is maturing quickly, and becoming hormonal and gigantic.

Back at the bar, the bar proprietor discloses to John that El Gato acquired force by drinking from the udders of a mystical jackass in the following town over. In any case, John and Spooner notice that a benefactor in the bar is acting cagey, and discover their direction to the wine basement to what they expect will be the wellspring. They track down a youngster perusing a comic book about a Zorro-like lady, whom he relates to Spooner. She can peruse his musings, suggesting he has plastered from the wellspring. Higher up, a Capitan Noriega enters the bar, requesting El Gato for Hitler's benefit.

Noriega says that his strength is fantasies - that he has examined the Spear of Destiny and the Loom of Fate, and presently this. He teaches his men to arrange individuals in the bar and shoot them individually until he talks. The proprietor says that he's El Gato, and gives up, and Noriega shoots him. The kid comes running from first floor and holds the man's hand, mending him, yet Spooner is caught thus. Constantine is observing the entirety of this from behind a divider, and the fundamentalists are set to look through the bar and capture everybody. Constantine runs out, and almost surrenders to the impulse to utilize the vial that the vampire gave him, then, at that point heads back.

Gus-Gus adult

Gus-Gus adult.

On the Waverider, Rory and his girl are hearing hints of a fight, as Gus-Gus has kept on developing at a fast rate. Lita needs him to go to the drug narrows, and he advises her no - that he has the right to bite the dust if the eggs burst, since he abandoned Kayla to return to Lita. At that point, she starts giving birth.

In the bar, Spooner clairvoyantly advises the kid not to stress - and that her companion will get superheroes. He is aware of the JSA, and the young lady from his comic, however Spooner advises him these are less renowned ones.

Noriega comes, and takes steps to cut the kid's throat, yet John shows up, dressed as a cleric and guaranteeing that he has orders from the Vatican.

He reveals to Noriega that he is after the Fountain of Imperium, and offers to cross examine the kid.

Necrian eggs

Necrian eggs.

On board the boat, the Tarazis utilize their emblems, alongside Mick's blowtorch, to get Gus-Gus out of the boat so Mick can get his girl to the Medbay. At the point when she shows up, she concedes she faked work to get him to the medbay.

At the bar, Constantine is faking a function that produces a clairvoyant association between the kid and Spooner. She discloses to him it's OK, and the kid says that one day last year, during a besieging strike, he hurried to a cavern, where he appealed to God for an approach to save his uncle. A heavenly messenger showed up, and advised him to drink from the Fountain, which is the way he got his forces. He reveals to her that he can lead her to the cavern, yet Spooner deciphers it as "I don't have a clue." Constantine occupies Noriega long enough for the bar proprietor's significant other to get her rifle out, and she and her better half figure out how to destroy the fundamentalists, leaving generally dead and Noriega with a gravely harmed leg.

In the forest, Constantine needs Spooner and the child to help him, however she needs to return and attempt to protect his family from the fundamentalists who remain. He reveals to her that without his sorcery, he can't help the feeble battle against the amazing, so she consents to help him.

Fountain of Imperium

Fountain of Imperium

In a cavern outside town, the kid drives John to the Fountain, however it's dry, with mushrooms filling in it. He advises Spooner to utilize her association with the child to channel his sorcery into John, ofering Fernando a typical life and giving John his wizardry. He leaves the cavern to track down that the four leftover fundamentalists have followed them to the cavern. Fernando needs to make an arrangement: John can have his forces, if Fernando assists him with discovering his mom. John lies that the fundamentalists aren't in transit to get Spooner to attempt to surge the interaction, at the end of the day needs to pause and give her a motivational speech to make it work.

Presenting a children's song to center, Spooner figures out how to take Fernando's forces, yet they leave and return to the Fountain, instead of going into John, who is clearly not commendable. John sends Spooner and Fernando to stow away, and takes the mixture from hsi pocket, giving him controls yet additionally something liek a corrosive outing. He stops the extremists, chuckling the entire way, and kills Noriega before Spooner comes to discover him. Seeing that he has left the entirety of the officers dead, she is noticeably shaken - and afterward John drops.

On the Waverider, Gideon reveals to Lita that Mick has 48 eggs in his skull. She discloses to Mick that she needs him to endure, very much like the outsider infants do. Mick at long last understands being 'pregnant."

In 1939, John and Spooner lead Fernando back to the bar, where he can talk once more, however has lost his forces. His uncle says thanks to John. John and Spooner return to the spooky house, John plastered and hopeless, and Spooner attempts to reassure him with some hand crafted insight including her Catholic confidence. She concedes that she lost confidence when she was snatched, and ought to have put in more effort to save her mother. After she hears Crowley wheezing in the canvas, she goes to badger him, and John is sniffing the elixir bottle. She advises him not to do it, or she'll tell Zari. He reveals to her that she will not, and enchants her to indoctrinate her into telling the Legends they prevailed in their central goal and drank from the Fountain. All at once, the vampire strolls in, giving him an instance of vials the mixture in return for the canvas of Crowley.



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  • The Wonder Twins are referenced when Zari and Behrad say "Tarazi sibling powers activate", when distracting Gus-Gus so Lita can get to the medbay.
  • Mick believes that if he dies from the eggs in his head hatch, he deserves it for the pre-Legends life he lived and not rescuing Kayla; showing a deep reflection of his actions.
  • Constantine knows his history well enough to pose as a soldier by providing accurate facts.
    • In addition to this, Constantine performs a reading in the episode as a priest to allow Spooner to use her powers on Fernando even while held hostage. Showing his knowledge of their methods from his own series in his many encounters with those of the Catholic Church such as the preacher Zachary and his knowledge of their practices historically of the time.
  • Having failed to find the Fountain, Constantine had begun doping on magic potions provided by the vampire banker Noelle to get brief magic.
  • Gary misplaced his glasses, leaving him in Necrian form this episode.
  • Fernando mentions the JSA while talking to Spooner, confirming that the team has existed in some capacity in Earth-Prime.
    • While it known that this version of the JSA was a team of superheroes, it is not known if they were a real organization or simply a team of comic book superheroes, as Fernando seemed to equate them to "La Torera", who is known to be a comic book superhero in this universe.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman and Dominic Purcell's names were misspelt as "Adam Tsekham" and "Dominc Purcell", respectively.
  • The synopsis mentions that both Sara and Lita are worried about Mick, but only Lita expresses concern in the episode, as Sara is away with Ava looking for wedding venues.