Banshees, are vengeful female spirits that hail from Ireland. They are known in Irish folklore to be heralds of death and are known for their ghastly shrieks. They are also known to be able to afflict spells and curses on those who steal from them or disturb them.

Powers and abilities

  • Dark magic: Banshees are capable of using mystical forces.
  • Curse affliction: Banshees can afflict curses on those who have wronged them in any way. Their curses can affect various generations of their foe's family.
  • Possession: Banshees are take over a host and influence them to bring harm to anyone whose wronged the host through a curse.
  • Superhuman sonic scream: They are capable of emitting powerful screams.
  • Power bestowal: Banshees are give superhuman powers to a host through a curse or possession.
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