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Baron, nicknamed Technocrat by the A.S.A., or T.C. for short, is a meta-human resident in Freeland who joined Black Lightning's team.


Original multiverse

Early life

Baron is a meta-human that was placed into a pod by the A.S.A. during the 1980s. However, upon escaping, he took residence at an old radio station in Freeland.[1]

Meeting Peter Gambi

He met Peter Gambi in the radio station and assisted him and Thunder in getting Jamillah Olsen's message to outside of Freeland.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Baron as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[2] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[3]

New multiverse

Joining Black Lightning's team

He later searched for Gambi whilst the A.S.A. were going door-to-door to search for meta-humans and, after finding him, learned of Gambi's affiliation with Black Lightning and Thunder. However, after a meaningful conversation about his powers and its effect on his humanity, Baron found himself overloaded and collapsed, leaving Gambi to find someone to aid him.[4]

After Lynn Stewart provided a dose of the meta stabilization cure to Gambi, Baron reawakens and asks Gambi why he's helping him and is told that he reminds him of someone. Jefferson then arrives at the bunker and greets Baron. Later on, after resting, Baron tells Gambi about what he learned from the bitcoin transaction and reveals that it was Lady Eve behind the assassination attempt on Gambi.[5]

Jennifer and T.C. bringing Khalil back.

Baron then aided in saving Khalil Payne by hacking into the Painkiller chip in his brain. However, upon entering the chip, Baron found himself attacked by Painkiller and was quick to escape, leaving him shaken. After Gambi converses with Jennifer Pierce, Baron realises that they require a firewall in order to separate the Painkiller system from Khalil. With the help of Jennifer's powers, Baron is able to trap Painkiller, allowing Khalil to freely take control of his brain and reawaken. Later on, Baron joins the team assembled by Sara Grey and Black Lightning. During this time, Jennifer and Brandon voice their concerns of Khalil not waking up, prompting Baron to hypothesize that Khalil may not be strong enough to escape Painkiller's control. He then decides to re-enter the chip on Jennifer's behest in order to locate Khalil and convince him to wake up. Despite finding him, though, Khalil refuses to leave, forcing an unsuccessful Baron to retreat and inform the group. Jennifer then suggests that she turn herself into a living electrical current into to join Baron in freeing Khalil. After once again finding Khalil, the two succeed in convincing Khalil to leave, allowing him to finally awaken.[6]

Black Lightning's team in Markovia.

When the Black Lightning's team comes to the raid on a Markovian facility to rescue Lynn Stewart, T.C. deactivates the chip in Erica Moran that would've activated the contingency to kill Lynn if she can't be stopped and helped Gambi to coordinate the retrieval of Lynn and Tobias Whale.[7]

War for Freeland

TC checks Khalil and assures him the firewall in his brain is still active; Painkiller is still a prisoner. He stays and listens as Gambi arrives, suggesting that Khalil needs help with his PTSD. TC frowns when, during the conversation, Khalil reminds everyone that he killed his own mother.

Later, Khalil has a glitch and fights Painkiller in his mind; before TC could stop him, he and Brandon Marshall are knocked unconscious. When TC awakens, he tries to tell Gambi that Khalil has left, but Gambi is more interested in having TC open a briefcase that Gambi has. TC uses his powers and the two smile as they see the contents.[8]

Black Lightning's team prepares for the War for Freeland.png

The next day, Black Lightning's team has a meeting where Gambi and Jeff tell the others their positions in the upcoming battle; Baron is assigned to the b-squad led by Lightning. Brandon interrupts the strategy-planning by saying that he will not participate, causing Baron to voice hopelessness. After the meeting, Baron flirts with Erica Moran as she realizes that she might die in battle; Erica kisses Baron when he reveals that he never kissed before. Baron grows angry when Jennifer pulls him away to ask him to help her to find Gravedigger.

Baron goes with most of the team to Anissa Pierce's apartment for dinner when Anissa announces that she plans to marry Grace Choi in the apartment that night. As the others celebrate, Baron keeps track of Painkiller's movements and conveys the information to Jennifer. Jennifer decides that she will pursue him and tells Baron to keep her whereabouts secret. Before the wedding can happen, Gravedigger is spotted near Freeland, causing the team to get battle-ready.[9]

Baron goes to Gambi's shop and helps him to find Lightning after she had been captured by the Markovians.

TC fainted when Gambi had him access the A.S.A.; when he awakened, Baron decided that he wanted to find Odell. During the search, TC communicates with the A.S.A. system and learns that it is on self-destruct, saving everyone by having them evacuate the Pitt.

A strike team lead by Sara Grey attacks Gambi's shop for the briefcase; TC kills the A.S.A. agent when she enters The Sanctum.[10]

One year later

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Baron is a fearful yet kind person who is willing to help others. Although, despite this, he feels more connected to technology and often spends more time talking to various systems instead of actual humans. This would eventually take a toll on him once he collapsed from overusing his powers, prompting Gambi to remind him to talk to 'real people' in order to retain his humanity.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Due to being a meta-human, Baron has special abilities involving any piece of technology.
    • Technopathy:

      Baron glowing eyes.

      Baron's unique power to communicate with technology allows him to manipulate and control various technological devices and systems, such as computers or even electronically controlled doors. Baron can even hack technology as advanced as the A.S.A.'s.[8]
      • Eye transformation: Whilst communicating with technology, Baron's eyes change either green or blue depending on what system he's communicating with.
      • Teleportation: Baron is able to mentally enter systems, especially ones with biological factors such as implants.


  • Skilled marksman: When the A.S.A. broke into The Sanctum, Baron was able to shoot Major Grey and another soldier with dual pistols.[11]
  • Computer specialist/hacker: After being nullified of his Metahuman powers, T.C. was taught by Philky a few coding skills which were effective enough for him to hack a drive with encrypted files and put a tracer to the IP Addresses that were sent to Monovista located at The Center for Gene Therepy and Genetic Research.[12]


  • Power instability: While Baron has the ability to communicate with technology, this power can cause him to bleed through the nose if any countermeasures were build in machines as it mentally exhausts him in the process and requires time to recover before he is stabled enough to use it again.[11]


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