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"Do you know what we did to get here, Barry? We convinced her, Killer Frost, to show us the way. Then we climbed some insanely steep cliffs outside on foot holes made of ice—ice! And all of us risked our lives, knowing Zoom was after us, to rescue Jesse and you. Now, I don't know you and you don't know me, but I can tell you that today, I—I did things that I never thought possible because I needed to prove to my wife and... to myself that I could. Now if I could do the impossible today, so can you. I'm just Barry Allen but you're The Flash!"
—Barry Allen encouraging his Earth-1 counterpart to phase out of a carbide prison[src]

Dr. Bartholomew "Barry" Allen is a scientist in the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of the Central City Police Department on Earth-2 and the husband of Iris West-Allen.


Early life[]

Barry Allen was born and raised in Central City. Little is known of his earlier life, but he had a normal, happy childhood. At one point, Barry met Iris West and the two fell in love, though he had a tense relationship with her father, Joseph, who was Joe West's Earth-2 Doppelganger.

When Barry began to study for his PhD, Iris quit her internship at the Central City Picture News and became a police detective to help pay for his tuition. This angered Joseph, who accused Barry of being selfish and endangering Iris' life, resulting in them developing a mutual dislike for one another.

Barry soon became a forensic scientist at the Central City Police Department. He and Iris eventually got married and started living together.[1] Joesph did not approve however, as he saw Barry as unfit of a husband for Iris.

Visitors from Earth-1[]

While Barry was giving a news report on Zoom, he was abducted by his doppelgänger from Earth-1 and brought to S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry was initially confused at how his kidnapper looked exactly like him before noticing Harrison Wells and becoming starstruck. During his gushing over Wells' thesis on String Phenomenology, Barry's Earth-1 counterpart tasered him, knocking him out so he could take the latter's place and find out what the CCPD knew about Zoom's whereabouts. Barry was placed in the lab's storage facility.[1]

The next morning, after Cisco Ramon escaped from Zoom, Barry woke up and learned he had been held captive for a day, much to his worry. He warned Cisco and Harry that his wife, Iris, was a police detective and demanded to know what was going on. Suddenly, Zoom attacked the laboratory in search of Cisco and Harry. The trio took refuge in a hidden vault with an illusion wall. When Zoom arrived, Barry started to panic and was silenced by Cisco. Fortunately, Zoom didn't notice them and sped off. As they were leaving, Barry once again demanded an explanation. Cisco and Harry explained that the latter's daughter, Jesse, and Earth-1 Barry were being held captive by Zoom, and they needed to rescue them. Barry also learned of Joseph's death and was saddened over it.

Later, Barry arrived at the CCPD and met with his wife, expressing his condolences for Joseph's death. He brought Iris to his lab where he, Cisco, and Harry explained the situation. Barry was annoyed when he learned his Earth-1 counterpart apparently "got frisky" with his wife. He used an algorithm and fellow CSI Patty Spivot's data on Killer Frost to track her down in hopes she could bring them to Zoom. Barry discovered Killer Frost was in the Woodlands and decided to come along.

After a brief battle with the group, Killer Frost agreed to take them to Zoom's lair, using her powers to build a walkway. Barry freaked out about walking atop of ice, but refused to stay behind. After Jesse was freed, Barry saw that Earth-1 Barry was unable to pass through the carbine prison and encouraged his doppelgänger; Barry pointed out all the seemingly impossible things he did today and expressed faith that The Flash could do it too. Thanks to his words, Earth-1 Barry was ultimately able to pass through the barrier. When Zoom arrived, everyone escaped as Killer Frost held him down.

Afterwards at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and Iris were told to get out of Central City to protect themselves from Zoom. The couple prepared to leave for Atlantis to stay with some family members. Earth-1 Barry thanked the two for their help and affirmed his doppelgänger was a hero for his deeds.[2]

It can be presumed that Barry and Iris returned to Central City after Zoom and his army's defeat.

Destruction of Earth-2[]

In late 2019, Barry, alongside every other citizen of Earth-2, with the exception of Laurel Lance, Shay Lamden, and Linda Park died after a wave of antimatter destroyed Earth-2.[3]


Kindhearted like his Earth-1 counterpart, Barry is a loving, protective husband to his wife, Iris, yet also a lot more geeky, shy, and insecure than the former. Both, however, share the same sense of heroism; Barry proved to be determined and courageous by accompanying Iris, Harry Wells, Cisco Ramon, and Killer Frost on the rescue mission to save Jesse Wells and Earth-1 Barry, despite the danger of being caught by Zoom. Barry even motivated his Earth-1 doppelgänger into phasing through Zoom's carbine prison when the latter had difficulty doing so, pointing out that if the former could accomplish the impossible, then so could the Flash.


  • Genius-level intellect/Forensics/Computer specialist: Just like his Earth-1 counterpart, Barry has great intellect and is a capable forensic scientist, having successfully collected data on many meta-humans such as Zoom. Barry is also adept with computers, as he was the only one who could write an algorithm to locate Killer Frost based on the CSI evidence collected on her.[2]


The Flash[]

Season 2[]

The Chronicles of Cisco[]


  • Barry is a fan of the science-fiction series Commander Carl: Space Marshal of the Galaxy.[2]
  • Barry is one of the few Earth-2 residents who is not the opposite of his Earth-1 doppelgänger.

Behind the scenes[]

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