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=== Former residents ===
=== Former residents ===
*[[Nora West-Allen]] <small>(moved into the [[West house]])</small>
*[[Nora West-Allen]] <small>(moved into the [[West house]])</small>
*[[Oliver Queen]] <small>(altered reality)</small>

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Barry and Iris' apartment is the apartment that Barry and Iris West-Allen currently reside in. It is located in Central City.


Barry surprises Iris with their new home

Barry reveals the apartment to Iris.

In late 2016, Barry Allen signed a lease for this apartment, putting both his and Iris West's names on it. He revealed the apartment to her as a Christmas present, much to her pleasure.[1] A couple weeks later, Barry and Iris held a housewarming party at the apartment with their family and Team Flash over. H.R. Wells gifted Barry and Iris McSnurtle, a pet turtle, who came to live with them.[2]

In February, Barry proposed to Iris at the apartment, which she accepted.[3] Not long after, Barry moved out after deciding he and Iris should take some time apart.[4] However, Barry moved back in after his encounter with the Music Meister. That night, Barry serenaded Iris with the song "Runnin' Home to You" and proposed properly this time.[5]

On May 1, 2018, Joe West and Cecille Horton's baby shower was held at the apartment. A mysterious delivery girl later arrived at the apartment to give Joe and Cecille a diaper bag as a gift.[6]

Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris' daughter from the future, began staying with her parents at the apartment a few weeks after her arrival.[7] After a fight with her parents regarding her strained relationship with Iris, Nora moved out and went to stay in the West house with Joe and Cecile.[8] After making amends with her mother,[9] it is unknown if Nora moved back in with Barry and Iris.

Barry and Iris held a Thanksgiving party at the apartment for Team Flash.[10]

Known residents

Current residents

Former residents


The Flash


Season 3


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