Barry and Iris's apartment is the apartment where Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen currently reside. It is located in Central City.


At some point in time, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen moved into this apartment.[1]

Iris gave Cecile Horton a spare key.[2]

After Oliver Queen's last will and testament was read, John Diggle visited the apartment to give Barry the mask Oliver used as the Arrow, which Barry made him. Barry had suspicions the mask was given to him as a clue to a larger threat, so he moved part of his crime lab from the CCPD to the apartment to investigate it.[1]

Later that evening, Iris left to follow a lead at McCullogh Technologies.[1]

The next day, she was replaced by a mirror version of Iris, who made Barry an early Valentine's day breakfast. Together, they also made plans to have an early Valentine's day dinner, to up their chances of having an emergency-free date night.[3]

After seeing Goldface and Amunet Black fight at Ivo Laboratories, "Iris" started to investigate them at the apartment, where she found out what they were trying to steal and what they could use it for. Barry and "Iris" then started to fight about how she was rushing into dangerous situations, an argument which they later resolved.[3]

"Iris" continued to investigate Black Hole from the apartment. She asked Barry for the mirror gun which he didn't want to give to her, so it couldn't fall into the wrong hands. After changing his mind, he did give it to her.[4]

When Eva McCulloch burned her arms by sticking them out of the Mirrorverse, she also burned "Iris'" arms, who was in the apartment at the time. She asked Eva about it, who healed her injuries.[5]

"Iris" evicts Barry from the apartment because he was slow to tell her that Joe West was in witness protection.[6]

A week later, the Mirror clones arrive and place mirrors throughout the apartment. Later, "Iris" returns with the blood of Ramsey Rosso to liberate Eva McCulloch; "Iris" places some of the blood on a mirror and leaves the rest in a vial. Barry and "Iris" begin to fight; "Iris" uses the many mirrors as portals to stab her foe. Ultimately, Barry stops fighting and tells "Iris" to be her own person, causing Eva to kill her for insubordination. Eva emerges through a mirror and Barry faints; when he awakens, he touches a mirror and promises that he will be reunited with his wife.[2]

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