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"This place is crash!"
—Bart West-Allen[src]

Bart West-Allen[1] (born c. 2030)[2] is the son of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, as well as the younger brother of Nora West-Allen. Bart gained a connection to the Speed Force from his parents, and with his inherited powers he began acting as a meta-human vigilante in the future known as Impulse.[3] He is also the archenemy of August Heart/Godspeed, whose clones dubbed him the Adversary.

Bart and Nora traveled back in time to stop August and his clone army, and helped their father and Team Flash fight the clones during the Godspeed war. After defeating Heart and the clones, Bart and Nora returned to the future.

Upon their return, a wave of temporal energy swept over them, changing the timeline. After learning of these changes, Bart and Nora headed to the year 2013 to sort things out.


Early life

"Sure, Dad taught me how to run. And Uncle Wally taught me how to meditate. But Uncle Jay.... He got me. He saw my impulsiveness as a strength, not a weakness."
—Bart on his speedster training[src]

Bart was born to Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen circa 2030. He has an older sister, Nora. During Bart's childhood, Chester P. Runk helped him with his differentials math homework all the time, while his father, Barry, and his uncle, Wally West, taught Bart how to control his powers and meditate. Bart gravitated to senior speedster Jay Garrick, who understood his impulsiveness and taught him how make it a strength. Thus, Bart loved Jay the most as his "uncle" and looked up to him as a mentor.

Bart and Nora were taught that rule number one of the West-Allen family was to protect the timeline at any and all cost.[2] At some point, Bart met the Speed Force's physical form, dubbing it S.F.N. (Speed Force Nana).[3]

XS and Impulse in Central City 2049

Impulse and XS in Central City 2049.

At some point before or during 2049, Bart became a vigilante in Central City along with his sister. Unfortunately, he often irritated Nora due to his impulsiveness. Eventually, Bart faced Godspeed, who became his archenemy after killing Jay right in front of him.

Later, Bart and Nora briefly managed to disable Godspeed, but he escaped to the Flash Museum, where he used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time. Bart and Nora then followed Godspeed back to 2021.[2]

Godspeed war

Nora and Bart reach the past

Bart and Nora reach the past.

Bart and Nora arrived in 2021 and went to S.T.A.R. Labs to find their father Barry Allen in the speed lab. Bart then claimed that the place was "crash".[4] The two then met their mother and were informed by Barry that August Heart has no memory and is at S.T.A.R. Labs. They then found Cecile Horton, Caitlin Snow, and Chester P. Runk and greeted them. After Chester expressed his admiration for Bart's battle against Godspeed, Bart revealed that they met in the future and Chester helped him with his math homework several times, which Bart reminded him to do in the future. Bart and Nora then had lunch in the lobby when their father arrived and are interrupted by an alarm about a Godspeed attack near City Hall.

The trio went to the location and Bart said they should wait until the Godspeed clones killed themselves and they should clean up the mess afterwards, surprising Barry. His father then ordered Bart and Nora to run in different directions, but the clones didn't follow Barry nor Nora, just Bart. Fortunately, the clones had to reload in Speed Force and Bart managed to get away. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry refused to let Bart return to the field until he told him the truth of being "The Adversary" of Godspeed. Bart ran to the West House angrily.

Barry, Nora, Bart, and Jay are surrounded by Godspeed clones

Team Flash is surrounded by Godspeed clones.

Nora met him in the room and talked to him about their past. Bart was thrilled to talk about Jay Garrick, who was the only person who understood his impulsiveness and was killed by Godspeed. The two then returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, only to be gathered on the bench when Barry and Nora were defeated. The Godspeeds then threatened to kill Jay from this timeline unless Bart turned himself in. He then disobeyed Barry's orders and confronted the clones, but he was easily overpowered and captured. Bart was tortured by the clones but was soon rescued by Barry and Nora, but he ended up in a coma.[2]

The Flash speedster team

The speedsters face off against the Godspeed clones.

Bart woke up when the Speed Force increased his connection. They then joined forces and went to fight the Godspeeds army. Bart released a series of lightning shurikens and defeated a group of clones. However, the Godspeeds soon took control and reloaded from the Speed Force, which was close to them. They then returned to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Hours later, Bart and the rest of Team Flash witnessed the return of Reverse-Flash, who agreed to fight Godspeed in exchange for a physical body. A week after Godspeed's defeat, Bart attended his parents' vow renewal ceremony, where he sang the song "1949" for them.[3]

At some point after this, Bart and Nora returned to the future. He and Nora would then travel to 2021 from time to time to visit Barry and Iris.[5]

Returning to the past

Bart and Nora make a plan to rescue the hostages

Bart and Nora make a plan to rescue the hostages.

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After Bart and Nora returned to 2049, they were hit by a temporal wave and then found out that Jay Garrick was now alive. While talking to Jay, Bart and Nora realized that he had married Rose instead of Joan Williams. In order to figure out what had happened to the timeline, Bart and Nora went to the Flash Museum. At the Museum, Bart and Nora discovered that they had accidently caused "temporal fissures" when they chased Godspeed through time. In order to fix these "temporal fissures", Bart and Nora traveled to December 2013 after they figured out that was when the timeline started changing.[6] They appeared in a photo taken at CCPD on New Year's Eve 2014.[7]

Stopping Will Parker

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At some point, Bart and Will Parker began attending Central City University. After Will mind controlled citizens of Central City, Nora called Wally West to help. Bart angrily accused Nora of dragging Wally into this situation, with each claiming that it was the other's fault. Wally then diffused the situation, stating that they needed to work together to prevent any more damage from being done. After Will was defeated and sent to Iron Heights, Bart, Nora, and Wally were congratulated by the crowd.[1]

Battle against Magog

Bart is bored and Nora is writing an article for the Central City Citizen when suddenly they get the news on TV that the villain Bloodwork is attacking the city. Bart wants to face the villain but Nora says they can't because Bloodwork is a level 5 villain and they should only be supportive and not interfere in the battle. The Martian Manhunter arrives to face the villain and the sibling duo head out to catch a thug. Impulse and XS are preventing a theft of a B-villain's jewelry store when Magog appears wanting to finish all the heroes. The speedster duo run in search of Magog who are easily obliterated by his enormous power.

Supergirl appears, thanks them for their help, and takes over the battle. XS suggests they leave the fight with the girl of steel and go get help from S.T.A.R. Labs with Chester P. Runk. He explains that he has never seen such energy emanating from a person like Magog and discovers his real name is David Reid, a formidable scientist who has been under the radar for years. The lab's satellite also locates more of the unknown energy in multiple cities. It's a surprise attack and our duo goes after one of them, in Star City.

Will Parker has returned and hypnotized people into becoming his soldiers. Green Arrow is battling them when Impulse and XS show up to help her. Using technological equipment, Mia hits him squarely and they both disappear in green smoke. Now in Coast City, Bart and Nora find Atom facing Clayface who when defeated also disappears alongside Ryan Choi. Impulse and XS are alone and helpless to lead the battle that Supergirl is having with Magog that ends when the heroine disappears in the same green smoke. They then resort to one last exit.

Heroes united

Impulse and the other heroes against Magog and his team.

At the Kent Farm in Smallville, Bart and Nora find Clark Kent and ask for his help, but the hero, after a speech about how he had to face Lex Luthor on his first day at the Daily Planet, refuses, saying that he believes in them and that they make it together. After a short pep talk from Nora, Bart is convinced that they can finally show they are real heroes by defeating this threat. Magog mocks him by saying that he has no more heroes to stop him and that it wouldn't be children who would do that.

With incredible timing, Impulse and XS finally hit the villain who soon fights back and brings back all the villains. XS and Impulse are in trouble with all the villains in front of them when suddenly a mysterious green cloaked man appears and brings back all our heroes who were in a kind of green smoke in the negative space, and together, they start an epic battle. The duo realize that Magog's powers come from the staff he carries with him, and in a shrewd and synchronized movement, they manage to wrest the staff from the villain's hands and defeat him. All other villains are sent to his timeline, except for Superman who disappears. Impulse and XS are recognized by Supergirl who says that seeing the two of them reminded her of the time she and The Flash fought together.[8]

Helping his mother

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Bart is an excitable young man and a fast-talker. He is also very impulsive, as he often runs into situations without bothering to consider the repercussions.

Bart loved Jay Garrick as his own uncle; Jay being murdered by Godspeed angered him just like how Thawne angered Barry by killing Bart's grandmother. However, thanks to changes to the timeline, Godspeed never killed Jay, who is still alive as of 2049.[6]

Powers and abilities


  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Bart possesses a natural connection to the Speed Force that he inherited from his father, Barry Allen.[4]
    • Accelerated healing factor: Bart's molecules move at accelerated rates, mending damage far quicker and more efficiently than normal humans, able to heal broken bones in 3 minutes. After having most of his Speed Force energy absorbed by the Godspeed clones and left in a critical state, his remaining healing capacities kept his body stable; albeit in a comatose state.
    • Superhuman speed: Bart can move at such vast speeds. He also shows that it can eat at an incredible speed.[4]
    • Bodily vibrations: Like most speedsters, Bart can vibrate his body for various effects.[2]
      • Intangibility: By vibrating his molecules at the natural frequency of air, Bart can physically pass through solid matter. Bart was also able to pass through Godspeed when facing him.[2]
      • Invisibility: Bart can vibrate his body so fast that he can no longer be perceived by the human eye.[2]
    • Electrokinesis:
      Bart's energy stars

      Bart's energy stars.

      Bart can produce yellow electricity from his body while he runs at superhuman speeds.[4] As noted by Nora, Bart can produce throwing stars of electricity.
      • Lightning constructs: Taught to him by his uncle Wally,[9] Bart can create constructs out of lightning, as demonstrated when he used lightning shurikens against the Godspeed army.
    • Superhuman durability: Bart possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. He can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans.[2]
    • Superhuman stamina: Bart can handle the stresses of extreme racing without noticeable distress, letting his function much longer than normal humans unhindered.[2]


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Bart was able to fight A few of godspeeds clones with a combination of his powers and fighting skills
  • Singing: Bart is an excellent singer, as he sang at his parents' vow renewal ceremony.
  • Expert marksman: Bart was able to hit three of godspeeds clones with three lightning shurikens.[3]



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  • Quentin Lance previously misidentified Barry Allen as "Bart Allen".[10] Barry also chose the name "Bart" when he temporarily lost his memory and learned his name was Bartholomew.[11]
  • Bart calls Godspeed his arch-nemesis, his Thawne, after Jay Garrick was killed by Godspeed right in front of him sometime in the future that Bart and Nora are from.[2]
  • Bart goes to the West house when he's angry.[2]
  • It was revealed by Nora West-Allen that she is older than Bart by seven years; as of 2049, she is 26 and he is 19.
  • Bart is a college freshman.[2]
  • Bart's codename, "Impulse," was foreshadowed when his parents decided to start a family.[12]
  • Bart is a good singer, as he sang a song at his parents' vow renewal cermony.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Bart Allen, also known as Impulse, is the grandson of Barry Allen from the future and a speedster superhero. His dad was Barry's son Don of the Tornado Twins. Jenni Ognats/XS was Bart's cousin through his dad's twin sister Dawn. Bart suffered from accelerated aging until Wally literally slammed him against the Speed Force to stop it. He took on the name Impulse after he misunderstood an insult by Batman about him. He eventually became the second Kid Flash and the fourth Flash after Crisis On Infinite Earths. However, he was killed by the Rogues after they were tricked by Bart's evil clone, Inertia. Bart was eventually revived as a teenager and became Kid Flash again. He was later trapped in the Speed Force and forgotten by all; until the Force Barrier was broken by Barry and Wally West, which finally allowed him to escape.
  • Bart was originally going to be introduced in Season 8 of The Flash, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was introduced in Season 7.[13]
  • This is the second live-action incarnation of Bart Allen, the first being the one in Smallville.